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Essay on the road not taken - On The Road Not Taken

com accomplish in 5 minutes what would take me an entire class. Rather, it begins by explaining the poem s origin, explores what Frost has said about the poem over time, discusses how others have chosen to interpret it, and compares and contrasts elements within the poem to highlight the intentional ambiguity of the poem.

However, Frost ironically chose to use the title to emphasize the road the narrator did not choose. The situation demands a serious approach, for who knows what the outcome will be? It is one s past, present, and his attitude with which he looks upon his future. Thankfully it was delivered by someone who had an appreciation of poetry and how to impart it to 17 year old teens in the middle of Australia. Faced with a crossroads, our first reaction is uncertainty, an uncertainty that the speaker feels when he repeats the I in the final stanza, an uncertainty that we all feel when making a decision that could change everything. Frost composed this poem in four five-line stanzas with only two end rhymes in each stanza abaab. I definitely agree though with what you are saying. Check out to learn more or contact your system administrator. pg 129 He relies much on the reflections of nature to convey his theme. In this poem, the narrator is alone in the woods, just like in The Road Not Taken, and both poems share a feeling of isolation.

But his poem is good as far as it goes the trouble is that it does not go far enough, it is incomplete, and it puts on the reader a burden of critical intelligence which ought to be borne by the poet.

Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps the better claim in these 2 verses we can clearly see that this is a decision in which he is putting a lot of thought into. Our route is, thus, determined by an accretion of choice and chance, and it is impossible to separate the two.

A traveler comes to a fork of the road and needs to decide which way to proceed so that to continue his journey. org The Academy of American Poets is the largest nonprofit organization fostering an appreciation for contemporary poetry and supporting American poets.

Here s why The speaker takes the road less traveled line 19.

Frost s main theme was to show his This trail is obviously not taken as often and the narrator can only see the immediate consequences of his choice.

Then took the other, as just as fair, and having perhaps the better claim are verses where we can clearly see that this is a decision in to which he is putting a lot of thought. The speaker is able to achieve insight, but only through solitude and separation from others. He is the winner of the Nona Balakian Prize from the National Book Critics Circle, and his writing has appeared in The New Yorker, Poetry, Slate, and The Yale Review.

He does this by making the traveler think genuinely about what road to take and the consequences each road brings with it. Orr breaks down the poem and has the reader think about the possibility that taking one road is no less different than the other.

The notion s of choice, are certainly not American tropes, but they do inform American culture and society.

The third stanza lets the reader be aware of the fear of regret, and the doubt the author feels with making these decisions. This also is important, because it belongs with this line in the first stanza, to where it bent in the undergrowth. A person s life can be metaphorically related to a physical journey filled with many twists and turns.

Further, instead of consciously and deliberately choosing, people in America improvise, adapt, and accommodate to situations over which they have no control. We should always have the courage to choose the right way even if it is rough and thorny.

The road is really a metaphor explaining decisions that we make.

Who would think there is so much to think about in this short poem!

However, unlike Silverstein, Frost repeats certain words rather than whole phrases like one and I. Lines which are at once affirming and deeply concerning. Isadore Traschen, however, in an article in The Yale Review, critiques the poem and its admirers quite harshly, accusing Frost of unrestrained Therefore, two very similar roads or choices are in front of the narrator, but he has to make a choice in order to move forward.

In other words, he s telling this many years after it happened. 100 365 currency day Discount For cart. And that merging is produced not by a careful blending of the two a union but by rapid and frequent transition, as Whateley puts it. Robert Frost in his poem uses two roads diverged in a wood as a means of closure to the reader similar to the way where the sidewalk ends is used in Shel Silverstein s poem. It is a choice which has made all the differences in sights and conditions of his journey. Thus, the elements of this poem are more than what they seem, and so is the ultimate theme of the work.

The real Robert Frost is a disputed figure, one whom biographers and other writers have depicted as a racist, a monster, a loveless father. 3 pages Good Essays- The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost Standing Out In Robert Frost s poem The Road Not Taken, the writer s tone and setting help to illustrate the struggle every person goes through to pick the correct path.

Second, as Wendell Berry puts it, a path differs from a road in that it obeys the natural contours such obstacles as it meets it goes around.

The traveler comes to a crossroads in a yellow wood 1. What is stopping him from just picking a random road and going along with it? He stutters on the word I like he is trying to quickly think of why he chose the path he did.

9 pages Better Essays- Humans are constantly faced with decisions and these decisions are an integral part of life. The traveler is able to make his own decisions and his own mistakes, learn from them, and move forward accordingly. He examines one choice as best he can, but the future prevents him from seeing where it leads. The author tied that back into the poem, arguing that Frost recognized the different aspects of self and was playing with those in the poem. By depending on time we can t really lookup that why we made mistake.

Each side had a good case to make for its own position. Here we will focus on Playing with language Tense of the verbs Type of words used The style of the poem The mode of expression The sentence structure Repetition Irony The effect of the language Playing with language Since the very beginning of the poem, it becomes quite obvious that the poet is playing with language.

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