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Essay on cloning humans - Cloning Humans Essay Ethics, Use And Playing God

Cloning has opened up doors and shined some light onto some optional ways of resolving various global issues.

Although other people choose human cloning as a new treatment for infertility so they may pass their genes to the next generations of the familyat least somewhat identical to them, human cloning must not be used to answer their problems because 1 it hinders the cloned human to experience a normal life 2 it degrades the dignity of a person for it forbids the person to its uniqueness 3 it violates the law of God that we are made to reproduce naturally under marriage.

The leadership of the Senate nonetheless has refused to take action on this measure, or even to consider a temporary moratorium on human cloning research. I believe cloning is an evolutionary dead end and the use of cloning techniques to make ideal human would ultimately devalue life. This issue has been a hot topic for the past decade after Dolly the sheep was cloning in Scotland. As a result, he was using science to manipulate couples to his own distorted sense of importance. One argument against therapeutic cloning is that creating stem cells on a large scale would require the use of vast amounts of human eggs. The only difference would be that we kill the egg and not the born baby.

People raised hell when animal parts were put into humans to save lives and today it is an accepted part of medicinal science. It is easily explainable why people favor this argument. Due to the inefficiency of animal cloning only about 1 or 2 viable offspring for every hundred experiments and the lack of understanding about reproductive cloning, many scientists and physicians strongly believe that it would be unethical to attempt to clone humans. It is primarily divided into two types namely therapeutic cloning and reproductive cloning. Today I have prepared information you can include in your essay on human cloning.

2011 There are two types of human cloning therapeutic cloning and reproductive cloning. Should we rejected dissertation topics ban human cloning? There are some issues have developed with reproductive cloning from a scientific perspective. Many patients in hospitals are waiting for transplants and many of them are dying because they are not receiving a needed organ.

tags Genetics Science Feminist Papers 2645 words 7. Dalai Lama XIV expressed his point of view cloning, as a scientific experiment, makes sense if it brings benefit to a specific person, but using it all the time is not for good.

I had a hard time on having argumentation on this because a lot of defenses already came out in order to defend the sides. People have very different views of what is natural.

So with so much debate and so much controversy, what could possible cause a human to want to clone another living life? Dolly an artificially cloned mammal was born a star. Unfortunately the initial debate on this issue has been dominated by misleading, accounts in the news media and negative emotional reactions derived from inaccurate science fiction.

- Every paper finds readers A study of cognitive behavi. Priestley s Chris s Lloyd s Sean s Austin s Mike s Additional contents of the Human Cloning Foundation website This webpage was created 8 3 98. If it is not interested in taking piano lessons for example the talent will stay undiscovered.

New have paved the way for the introduction of genetics in medicine and agriculture.

According to, cloning can facilitate a divide among the groups of people. In 2001, scientists in Italy reported the successful cloning of a healthy baby mouflon, an endangered wild sheep.

President Clinton banned the use of federal funds to pursue any such research. The question of safety, however, is not an ethical one. To think that this experimental behavior will create the perfect human is sad, because we will still have an imperfect world based on our immoral decisions. 3 The chance to have children for infertile couples Cloning could help infertile couples if they want to have children.

First of all if they don t test their embryo for certain heriditary diseases for example and their child gets sick later, people may reproach them that they could have prevented this. Every person could change his appearance riskless.

Cloning may bring advances in artificial organs, cosmetics, and age reduction but nevertheless it takes away a human s individuality, uniqueness, and basically that person s right to live his own life. Cloning, the identical replication of an organism through the usage of genetic placement, has become a hugely debatable topics amongst Christians and scientists. But before advancing the arguments I want to specify that I m against reproductive cloning but not therapeutic cloning.

There are also arguments against cloning Ian Wilmut believes that it technically possible to carry out human cloning, although it is unacceptable, because of moral, ethical and legal issues related to the manipulation of human embryos.

The purpose of cloning is to find medical treatments and to reduce human suffering Rosalyn. If cloning is allowed it will come at the cost of misguided effort, the creation of a process known as gene selection, and loss of individuality and diversity. People have different which set them apart from each other, these traits range from illnesses and disabilities, which are all part of life regardless of how we feel.

On the one hand, there are new opportunities new genetically modified foods on market, new drugs, organs for resolving infertility problem and cures for certain hereditary diseases. I think it is also justifiable to help infertile couples with cloning but without using embryo selecting techniques. You are given these weaknesses because God knows that you are strong, capable of handling and dealing with it properly. Sally Interestingly enough, I was just reading about this topic in a magazine. As a result, he was using science to manipulate couples to his own distorted sense of importance. Thus, any current legislation on human cloning has been developed and enforced by individual states.

The idea of cloning an entire human body could possibly revolutionize the medical world Aldridge.

The special thing about humankind is that everybody is different, why should we want to destroy this multiplicity?

Cloning has been around about 100 years, since then, plants were first being studied on how plants were able to duplicate themselves, and then scientists started to clone smaller animals like frogs and mice etc.

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