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Essays on texting and driving - Texting While Driving Needs To Come To A Stop Teen Essay on texting and driving

The other solution would be like DWI s, after the 2 nd offense, suspension of driving privileges. While this concern has been primarily addressed to the younger generation that is more used to wireless phones, this also applies to society that has embraced wireless devices for E-mail, web browsing and chatting through other channels. The dangers of texting while driving includes thousands of people dying annually as the number keep on increasing because texting is becoming popular.

9 pages Strong Essays- Technology is very advanced in current times. Out of the worlds population of over 7 billion, at any given moment all over the world, over 800,000 drivers are texting. So now the question is, what has been done so far to address the issue of distracted driving? Eighty-nine percent of people own a cell phone Gardner.

A blank feeling also comes across to the audience because everything moves so fast it s hard to 846 Words 4 Pages Some countries are taking drastic actions by scaring people into stopping texting and driving by making gruesome informed commercials. from Outlawing Text Messaging WHile Driving Legislators in Several States Respond to Safety Concerns.

9 pages Better Essays- Imagine, you are late for work and you have to be there as soon as possible.

It s not right some people call it practical suicide. Texting and driving has become one of the most senseless and preventable causes of death since this form of communication took over the masses. The new laws must also include all ages, not just young drivers, because distracted driving affects everyone s ability to drive safely. 5 pages Term Papers- Texting while driving is a form of distracted driving.

People should get a stronger harsher punishment for the use of a cellular device while driving. He survived the crash, suffering only a concussion and broken collarbone, but the girl died on impact, her neck snapped.

Driving drunk only makes a person seven times more likely to be in a crash Bernstein. 625 words- 3 pages Texting and Driving A Teen Problem or Something ElseHeather Lerch, 19, driving home from work on February 23, 2010, was only three miles from her home when she lost control of her vehicle and drove through a guardrail. Statistics are one of the main contributors to the argument that the driving age should be raised.

You do not have time to use the house phone to call work, so you get in your car and while you are driving down the road, you use your cell phone to call your boss. Text messaging also has its own language which shorten longer words and phrases such as Thank you, is shorten to ty, the word To is 2, and other example is your welcome is yw. Thank you for sharing this interesting information here.

There are many laws being established to try to prevent distracted driving from happening, although they can t completely stop it.

That s the same thing as saying it s okay to be blind for a little bit at a time while driving because I m good at it. Texting While Driving Is Dangerous Essay- 1551 Words- brightkite. Once getting this information I would contact them and find out, what is the proto type that is used to create the blue tooth system in cars. Try to come up with possible answers as to why we are tempted to text and drive despite knowing fully well the possible consequences of our actions? If you just put your phone up when you drive, you could prevent one more car crash.

Part III Conclusion Texting while driving is something that doesn t need to occur, and it should not matter what you are doing in that car just simply do not let it happen. This method was their last hope, and it had paid off. 4 pages Better Essays- Texting and Driving Imagine running three football fields with your eyes closed.

559 words- 2 pages As cell phones become more popular, texting while driving is becoming the most widely known cause for car accidents among teens.

For the reasons being that cell phones cause many distractions, there are numerous amounts of risks while texting behind the wheel and it slows down your reaction time.

Hanes One problem with the law is that there is not enough enforcement and it does not come as much of a threat to drivers.

According to the National Safety Council, 1,600,000 accidents per year are caused by someone who was texting and driving. Today, some phones have built-in keyboards, touchscreen keyboards, and phones without keyboards, the phone has software built in to try to figure out the word based on the spelling so once the correct words comes up, the person can pick that option instead of spelling out the entire word. Senator Fred Madden sponsored the Bill in the senate and Assemblyman John Wisniewski, Vincent Prieto and Herb Conaway sponsored the bill in the Assembly. Being familiar with cell phones and texting by experience, it does create a danger for texting and driving.

It takes away your reflexes and your attention off the road.

A fatal car wreck, pedestrian getting hit, family pet injured or killed.

Laws and penalties for this act are too lax, and tougher laws should be enforced. Mulgrew Many drivers today have such busy lives and never have time to get the things they need to do completed in one day s time. 2 pages Powerful Essays- In today s technology driven world, we are constantly distracted with electronic devices such as a laptop or television or even our phones.

Nikki s Law was then signed by Governor Christie and passed. The problem with this is that so many people do it and it is so unbearable hearing so many stories of how many people die every year because they make the mistake.

Hiring information Follow us Equal opportunity employer Ultius is an equal opportunity employer and follows the guidelines pursuant to various federal and state laws and regulations regarding Distraction on the roads is caused by teenagers who have confidence that they can text or talk on the phone while driving. It basically translates to if any activity is being conducted that takes the drivers attention away from the road, that is a classification of distracted driving.

No one should ever text and drive because you risk yourself and others lives, in Missouri texting while driving is illegal if you re under the age of 21, and if you text and drive your 23 more times likely to get in an accident. A national ban combined with alternative road safety programs will reduce the number of accidents caused by text driving.

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