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Advertising case study examples - 5 Banner Advertising Case Studies

What if grouping all audiences into the same retargeting campaign is actually doing more harm than good? Promoted trends are at this stage reserved for major brands with costs being prohibitive for the smaller end of the market with reports that it now to play. Improve your ad copy by getting more specific with your target audience and testing different ad copy. First, they created 20 specific audience lists that showed intent, but did not purchase. In the case of Trilogy Funding, some of the elements of their Ideal Customer Persona were Existing property investors Multiple property owners 3 1. Truth wanted to start a Facebook ad campaign to create more awareness about their campaign to teens. If you have any problem feel free to contact Dr Ehigie with his Email. Industry Physical Therapy Result The great thing about repeat postcard mailings is it develops a marketing cycle and continues to build.

So seeing the video ads were proving better, they went on creating multiple video ads.

Industry Optometry Result We generated 135 calls from our postcard mailings! It is fully compatible with what Airbnb is trying to give to its clients warm welcome wherever they go. count results searchFilter searchQuery Enter a search term such as mobile analytics or browse our content using the filters above. A wildly popularly web-based viral marketing campaign helped OfficeMax distinguish itself and encourage shoppers. Include a quotation from the client in the overview to give the case credibility. ASB ran an ad campaign to launch its Virtual Branch, an application users could download from their Facebook page and chat with ASB Banking Specialists about their accounts. The flower company used Facebook ads to give fans 15 their purchase and 50 Facebook Credits to be used on Facebook Games. Industry Dance Gymnastics Result We brought in 10 new students and 4,500 in revenue from our postcards! Hyundai NZ Hyundai New Zealand is locally owned and independently imported to New Zealand.

Results In the beginning of the campaign, Crime City had 2 million monthly, active users. Please share your thoughts here or if you need any help, comment below and I d love to help you. They also wanted to target younger shoppers along with other different groups. Sony VAIO VAIO is Sony s leading PC brand on the market for personal and professional use.

They ve so far been mostly limited to optimizing media with their data.

Even if you don t have a big list of subscribers, using native targeting features of Facebook can bring you in front of the right viewers. Four creative programmatic advertising case studies Econsultancy Comprehensive, authoritative and easy to digest, Econsultancy s award-winning research offers practical advice on all aspects of digital business, marketing and ecommerce. Grab the reader s attention by highlighting strong results, such as the campaign increased sales by 20 percent. You can have great targeting, optimization and tracking, but if your ad looks bad, you re not going to attract customers. Results 40 increase in subscribers added to e-newsletter database 6,700 sweepstakes entrants 91 of clicks became connections More than 20,000 new fans added within four weeks as a result of the ad campaign, a 285 increase 11.

PetSmart If you leave out selfies, the two images people most often share are animals usually pets and food. The company wanted to update its advertising campaigns and reach its target audience, people ages 18 to 34 in relationships.

They have incredible engagement and lets you communicate more message than what it takes from text and image ads. Featuring the latest digital ad campaigns, hot new websites, interactive marketing ideas, virals, industry news, social media, insights, and other great digital trends from all over the world. We ve just launched a global social media case study database where people can upload share their own social mobile cases., sc 1, st AdEspresso, th 246, tu q u003dtbn tw 205 id isu postcardmania. The company wanted to increase its brand awareness and connections on its Facebook page. Industry Chiropractic Result They received 10 calls and 336 visitors to their website!

Want to learn how to grow your followers and market your brand on Twitter for free? Before data, creative was produced once with one version for everyone. How can we reach to the right user with the right ad? Batches of customers may receive different types of messages based on whether the marketer thought the segment was a good fit, and what the customer cares about.

Real-time data create the opportunity for greater efficiency and improved campaign outcomes.

They also allocate the majority of their ad spendings to the GDN.

Filter by Budget, Campaign Type, Objective, Sector or Target Audience. Sydney Opera House The Sydney Opera House is a major destination for domestic and international artists in Sydney, Australia. However, this case study of their native advertising in The Water Diviner is a perfect example of how you can use celebrities to approach common people. Making the most of the public s penchant for pictures is Arizona-based bicycle manufacturer, who create beautiful visual content for their followers to ogle. com began to use its Facebook page during the Valentine s Day season to extend its social community and help consumers pick and purchase flowers with ease.

When it comes to social media, it s best to think visual.

Industry Retail Result Postcards are great for continual business growth, but they can also be effective for temporary retail sales events. Industry Landscaping Result 126 calls from qualified leads Industry Landscaping Result 3,231 return on investment! The studio used Target Blocks with Premium Like Ads and Premium Video Ads. Paying for advertising on Twitter was not easy in the past and was restricted to the USA. Norway showed to be very high on click-through rates, so the company started to target Norwegians. Then based on where you are now and where you want to be, we ll devise a strategy to get you there. For example, if their target is a mother in her first moments of motherhood, you will see a message like Get ready for a lifetime of love or if it s a promotional product for the Star Wars fans, you will definitely see the Star Wars logo with the Star Wars Costumes at a Great Value message.

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Sephora Sephora is a leading makeup and beauty product company in North America.

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