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Risk assessment phd thesis - Risk assessment phd thesis-

During this endeavour, I received constant encouragement and support from Emanuela and Martina. The volume of single mass movements ranges from less than a cubic decimetre, for rock fragments falling off a cliff, to several hundreds of cubic kilometres, for gigantic submarine slides Locat and Mienert, 2003, or for slope failures identified on the Moon Hsu, 1975, Mars McEwen, 1989 and Venus Malin, 1992.

Finally, I show how to ascertain the temporal frequency of slope failures from archive inventories.

Next, I discuss landslide susceptibility zoning and hazard assessment. For each area, I provide general information on the type and abundance of landslides and on the local setting, including morphology, lithology, structure, climate, and other physiographic

I conclude the work by proposing for the production and optimal use of various landslide cartographic products. Landslides occur every year, causing casualties and large economic damage. Rapid snow melting can trigger slope failures several days after the onset of the triggering meteorological event. Life expectancy gains were also estimated to be more for the low education level as compared to the middle and high education levels.

The link address is Via Madonna Alta, 126- 06128 Perugia- Italy Tel. Utilizing various indicators of mortality such as life expectancy and years of life lost, modification of the chronic health impact by markers of population heterogeneity particularly age and educational attainment has been explored In addition, the impact of various pollution reduction scenarios were evaluated. An experiment performed with German IT security professionals in 2011 confirmed that vulnerability identification errors do occur in practice.

enste It-Suomen Kuopio Savonlinna Finnish Doctoral Programme in Environmental Science and Technology EnSTe Completed doctoral theses 2000 2015 Piril Minna 2014 Alitalo Anni Bayr Suvi Hartikainen Kaisa Korhonen Jenni Liedert Christina Mukherjee Shinjini Perkola Noora Prasad Tarini Rautio Anni Rinne Henna R s nen Aleksi Saari P ivi Tavi Niina T rnroos Anna Valtonen Mia Yu Dan 2013 Agbo Stanley Brozinski Jenny-Maria Carrasco Navarro Victor Hagner Marleena Himanen Marina Jernberg Joonas Kabierch Grit Koskinen Kaisa M kinen Annukka Microbiology and Optimization of Hydrogen Fermentation and Bioelectricity Production Marja Niemi Pakarinen Kukka Rajas rkk Johanna Ratia Heli Svanfelt Jesper 2012 Helena J ntti Mika K rkk Marja Lahti Jenni Lehtinen Odorous volatile organic compounds in waste and wastewater management Jaana Lepp nen Mother like son? Future research should focus on assessing historical coastal change rates on a national scale, improve modelling of national scale wave exposure, enhance the information held about current coastal defences and, determine the direct and indirect economic cost associated with the loss of different asset types. PDF document, 375 KB 384836 bytes Variables used in the text., 2002 Guthrie and Evans, 2004b Lav and Burbank, 2004. Risk evaluation is the ultimate goal of landslide studies aimed at reducing the negative effects of landslide hazards.

The academic relevance of the thesis resides in the clarification of foundational issues that riddle the scientific community, and the comprehensive synthesis of past, present, and future foci of RIDM research. In information security IS risk assessments, security experts analyze the organisation s assets in order to identify

However, we have to note that the main issue of supervised learning is that they are not able to detect new attacker s behaviors, since the classifier is trained based on the known behavioral patterns. Assessing landslide risk is a complex and uncertain operation that requires the combination of different techniques, methods and tools, and the interplay of various expertises pertaining among the others to geology and geomorphology, engineering and environmental sciences, meteorology, climatology, mathematics, information technology, economics, social sciences and history.

Lastly, I discuss the problem of the verification of the performances of a landslide susceptibility model, including examples for the Collazzone area, in central Umbria. Information Gain technique is carried out to quantify the predictive capability of these factors. Kotka Maritime Research Centre Keskuskatu 10 48100 Kotka merikotka merikotka. Item Type Thesis Thesis Type Doctoral Thesis Name PhD Contributors Thesis advisor Additional Information uk.

Only a few studies had been made towards analysing food security and most of these studies are based on conventional data analysis methods such as the use of statistical techniques.

, slope angle, elevation, slope aspect, profile curvature, land cover, curvature, lithology, plan curvature, soil, distance to lineaments, lineament density, distance to roads, road density, distance to river, river density and rainfall, and 1295 historical landslide polygons.

A Coastal Erosion Vulnerability Model CEVM was produced using Experian Mosaic Scotland a geodemographic classification which identifies 44 different social groups within Scotland to classify populations based upon 11 vulnerability variables. Environmental health risk assessment of particulate air pollution and mortality in metropolitan Manila, Philippines- LSHTM Research Online London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Environmental health risk assessment of particulate air pollution and mortality in metropolitan Manila, Philippines Subida, Ronald Dollete 2004 Environmental health risk assessment of particulate air pollution and mortality in metropolitan Manila, Philippines.

I then introduce a probabilistic model to determine landslide hazard, and I test the model at different spatial scales.

Bayesian Network applications for environmental risk assessment.

I conclude the work by proposing for the production and optimal use of various landslide cartographic products.

Over the last three years, we have done significant research efforts in analyzing user s behavior to detect risky users included some kinds of well known attacks in centralized and decentralized online social networks.

The academic and practical significance of the thesis are therefore closely related. While scientific investigations of coseismic landsliding are increasingly common, there is no protocol for rapid hours-to-days landslide assessment, and no published recognition of what is possible and what is useful to compile immediately after the event.

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