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Thesis for phd in commerce - Hinduja

Awarded 2016 Supervisor Topic A Study of Service Quality in Indian Banking Industry Awarded 2017 Supervisor Topic Supply Chain Management of Food Grains in Public Distribution System A Case Study of UP Awarded 2015 Supervisor Topic Efficacy of Training Programs in Government Enterprises A case study of Diesel Locomotive

Provision above must be read with existing Cranefield RPL policies. Applying for an MPhil, rather than a PhD, at the outset.

For some disciplines, notably in the humanities, the MPhil is regarded as the most advanced Masters degree. Acceptance on the programme is subject to finding a suitable supervisor. 5-2 years part-time Course Type Course Fees Please see for details Last Updated 30 October 2017 Take your Honours degree or Postgraduate Diploma to the next level with a Master of Commerce MCom. Awarded 2011 Supervisor Topic Impact of Celebrity Advertising on Consumers Perception A Case Study Awarded 2017 Supervisor Topic Impact of Structural Changes of Foreign Trade of Indian Textile Industry Awarded 2016 Supervisor Topic Comparative Analysis of Employees Satisfaction in different Companies of Insurance Sector Awarded 2017 Supervisor Topic Consultancy Services for Small Scale Industries in India Awarded 1998 Supervisor Topic Corporate citizenship in India An Assessment of selected Enterprises. Guiding Breakthrough Research at NUI Galway We explore and facilitate commercial opportunities for the research community at NUI Galway, as well as facilitating industry partnership.

Awarded 2012 Supervisor Topic A Study of Financially re-engineered products in India Awarded 2016 Supervisor Topic Value Chain Analysis of Micro and Small Enterprises Awarded 2017 Supervisor Topic Impact of CSR Practices on perceived firm performance. programme for the available seats for the subjects in the various faculties at all recognized research centers, shall be conducted within 30 days from the date of declaration of the results of Ph. Copies of recent theses are held by the LSE Library. Pattern of Question Paper The question paper will consist of three types of questions viz- Objective- forty 40 marks, Short answers- thirty 30 marks and long answers- thirty 30 marks. Level of Award of the Degree The degree may be awarded with distinction or with credit. Awarded 2014 Supervisor Topic Occupational Stress in University Teachers A Case Study of Banaras Hindu University Awarded 2017 Supervisor Topic Institutional Values in Management of Organizational Culture A Case Study of Selected Central Univrsities in India Awarded 2015 Supervisor Topic An Analysis of Production and Export Performance of Fresh and Processed Fruits and Vegetables in India Awarded 2016 Supervisor Topic A study of supply Chain Management SCM Practices in Indian Paint Industry.

If you have other and especially research experience, you are invited to discuss your situation with the Co-ordinator of the PhD Programme

Regulations on this page are taken from the 2017 Calendar and supplementary material. The follows a previous Bachelor of Commerce with Honours in Accounting, or a similar honours degree. Structure of the Programme The degree may be awarded in any of the. The School of Management SoM has an active PhD programme, with students currently completing doctoral theses. Awarded 2013 Supervisor Topic Marketing Strategy for Indian Handloom Industry in a Globalised Market Scenario. The use of internal computer networks is also widely deployed with moderate to strong information systems infrastructure capability.

View our courses and see what our students and lecturers have to say about the courses you are interested in at the links below. in Commerce Banking Finance- Applied for permission Ph. Choose a dissertation topic with your strengths in mind.

They are a consequence of your commitment to undertake original and challenging research in your chosen field of study. history, essentialism and the condition of slave descendants among the southern Betsileo Madagascar 2012 PhD Furberg Moe, MC Peripheral nationhood being Israeli in Kiryat Shemona 2012 PhD Roberts, DWO The family in changing China a local history of kinship in rural Zhejiang province 2012 PhD Cant, A Practising aesthetics artisanal production and politics in a woodcarving village in Oaxaca, Mexico 2012 PhD Hoffmann, MP Patronage, exploitation and the invisible hand of Mao Tse Tung in an urban municipality in western Nepal 2013 PhD Al-Rustom, HA Anatolian fragments Armenians between Turkey and France 2013 PhD Andersson, R Clandestine migration and the business of bordering Europe 2013 PhD Singh, Y Satnami self-assertion and Dalit activism everyday life and caste in rural Chhattisgarh central India 2013 PhD Robinson, D Continuity, communion and the Dread the Maori Rastafari of Ruatoria, Aotearoa- New Zealand 2013 PhD Wilde, MW We shall overcome radical populism, political morality and participatory democracy in a Venezuelan barrio 2013 PhD Hann, AC An ethnographic study of family, livelihoods and women s everyday lives in Dakar, Senegal 2013 PhD Liberatore, G Transforming the self an ethnography of ethical change amongst young Somali Muslim women in London 2013 PhD Makram Ebeid, D Manufacturing stability everyday politics of work in an industrial steel town in Hulwan, Egypt 2013 PhD Michelet, AP No longer kings learning to be a Mongolian person in the Middle Gobi 2013 PhD Gatmaytan, A Indigenous autonomy amid cultural citizenship in a Philippine frontier 2013 PhD Kraemer, DA Planting roots, making place an ethnography of young men in Port Vila, Vanuatu 2014 PhD Mikus, M What reform? Islamic reformism in West Bengal 2016 PhD Martin, CA Generations of Migration Schooling, youth and in the Philippines 2016 PhD Remmert, D Future aspirations and life choices a comparison of young adults in urban China and Taiwan 2016 PhD McIvor, M To fulfil the law evangelism, legal activism and public Christianity in contemporary England 2016 PhD Huang, J Do It yourself development ambiguity and relational work in a Bangladesh social enterprise 2016 PhD Buitr n Arias, N The attraction of unity power, knowledge and community among the Shuar of Ecuadorian Amazonia 2016 PhD Proudfoot, PJ The living dead revolutionary subjectivity and Syrian rebel-workers in Beirut 2017 PhD Musallam, F Failure and the politically possible space, time and emotion amongst independent activists in Beirut, Lebanon 2017 PhD Diz, A The afterlife of abundance wageless life, politics, and illusion among the Guarani of the Argentine Chaco 2017 PhD Fletcher, KC The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighbourhood Community, enterprise and anti-modernity among reforming evangelicals in a United States city 2017 PhD Chiu, H-S The Island of the floating world kinship, rituals, and change in post Cold War Jinmen 2017 PhD Wong, MM Performing Masculinity in Peri-Urban China Duty, Family, Society 2017 PhD Crockford, SE After the American dream the political economy of spirituality in Northern Arizona, USA Use of this website is subject to, and implies acceptance of, its including, and. The thesis must make an original contribution to knowledge in the area under study. The maximum time limit for full-time students, is normally four calendar years.

Shumi Akhtar Prof Suresh Cuganesan Puja Devendra Ladva All Your Time, All The Time A Critical Ethnography in a Firm 2015 Assoc Prof Jane Andrew Dr Cornelia Beck Milica Simic Misic Crossing a Threshold Using the SOLO Taxonomy and Exemplars to Facilitate Students Conceptual Understanding of Depreciation in Introductory Accounting 2015 Assoc Prof Rosina Mladenovic Dr Amani Bell Business Analytics Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor Cheng Qian Bidding and Negotiation in Supplier Selection 2015 Prof Eddie Anderson Chao Wang Bayesian parametric and financial tail-risk forecasting incorporating range and realized measures 2015 Prof Richard Gerlach Dr Boris Choy Christian Contino A Bayesian approach to risk management in a world of high-frequency data 2015 Prof Richard Gerlach Lusheng Shao Competitive Bidding in Supply Chains 2014 Prof Eddie Anderson Dr Erick Li Fujie Xia Topics in dependence modelling 2014 Assoc Prof Artem Prokhorov Dr Quan Gan Business Information Systems Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor Ella Hafermalz The performative office A multi-case of remote working 2016 Kai Riemer Bradon Ellem Maxim Soyref The holistic management of information security processes 2014 Assoc Prof Philip Seltsikas Prof Tyrone Carlin Jeffrey Lim Decision Making under Uncertainty An Investigation into the Effects of Decision Context, Information and Decision Aid on Performance 2012 Prof Marcus O Connor Paul Scifleet Making Sense of Digital Documentary Practice A common denominator for discourse 2010 Prof Susan P.

Department is also renowned for its research programmes M.

Students who have a good Honours degree or a PGDipCom or equivalent qualification can complete an MCom by thesis only minimum one year.

Kobelsky The Impact Of Information Technology And Labor Practices On High Tech Manufacturing Performance The Disk Drive Industry John Mooney The Productivity And Business Value Impacts Of Information Technlogy Economic And Organizational Analysis Jui Ramaprasad Online Social Influence And Consumer Choice Evidence From The Music Industry Kiron Ravindran Governance Mechanisms In Information Technology Outsourcing Namchul Shin The Emperical Analysis Of The Relationship Between Information Technology And Coordination Costs Implications For Vertical Integration And Firm Productivity Paul Patrick Tallon A Assessment Of The Alignment Of Information Systems And Business Strategy Implications For It Business Value Xin Xu Migration To Open Standard Electronic Integration An Economic And Analysis Zhang Zhe Essays On The Information Technology And Firms Pricing Strategy Zhizhong Zhou Essays On Competitive Technology Strategies Lock-In Strategy, Software Design Strategy, And B2B Supply Chain Management Student Name Dissertation Title Charles A. It is a good choice for honours graduates who want to undertake further research without the lengthy time commitment that a PhD represents.

Research Guide s One approved teacher not below the rank of Reader from the reserved category of the concerned faculty. E-commerce encompasses many areas, which include electronic catalogues that refers to means whereby sellers can communicate their offerings to potential buyers. Continue with Facebook Something went wrong connecting to Facebook. Also, tell us which currency you d like to have the fees displayed in.

For Admission at University Departments Head of Department Chairman Two Subject Experts either from the Department or from the affiliated colleges industry research institutes Professor Reader of the Department other than guide.

Awarded 2013 Supervisor Topic Strategic consideration for retail outlet locations in India- An Empirical study Awarded 2017 Supervisor Topic A Study of organizational Commitment of Employees in Relation to Job Satisfaction, Job Involvement Motivation.

Structure of the Programme The degree may be awarded in any of the. The School of Management SoM has an active PhD programme, with students currently completing doctoral theses. Whether you have discovered that a PhD is not for you, your research is not panning out to be the great discovery you thought it would be, your project has taken a direction that longer fits your research aspirations, or you know that the finished product may not be enough for a PhD an MPhil can be a positive decision and something to be proud off. Awarded 2008 Supervisor Topic Distribution System in Indian Film Industry. In fact, most of the logistics changes proposed as important and significant in the literature these were included in the questionnaire were not even considered as relevant to the third party logistics industry in Malaysia.

We may accept PhD students with postgraduate degrees in disciplines other than management.

Students who have a good Honours degree or a PGDipCom or equivalent qualification can complete an MCom by thesis only minimum one year.

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