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Financial planning case studies - Financial planning Case studies Phoenix Life Limited

Direct cost of financial planning advice to Kevin Nil, as it comes under the category of IntraFund, or Advice.

Young Couple Suppose a young couple has a decent income. Investment Preservation Concerned that a significant amount of their cash is uninsured.

00 per month in risk bearing instrument for the next 26 yrs such that the corpus target is Rs. That they prepare for the meeting with an attorney.

What Some Writers Say About Financial Planning Anyone can call themselves a financial planner, so be sure and ask what qualifies them to offer financial planning advice and whether they are recognized as a Certified Financial Planner CFP Ask about continuing education and how they stay current on changes in the financial planning field. Pension rate has been calculated 6 The above programme is on the basis of certain assumptions and expectations and is not binding on anyone. Ram s case which will help you to determine its importance. Albert sees that, although he enjoys his profession, he finds that he is less physically able to continue painting.

THE PROBLEM ABC Engineering Limited is a company that does not qualify for business property relief for IHT, and any attempt to remove ABC from an estate for inheritance tax. Case Studies See below for real examples of how we helped clients like you. Her siblings purchased her share which amounted to around 7,000,000 and she has kept part of the money in cash. After talking with a BUSSQ financial planner, it was established that Kevin could implement a superannuation contribution strategy, and it was recommended that he commence salary sacrificing. These case studies are based on real and typical members experiences with UniSuper s Advice service. 00 per month in risk bearing instruments GOAL 5 Medical coverage for self family Excluding parents PROGRAMMEBuy a medical insurance policy for self spouse preferably from a PSU before attaining 45 yrs that will cost around Rs. Mediclal Expense Cover Alternation Opt for a Floater policy worth Rs 3,00,000. Albert is a painting contractor and Cynthia teaches part-time at NM State University. 00 They have 150,000 in their savings checking accounts He has an IRA valued at 598,986.

Everyone s circumstances are different and you should speak to a financial adviser before making any decisions. com January 6, 2006 It s my belief that anyone with less than seven years of verifiable experience as a financial advisor should not be considered. In addition their retirement asset allocation was reviewed and recommended alignment to a strategy appropriate for their stage in life. They are both retired and are generally in good health, although Stuart has had health issues in the past. There is an amazing amount of practical advice packed into this book based on the wisdom gained from over 10,000 individual meetings that the authors have had with their clients. Her home was in need of repairs and obtained a second mortgage and third mortgage, one was for a new roof and the other was to upgrade the electrical.

She also has credit card debt, student loans and a car loan.

CFP TM, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM and CFP logo are certification marks owned outside the U. Education Planning As a couple they both value a quality education not only for their children but also to continue to advance their careers.

000 and a universal life policy 13,000 Existing Mortgage Interest Rate 6. Catherine s lifestyle is supported by ample income and savings, but she has some concerns around how she has structured her investments and overall affairs in regard to her estate. NSE SEBI Registration Number Derivatives- INF 230773037 BSE SEBI Registration Number Derivatives- INF010773035 NSE SEBI Registration Number Currency Derivatives- INE 230773037 ICICI Securities Limited acts as a Composite Corporate Agent of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd and ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd having registration no.

Results Refinancing the mortgage provided 2,400 saving to Kathy s mortgage payments, the term length did not change. The plan might fail due to various external factors like Government policies, Natural or unnatural calamities, unforeseen circumstances, etc.

Retirement contributions are allocated to 50 cash and 50 equities. We met Y soon after he became MD of a business where we had been advising the previous MD. GOAL 3 PROGRAMME Provision for Daughter s Marriage 23 yrs hence Rs. You should assess whether the information is appropriate for you and consider talking to a financial adviser before making an investment decision.

Meet with an attorney to draft estate planning documents including healh care documents. 4 million Brits held an ISA, accounting for almost 50 per cent of the adult population. Will and Estate Plan Wants to establish a will and health care documents This will be deferred until she can afford an attorney. You can build a plan on your own, or if your needs are more complex you might want the help of a Financial Consultant.

Now they are approaching retirement and drawing on Social Security even though both are still employed. Increased initial contributions to retirement plan.

She wasn t confident about what she could expect in the divorce. The case studies in this section of the website are fictional of people s experiences. Review life insurance and see an attorney to implement an estate plan.

After consulting with her lawyer on the likely split of assets, the ipac adviser modelled a range of options and was able to show Katherine the difference in real terms of a 60 40 split compared with a 70 30 split the impact of different ways of splitting the assets including selling the business the impact of keeping the family home compared with downsizing, and the impact of making different superannuation investment choices. Any advice contained on this website has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. If you want you can disable cookies from Google Analytics. She also further diversified her cash position to several diversified bond strategies. Article by Financial Planning The dilemma of what level of cash to hold.

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