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Cloud computing case study - Cloud Computing Risk Assessment A Case Study

BMW built its new CARASSO service in only six months leveraging Amazon Simple Storage Service Amazon S3, Amazon Simple Queue Service Amazon SQS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Relational Database Service Amazon RDS, and AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Rangespan uses AWS to run its website, provide data analysis to retailers, and build, validate, and store its 2 TB product catalog. Leveraging an IaaS CSP for hosting has allowed Company A to remain focused on its core competency.

By deploying the application on the AWS Cloud, Qantas can quickly and inexpensively provide cabin crew insights into customer needs and wants. The company turned to AWS to run its web application as well as its big data workloads. mobi provides a mobile advertising platform that allows app developers and site owners to create original content for consumers on mobile. GED provides stock-trading solutions and services to a range of organizations throughout the world.

GTU uses Amazon EC2 for its website, applications, and services, while Amazon S3 and Amazon EBS provide storage, and Amazon Glacier is used for long-term archiving and backup. Websites and web apps From static websites to multi-region web apps. Microsoft has announced a slew of new customers using its Azure cloud services at its Digital Difference event in New York, including financial services provider UBS and confectioner Hershey.

The firm, which serves more than 40 markets and millions of clients, provides a platform for consumers and businesses to access printing services.

Silverline Toward data in third-party clouds.

LinkedIn runs LPS on a bare-metal, environment with containers. The Tapingo app lets people to order from restaurants on the go, while enabling robust inventory and line management for restaurants.

is a leading digital media company in Taiwan providing digital marketing consulting services, application development, and e-commerce services.

Dato uses a range of AWS services, including powerful Amazon EC2 G2 instance types, Amazon S3 for storing data, and Elastic Load Balancing to distribute prediction workloads across available machines for optimal speed and reliability. The company uses AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon S3, and Amazon EC2 to host its mobile app, as well as Amazon RDS for databases and Amazon DynamoDB to store locations of its drivers.

Altra has been working in the cloud since the early 2000s.

LexisNexis runs its News Archive search service in the AWS cloud.

With the comfort of knowing that their files are always available, BCG s client can easily ask their employees to work remotely in the event of Internet loss at the office.

Present Group helps companies commission and complete electrical projects. It deploys Docker containers using AWS Elastic Beanstalk and uses other AWS technologies, including Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, and Amazon ElastiCache. Matson s recent announcement to go all in with AWS is another example of large enterprises realising the intrinsic value of the public cloud.

The 600 consultants at msg global solutions deliver expertise to clients worldwide in the insurance industry. For organizations and industries around the world, Virtustream has created the platform for digital As a result, the organization can launch new websites in days instead of weeks and share energy data with thousands of researchers across the globe while reducing data curation costs by nearly 30 percent. The company uses AWS for storage and to host its website and application store for its robots. Instructure runs testing and production workloads for Canvas on AWS. Car configurations and new parts need to be delivered at equally incredible speeds to stay ahead of the innovation race.

The company uses AWS to for its development and testing operations, for analytics, and to host environments used by customers for their own software development efforts. Deliver better services to your constituents both inside and outside your organization. The company migrated its architecture to AWS to reduce latency and improve efficiency. In just three months, Cond Nast has gone all-in with the AWS Cloud. Based in Israel, the company provides digital experiences such as second-screen apps used to interact with popular television shows such as Rising Star and Big Brother.

The International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research ICRAR is part of a large international team currently developing the Square Kilometre Array SKA a radio telescope of unprecedented size and sensitivity. The company is running its Hong Kong news and entertainment websites and mobile applications in AWS.

Pitney Bowes uses AWS to develop new applications from the ground up. The company uses AWS to manage high volumes of data coming from smart meters that monitor customers energy usage. Moving to AWS has allowed Kenshoo to reduce time to market by 70. Bottom-up guidance specific to cloud computing also exists from various bodies such as the Cloud Security Alliance CSA, European Network and Information Security Agency ENISA, and the US National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST. NDTV is one of India s largest broadcast companies, with three national news channels that reach a combined audience of more than 1 billion people across India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Syntel provides technology and business solutions to a global audience. Resume Start Over Start Your Free Trial Now Start your free trial now, and begin learning software, business and creative skills anytime, anywhere with video instruction from recognized industry experts.

Founder CEO, Awesome Cloud Services Federal Regulations Deployment BCG was able assure their client that their cloud-based solution complied with necessary financial regulations and including SSAE16. Challenge Reliable, fast Internet access critical to IT transformation Schneider Electric s IT infrastructure links the company s global operations via three multiprotocol label switching MPLS networks supplemented by smaller, local networks in various locations.

The audit highlighted that Company A needs to mitigate several risks. Cloud Computing in Education Deakin University Case Study A few months ago, we did an extensive research on the impacts of cloud technology in the education sector and published the results in a white paper available.

Sling uses AWS to allow customers to seamlessly access video from their televisions on a variety of mobile devices, including PC Mac, tablets and smartphones, no matter how many users are hitting the site. Ignition AI The emotion and psychology of shopping is quite fascinating. Cloud computing case studies, cloud computing best practice- Cloud Tech News Search Search More and more companies are trying to get a foothold in China as part of their international expansion and the British Medical Journal BMJ is one, having worked with managed cloud services provider Datapipe to enter the Chinese market using Alibaba Cloud. Expedia, a leading online travel company for leisure and business travelers, maintains websites worldwide to offer localized content to customers. Launched in 1999, KKBOX is a Taiwan-based content streaming and analysis provider with over 400 employees.

Using AWS WAF, eVitamins automated its website security, reducing IT overhead, attacks, and time each by 90 percent.

The company offers PIM solutions to architecture, engineering, and construction customers throughout the world. MYOB uses a wide range of AWS services, including Amazon Machine Learning, to build smart applications incorporating predictive analytics and AWS CloudFormation scripts to create new AWS environments in the event of a disaster.

ProSent Mobile Requires Ease of Use with Cloud Scalability ProSent Mobile is a mobile marketing and commerce company. The report cited rising real estate and financial asset values as enabling insurers throughout the region to produce higher premium volume from the increased protection levels. Schneider Electric is utilizing a portfolio of Riverbed solutions to ensure the success of its IT including Riverbed Cloud Steelhead appliances.

This has enabled 2C2P to improve availability to 99. With AWS, the company has cut IT costs about 70 percent compared to its old IT architecture. Since migrating to the AWS cloud, PSR has streamlined the massive calculations of its scientific models and optimized computing efficiency through use of Amazon EC2 Cluster Compute Instances. In we examine how a major wireless R D company used Force.

After switching to Amazon Web Services, Hong Kong-based 9GAG, Inc.

Using AWS has enabled RoZetta Technology to deploy and automate a project in the cloud of 40 servers costing AU 100,000 in weeks, while a less complex project in a physical data center of 16 servers cost AU 800,000 and took months to complete. With the comfort of knowing that their files are always available, BCG s client can easily ask their employees to work remotely in the event of Internet loss at the office.

Membership in the association, a voluntary organization serving IT governance professionals, entitles one to receive an annual subscription to the ISACA Journal. Conclusion Businesses are realizing the power of cloud computing, and its use is increasing. Vodafone Italy wanted a secure solution that would make it easy for its customers to buy credit for mobile phone SIM cards. During peak times it renders scenes using Amazon EC2 Spot Instances.

One team would file a ticket asking for hardware resources compute capacity, for example and get it.

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