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The first year of college often overflows as it should with new ideas and new ways of thinking about writing. This clinical study evaluated the gas sensor array response for the identification of the exhaled breath of lung cancer patients.

Changes depended on cardiac stroke volume, origin, compartmental distribution and properties of the substances.- Montana State University We are updating the existing YSW entry to reflect new URL and editorship of the journal Young Scholars in Writing Undergraduate Research in Writing and Rhetoric YSW, is the first international undergraduate research journal in rhetoric and writing studies and has garnered a national reputation in its fields. Participants completed initial assessments including completion of a baseline survey and, rigorous physical assessments.- University of City Young Scholars in Writing Undergraduate Research in Writing and Rhetoric YSW, a peer-reviewed journal for was founded in 2003 by Laurie Grobman and Candace Spigelman at Penn State Berks. Marco, Professor of ecology, National University of Cordoba, Argentina and Researcher, National Research Council CONICET, Argentina Announcement Special discount on Publication Charge Special discount on Article Processing Charge Publication charge has been announced.- University of Florida The Journal of Undergraduate Research publishes the outstanding scholarship of undergraduates at the University of Florida and showcases the work of students in the University Scholars Program. The JIRIRI s next goal is to diffuse its material to other professors and students that wish to use the peer-review process as a teaching tool. Reports of high quality educational research involving any discipline and methodology will be welcome.

We aimed to prospectively assess changes in chronic stress among young adults transitioning from high school to university or working life.

It will only take them a couple of minutes to read it and respond. This review gives an overview of the current state of drug detection in breath, including both volatile and non-volatile substances. It provides a forum for UCI s best undergraduate researchers to showcase their work while enlightening students, the UCI community, high schools, community colleges, funding agencies, and corporations about the strength of UCI s undergraduate research community. The impact of a single citation is given higher value in subject areas where citations are less likely, and vice versa. 2015 to documents published in three previous calendar years e. In contrast, among children born to mothers without a MH disorder, 4. When you resubmit your article include this in your report to the journal, specifying how you have responded to the reviewers feedback.

Methods A survey was conducted in three regions, namely, Chongqing, Liaocheng, and Tianjin, of China in 2015. iJARS is monthly Journal, started in 2012, by renowned publishing house, iJARS Group. Founded by University of Saskatchewan undergraduate students, the journal celebrates undergraduate contributions to research. Six points 1 cm apart from each other were irradiated in the tongue dorsum.

Published Vol-06 Iss-10 Sep-17 IJRET Volume-06 Issue-10, Oct-2017 is published now. By ensuring that authors are always provided with extensive feedback, JEPS gives psychology students the chance to gain experience in publishing and to improve their scientific skills.

The Journal was founded by a comparative literature undergraduate student in 2011 and has since been recognized as a premier undergraduate journal featuring top peer-reviewed, undergraduate research in comparative literature. This publication aims to promote awareness about the first-gen experience, the valuable forms of social capital first-gen students bring into the university, and the meaningful contributions they make to their local and global communities.

These articles represent the very best NAR papers, in terms of originality, significance and scientific excellence. All students of the College are invited to participate and submit their work.

Indeed, quantitative reservations have had positive impact on the qualitative participation of SC male in Panchayats though the importance of capacity building is highlighted.- University of Georgia The Classic Journal promotes the extraordinary achievements in writing and research by undergraduates in the Writing Intensive Program WIP at the University of Georgia. No preference Only journals with immediate access Only journals with a maximum access delay of 12 months Only journals in Pubmed Central these options only work when searching for journals Welcome to Jane Have you recently written a paper, but you re not sure to which journal you should submit it? 4 Get feedback from start to finish Even at the earliest stages, discuss your idea for a paper with four or five people, get feedback on your draft abstract. An editorial board consisting of faculty and students reviews all submissions. Among infants born to mothers with MH and substance use disorders, the rate of CPS reports during infancy was 5.

The journal accepts and publishes various formats of submissions of scholarly and creative work. Furthermore, chewing gum showed significant reductions in both organoleptic scores and VSC when compared with a control chewing gum.

We consider submissions each year in October, January, and April. We encourage authors to share not only what they ve learned about writing but also how they learned it. However, further refinement and validation are required before its clinical use.

Students interested in writing a manuscript based on their undergraduate research experience, as well as research advisors to should find MarSci to be the perfect opportunity for undergraduates to engage in the process of submission and publication, a unique learning experience that is not typically available to most undergraduate scientists. Pursuit is dedicated to publishing the scholarly work of undergraduates and is supported by the University of Tennessee Office of Research and the Chancellor s Honors Program.

After numerous petitions and meetings with the government by those parties in the past decade, the HK government eventually changed its attitude and started to consider terminating the endless threat from asbestos by amending the policy, and the new clause of legislation for banning of all forms of asbestos was enacted on 4 April 2014. The Undergraduate Journal of Service Learning and Research is open to undergraduate students in the U.

Undergraduates at accredited institutions may submit inquiries or work to forbes5 pitt. Recommended Length 9000 words Technical Brief A technical brief reports results that are of significant and archival value to the engineering community however, these works are more limited in scope and length than a research paper.

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