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Mental health case studies for social work - Case study activity Public Health Social Work

Chimchirian Chapter 3 Social Workers Resolution of Ethical Dilemmas in Health and Mental Health Practice- Eileen J.

X was detained under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act and transferred to an Autistic specialist unit at The Woodhouse hospital, Cheadle. Dave feels that his marriage has been basically good, but that he would not blame Melanie for leaving him, the way things have been going lately. Three magic questions should be running through a social worker s head Why now? In the meantime, weekly walks into Cleethorpes have been arranged to increase his access to and his interaction with the community in preparation for him moving to a more open sociable environment.

The longest that she has gone without using any substances was 60 days she resumed using approximately two months ago. 3801 Schuylkill Road Spring City, PA 19475 Copyright 2017 Publisher of Social Work Today All rights reserved. What information should you be certain is shared with Robert? People thought I was mad at the time, but I never saw it as downgrading. Similarly, Mr Wilson s activity of walking could have been stereotyped as wandering by a less skilled social worker, but the social worker talked to Mr Wilson s family and found that it was an habitual behaviour which he seemed to enjoy. Each individual is unique and responds differently. Heightened emotionality and or religiosity Seizure disorder affecting temporal brain systems.

Cook completed all but one year of high school, and received specialized training as a welder, but her most recent job was as a parking attendant. This confirmed that he was unable to cook or prepare snacks, and needed to be reminded to drink. Develop a strategy for social work practice with Steven.

Consequently the prejudice and discrimination people face as a result of a mental health diagnosis presents problems in itself. The tool allows you to follow steps to ensure you support people as far as possible to make their own decisions and that you record what you have done. IMPLICATIONS More social work literature on the coercive powers under mental health legislation is needed as well as more guidance on using these powers for social workers in practice.

After initial conversations with the client it became obvious that the need was for a holistic approach to the various issues. The client had made arrangements to have his company car returned with the support of his wife. He usually falls asleep in front of the television. This in turn will mean she will have the necessary finance to support her needs with a personal assistant, freeing the son to pursue his education. This is still and outstanding issue and I am awaiting a meeting with the client and his wife. Some social workers pursue additional voluntary certification to demonstrate their mental health expertise. Below are case studies of individuals that have come into our services who have benefitted from the specialist care and support our teams provide. Iatrogenesis is another arena that is problematic for the bio medical model.

The stigma attached from having mental health problems cannot be Steven is very proud of his daughter she is a teacher, and wishes that he could see his grandchildren more often. The Director of Social Services at the Children Agency was my supervisor.

What alternatives to drinking can you explore with Sal? I observed and organised assessment sessions that involved everyday activities, like getting on a bus and shopping in town.

Her privately rented house was in a terrible state of repairs and an increasing health hazard.

I expect to start in a local authority where the jobs are in the south of England.

A strategy meeting was held and it was decided that Mr. The cases present issues encountered in social work practice related to the prevention and treatment of alcohol use disorders. In this instance, this would not have seemed appropriate, as the supervisor was also the person in charge of hiring. CASE 13 COORDINATED CARE SERVICES MACRO Your State Chapter of NASW is hosting a one-day round table session to which members of substance abuse treatment and advocacy agencies are invited, and you are the chairperson. When the social worker came to visit Mr Wilson after this was reported to him by the home care team, a neighbour accosted him angrily, threatening to complain to the papers about Mr Wilson s treatment. When well, Vicky has very trusting relationships with all those involved in her support, especially you, but she finds it difficult to trust anyone when she is unwell. Twenty-six case studies were carried out to extend the findings from the survey and to identify and share practice across the school and college sector. Working in a child protection team to get experience and professional credibility, and in a year look to apply for a play therapy course.

This would support the findings of several studies which highlight the relationship between some of the identified areas and poor mental health. This was done in conjunction with Solihull Community Housing. One of the requests was to share MCA case studies. What are the protective factors and available resources? It is conceivable that I would have a colleague who was less than happy with my reminding her of her illness. Funding A bursary of 4,000 per year, but I have also had to take on a part-time job and agency work to support myself. I went on to work with children with disabilities and then disabled adults and people with learning difficulties. What would make it easier for you to find a job after school college?

Trainee mental health social worker Lauren Allington Prospects. Should Ahmed resist treatment and admission to hospital then it would be necessary to address the need for detention under section 2 of the act. s record and discovers that he has not had a physical examination in three years. Doesn t this mean that since Mary is a professional, she needs to deal with these issues?

X be assessed under the Mental Health Act with a view to hospital admission.

Psychiatrists are medically trained and therefore tend to see the main purpose behind their work as the diagnosis and treatment of illness or disorder Rogers and Pilgrim,2005. Thomas has also coped very well when he moved to a larger and busier apartment within the hospital, which has had a positive effect on his communication and engagement skills. Be sure that you have a concrete and specific strategy for how you would address issues with the Olivares.

Did I have enough information about Mary to consult with Mary as paragraph a suggests? Now, one week into treatment, Alexia reports feeling numb and tense. The Mental Health Alliance 2006 maintain that legislative reforms which enables individuals to access services within the mental health arena when they need it, as opposed to imposing treatment, would be a more viable option and address the issue of risk in a more proactive way. Personal experiences are clearly associated with social, cultural, political and economic divisions and therefore understanding these areas in context to the individual is vital in understanding and challenging the oppression and discrimination they may encounter Adams et al, 2002.

Up until a month ago, Alexia was regularly attending twice-weekly treatment sessions at an outpatient chemical dependency clinic, and she went to AA NA regularly 3 times a week. He has been invited to a meeting with his tutor to formally review attendance and is worried he will get kicked out.

She engages regularly in her structured activities programme, enjoying activities with peers such as arts and crafts and she recently won the company s Christmas card competition.

When a respite stay was tried he accepted it and made no attempts to leave. He continued to resist personal care assistance but allowed the carers to prepare food for him, prompt him with medication, and undertake a limited amount of cleaning.

Should the circumstances not improve or continue to deteriorate then there is a possibility of seeking hospital admission either, voluntarily or in accordance with the Mental Health Act 1983. Somewhere in the middle In your life in general, how happy do you feel? The questions in this paper are designed to help you think about your caring role and what support you might need to make your life a little easier or help you make time for more fun stuff. how might students work with an individual who is suffering from psychosis for instance? Word Count 4007 Request Removal If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please click on the link below to request removal Request the removal of this essay More from UK Essays 86 Based on 239 reviews Services Useful Resources Part of All Answers Ltd Copyright 2003- 2017- UK Essays is a trading name of All Answers Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales. Social Work in Health and Mental Health Issues, Developments and Actions Edited by, Overview Social Work in Health and Mental Health Issues, Developments, and Actions was created for final year undergraduate and master s level students in the health and mental health fields.

The assessment clearly shows that the mother is in need of supportive services.

CATHERINE Catherine Jackson is a 67-year-old woman, living alone in a mixed housing project. Holloway 1996 goes on to say in order to understand and therefore manage the risk then as a practitioner you need a very detailed understanding of the individual.

She is currently training to be a social worker with Think Ahead Why did you join Think Ahead? Crisis intervention is a model of intervention which ideally prevents the situation from deteriorating further and builds on existing resources and strengths in order to improve the situation Ferguson,2008. CASE 6 ALEXIA Last week, Alexia entered the inpatient treatment program where you are a social worker. Washington DC American Psychiatric Association 2000. Good points about course The idea of non-directive learning meant the lectures would give you the bare bones, and working in groups you would have to find information for yourself. The Mental Health Act 1983 still remains the overarching legislation regarding mental health in the England today and is the only piece of legislation that permits the detention of an individual before they have committed an offence and purely on the basis that they might pose a threat to themselves or others

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