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Cochrane review literature search - Where to search for a systematic review

3 Sensitivity and precision The key attributes of a search strategy are Sensitivity the number of relevant records retrieved by a search strategy as a proportion of the total number of relevant records normally represented by a gold standard Jenkins 2004.

If an authoring or commissioning team wants to ensure that a particular review is up to date, there is a need for routine surveillance for new studies that are potentially relevant to the review, by searching and trial register inspection at regular intervals. A database of technical reports, meetings, dissertations, and official publications. 0 updated March 2011 Video tutorial series An excellent series of video tutorials from Yale University s Harvey Cushing John Hay Whitney Medical Library.

When identifying subject headings it is important to include variations in thesaurus and indexing terms for each database for example, MeSH in MEDLINE and the Cochrane Library, and Emtree in Embase. The great variations thus indicate a need to evaluate if the MECIR guideline to search MEDLINE, EMBASE and CENTRAL combined would be enough when performing a literature search or whether additional databases should be added to this list. All will supply articles within copyright law and some will loan documents. The decision needs to take into account whether the review addresses a current question, uses valid methods, and is well conducted and whether there are new relevant methods, new studies, or new information on existing included studies.

A meta-analysis study is one where carefully selected data from previous studies is combined to bring more rigor to a statistical or other analysis.

However, trials may measure dozens of different outcomes, and there will not be room to report all of these in the journal paper.

kw search in Ovid will only retrieve records indexed with non-MeSH headings. The panel proposed the following Decisions about whether and when to update a systematic review are judgments made for individual reviews at a particular time.

However, differences were found when applying MeSH headings, searching for free text and when applying proximity operators, which are discussed below. Several apply this to all material more than 1 or 2 years old others provide access to particular types of articles only for example, the British Medical Journal provides free access to all research articles. Undertaking Systematic Reviews of Research on Effectiveness.

Sampson M, Zhang L, Morrison A, Barrowman NJ, Clifford TJ, Platt RW, Klassen TP, Moher D. Last Updated Aug 14, 2017 10 04 AM URL Finding the Evidence Literature Searching Tools in Support of Systematic Reviews CADTH. Figure 7 Forest plot showing duration in the emergency department in minutes. The is a bimonthly publication of alerting readers to new grey literature publications in health services research and selected public health topics. However, although these studies are not comparing search functionality and syntax differences, the results can inform institutional purchasing decisions and the scope of information skills training.

Citations in psychology, behavior, and related disciplines includes citations of journal articles, conference proceedings, books and book chapters, reports and dissertations.

The evidence from trials in the emergency department has not shown important superiority of nebulisers over spacers in children with acute asthma. Some of these tools already exist and are in development or in early use, and some are commercially available or freely available.

Step 1 Define the research question Researchers must first decide what research question they need an answer for.

NOTE It is not clear how much of the literature is included in Google Scholar. However, this systematic review was based solely on English articles, thus a lot of non-English studies may have been missed. Absolute differences and numbers needed to treat The possibility of a 29 reduction in the risk of admission to hospital by using spacers rather than nebulisers in children with acute asthma sounds quite impressive but, in order to make sense of this, we also need to know that this is a 29 reduction in comparison to the risk of admission on nebuliser. Because there is some subjectivity in screening databases, citations should be reviewed independently and in duplicate by two members of the reviewing team, with the full-text article retrieved for any citation deemed relevant by any of the reviewers.

PRISMA provides guidance on what you should include when reporting a systematic review. For this reason, prognosis studies are vulnerable to bias, unless the loss to follow-up is less than 20.

There is no reason for the mother to spend her money on a portable nebuliser, when a pMDI and spacer could do just as well.

Registers trials that are recruting and reports which have been completed. In answering clinical questions I wish we had more systematic reviews that were useful for my work.

Copyright 2008 by the American Society of Nephrology National Library of Medicine Fact Sheet Medline. Exhaustive Literature Searching Systematic Reviews 1. Although access to alternative interfaces was available, the gIS team was aware of differences in the search functionality and syntax across each, which led to concerns about comparable searching. Instead of drawing a conclusion from a single study, a meta-analysis looks at numerous studies for the answer. In one meta-analysis but not the other, synthetic membranes reduced the chance for death. Like Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in You are commenting using your WordPress. Additional published and unpublished data can become available from a wide range of sources including study investigators, regulatory agencies and industry and are important to consider. When developing a systematic review, it is necessary first and foremost to clearly formulate the clinical question which is to be considered the main topic. ca We live in the information age, and the practice of medicine is becoming increasingly specialized. Not only is it an underused source of trials, but as there are no access charges, there are also no financial hindrances to its use. The great variations thus indicate a need to evaluate if the MECIR guideline to search MEDLINE, EMBASE and CENTRAL combined would be enough when performing a literature search or whether additional databases should be added to this list. Given a decision to update, the process needs to start with an appraisal and revision of the background, question, inclusion criteria, and methods of the existing review.

And how do you systematically search the literature?

Bibliometric analysis of randomized trials in complementary medicine.

However, we would like to add some cautionary words. Utterback DF, Schnorr TM Use of workers compensation data for occupational safety and health proceedings from June 2012 workshop. What is a Systematic Review or Meta-analysis in Medical Research? There is also a guideline for developing protocols f r systematic reviews and a specific database aimed for the registration of protocols for systematic reviews.

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