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Essays on texting and driving - The Dangers Of Distracted Driving Essay

tags Technology, SMS, Voicemail 5 Works Cited 1143 words 3. 8 pages Better Essays- As technology advances, people become notorious for using their electronics in inappropriate situations. To learn more about distracted driving, visit our page.

They think that they can handle texting while driving and be safe, but studies and cases display that that s not true. Everything was fine and she hit reply and started a message back. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states that texting while driving is prohibited for drivers who are in school zones, under the age of eighteen, and for bus drivers when they have minors on board. If a person s eyes are on their phone, the activity from the part of their brain which will focus on driving straight and staying in the lane will decrease by more than one fourth Driving. For those who text while driving you need to know the consequences of your behavior and how it affects you and those around you. 3 pages Strong Essays- Texting While Driving While there are many causes of deaths in the United States, a huge epidemic that concerns officials more and more is the amount of deaths occurring because of texting while driving.

I have seen first hand the impact distracted driving can have on not just a family, but for an entire community. People are constantly fixated on their phones, checking Twitter, Facebook and text messages.

As she looked down at her phone to read the new text message, she lost control of her car, which proceeded to slide across the median, hit a bridge, and kill the young girl with a bright future. Most people only think of teens with this matter when in reality it is an issue for all drivers, even adults. 6 pages Better Essays- Mobile phone use in motor vehicles has increased at a remarkable rate over the past 15 years.

Of the 5,500 people killed last year due to distracted driving, the largest proportion of fatalities occurred among young people under the age of 20.

6 pages Strong Essays- Samantha is on her way home from work, driving 55 mph, and her husband texts her to see if she can pick up some milk from the grocery store for supper.

Senator Fred Madden sponsored the Bill in the senate and Assemblyman John Wisniewski, Vincent Prieto and Herb Conaway sponsored the bill in the Assembly.

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Do not miss your deadline order a custom essay today! Texting while driving is illegal in Tennessee and most other states. She not only was a Straight A student, she had a full ride scholarship to Rider University where she would have attended that fall. Each state needs to have similar laws against texting while driving, Massachusetts laws on texting while driving should be a model for other states. There are some startling statistics about texting and driving. These technological devices, while a helpful aid in our daily lives, serve as a dangerous distraction for us and those who surround us. Madhuri Ray Professor Adam Zellner New Jersey Politics March 13, 2014 The Dangers of Distracted Driving In this day and age technology has become such a huge part of our lives. This method was their last hope, and it had paid off. Everything was fine and she hit reply and started a message back.

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Teens are not the only ones to blame for this problem adults are always using their phones in the car as well. More and more drivers have the urge to use their cell phones while driving. 3 pages Good Essays- She was driving home late one night after a football game, her friends at her side when she got a text message.

One of the most dangerous ways to use cell phones is to text while driving. 5 pages Powerful Essays- With the turn of the century Americans had already been introduced to the world of cell phones. Why it should be illegal is because of the percentage of crashes caused by texting and driving, the percentage of fatalities caused by texting and driving and also the impact it can have on others around you or another person. 5 pages Better Essays- Cell phone is an amazing invention of physics. In the state of Massachusetts, any novice driver found to be texting while driving is subject to a 100 fine, a sixty day license suspension, and a required attendance of a driver attitudinal retraining course.

For years, we relied on a land line connection to house, office, stores, and phone booths to communicate with people.

Twelve characters into the message she was in the other lane and another vehicle was coming, a truck. Topics in this paper Popular topics Texting and driving in the past era has caused an increase in the mortality rate of drivers.

Therefore, we as adults and a society must lead by example, by making sure we are not doing the very thing we are asking our teens not to do. tags Social medie, Technology, Driving, Accidents 8 Works Cited 1409 words 4 pages Strong Essays- There are many issues with technology and what texting has developed into. Infant lived in comfortable position to ensure that you can use guide. There are many distractions while driving for example cell phones, technology, global positioning satellite, kids and talking on the phone.

To save life s, make a promise to yourself to never text and drive.

9 pages Strong Essays- People who drive distracted cause 8,000 crashes everyday in the United States amounting to 240,000 accidents in a month in the United States alone The Huffington Post.

A national ban on texting while driving would aid in cutting this number down immediately. Their new healthy baby girl was handed to them after hours of labor, and they were mesmerized. But it wasn t until he broke down and told his story were they really listening.

It s hard for all drivers, especially teenagers, to put down the cell phone and put their hands on the wheel, which results in many car crashes.

The same must be done in the United States regarding texting and driving education. One year before, only 40 were said to feel unsafe, having a 17 increase from year to year.

It refers to drivers who pay more attention to their cell phones, or their text messages, than they do to driving.

Since texting while driving is becoming more popular many states are passing a law to ban the use of any cell phone device while in a vehicle. People are constantly fixated on their phones, checking Twitter, Facebook and text messages. Retrieved from Ultius Custom Writing and Editing Services, com ultius-blog entry

The driver of the car Nikki was a passenger in was cited for driving carelessly.

The government is imposing on enforcing laws and regulations for the safety of the people. With the rise of the mobile phone, and has not been exposed to its externalities or unintended consequences.

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