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Risk assessment phd thesis - Risk assessment phd thesis-

avaflow by means of two sets of computational experiments 1 generic process chains consisting in bulk mass and hydrograph release into a reservoir with entrainment of the dam and impact downstream 2 the prehistoric Acheron rock avalanche, New Zealand.

As environmental issues are typically addressing large amount of eco-societal an optimal tool for the ERA should enable the efficient integration and meta-analysis of knowledge. Landslide susceptibility is the likelihood of a landslide occurring in an area on the basis of local terrain conditions Brabb, 1984. PDF document, 15 KB 16073 bytes A table showing the landslide products prepared or discussed for the different study areas.

Life expectancies using two pollution reduction scenarios were compared with the 1995 life table to determine pollution reduction benefits. The Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research UFZ Leipzig offers a PhD position on model development to predict combined effects of toxicants and environmental stressors within the Department of System Ecotoxicology. 1, the length of landslides varies from less than a meter to several hundreds or even thousands of kilometres for submarine slides.

, slope angle, elevation, slope aspect, profile curvature, land cover, curvature, lithology, plan curvature, soil, distance to lineaments, lineament density, distance to roads, road density, distance to river, river density and rainfall, and 1295 historical landslide polygons. 8 Gorkha earthquake in Nepal, we consider how quickly a landslide assessment based upon manual emergency mapping SEM can be realistically achieved, and review the decisions taken by analysts to ascertain the timeliness and type of useful information that can be generated. Abstract One of the main concerns in centralized and decentralized OSNs is related to the fact that OSNs users establish new relationships with unknown people with the result of exposing a huge amount of personal data. z T rkiye gibi k sa mesafelerde mek nsal a dan e itlilik g steren lkelerde yanl ve bilin siz arazi kullan m uygulamalar can ve mal kayb na neden olan afetlerin say s n ve etki alan n art rmaktad r. Also the validation shows that with increasing perceived risks, costs of equity and debt finance as well as insurances increase as well. The main message to fellow academics is the importance of acknowledging the premises and limitations of the perspectives they employ. These results were presented to in the government and the responses summarised. In this chapter, I first critically discuss the various types of landslide inventories and the methods and techniques used to prepare them.

programme at the University of Bonn, in Germany, when I was well into my working carrier as a research in Italy. Next, I discuss landslide susceptibility zoning and hazard assessment. The research results showed that 14 of the Province of Kilis, in the west and northwestern of it in particular, had very high-high landslide risk.

Bunlar yan nda bir perspektife sahip Kilis? An ensemble of maps can be prepared to show landslide hazard, and displayed in a GIS. Due to the extraordinary breadth of the spectrum of landslide phenomena, no single method exists to identify and map landslides, to ascertain landslide hazards, and to evaluate the associated risk.

The application supports its validity and commercial benefit. Qualitative methods are relatively subjective approaches which are based on expert s perspective for defining the parameters and giving weights Castellanos Abella 2008. These datasets involve the prediction of farm household output, prediction of cereal growth per capita as the food availability main indicators in food security component, and grain security assessment prediction.

Doctoral thesis assessment report doctoral thesis assessment report. For these reasons, it is essential that the distributions are quantified precisely, using accurate and reliable methods. The Working Group Quantitative Landscape Ecology of the University of Koblenz-Landau offers a PhD position in the project Response of freshwater invertebrates to natural environmental and agricultural stressor gradients across larger scales. On the one hand, models attempt to identify those areas where mass flows are likely to release landslide susceptibility Guzzetti, 2006 Van Westen et al.

The simplified glossary presented in this chapter does not have the ambition of solving the problem. For each term a short explanation is provided and, where appropriate, reference is made to the relevant literature. S z konusu altl k haritalar, heyelan olay nda etkili olan parametreler g z n nde bulundurularak olu turulmu tur.

2015b Pradhanstated that the predictive capability of landslide models depends significantly on the quality of data. The TSH prediction model is benchmarked against five others techniques. Despite the indisputable importance of landslide risk evaluation for decision making, comparatively little efforts have been made to establish and systematically test methods for landslide risk assessment, and to determine their advantages and limitations. Finally, the performance of landslide model was validated using receiver operating characteristic curve technique, and statistical index-based evaluations.

It lays at the fuzzy boundary between science, technology, economy and politics, including planning and policy making., 1972 Varnes, 1978 Hutchinson, 1988 WP WLI, 1990 Cruden, 1991 Cruden and Varnes, 1996. In this study, we produced base maps for the Province of Kilis using GIS and remote sensing methodologies. In this thesis, we will describe all the solutions that we proposed. In a country which shows geological, geomorphologic and climatologic variety over short distances such as Turkey, disasters become inevitable if cities are not planned properly., 2012 Petley, 2012 and many coseismic landslide inventories, landslides are specified as point features as an efficient means to locate and count large numbers of landslides Kargel et al. pdf- Submitted Version Official URL Abstract Food security has become a key issue worldwide in recent years. programme at the University of Bonn, in Germany, when I was well into my working carrier as a research in Italy. However, we identify some potential to enhance the analytic and numerical concepts. The main message to practitioners is the importance of clarifying foundational issues in a structured, holistic, and transparent approach to risk assessment and RIDM. Next I show how to determine landslide risk at different scales using a variety of approaches, including probabilistic methods and heuristic The models used are Principal Component Analysis PCA, Multi-layered Neural Network MLP-ANN, feature selection FS of GA-ANN, Optimized Weight and Threshold OWTNN and Sensitive Genetic Neural Optimization SGNO. Monitoring sea cliff faces for mass movements is a way to gather data for an inventory of events that help to classify the susceptibility of cliff sections to rock fall Guzzetti, 2005. PDF document, 23 KB 23900 bytes A list of 25 key publications.

Available positions 8 Postdocs, 5 PhDs, 2 laboratory technicians, 1 data manager cover research efforts aiming towards a non-toxic environment.

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