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Online case studies on marketing - 9 Awesome Digital Marketing Case Studies

Nationwide Plastics organic traffic increased 46, with 4,612 visits compared to 3,162 visits.

Webinars facilitated a B2C product launch and attracted 1500 attendees with zero advertising budget.

Our Results 54 increase in Organic Traffic within 3 months. From where we re standing, it shows them in a good light.

Which is truly more than this client had hopped for. Source At the time, Intuit was adding on the Intuit Website Builder as part of their product portfolio. The average enquiries per day increased to 15 with the same daily ad spend 2,000 210, which means the cost of per enquiry reduced remarkably and generated increased profits for the hospital, following this the hospital increased Baidu PPC budget gradually up to the current level.

Search Engine Optimization The redesigned utility and call to action has been a success resulting in an impressive improvement in the conversion rate of the page. The hospital spent 2,000 210 daily, receiving only 1-2 enquiries. Hi, can you please be little elaborate with your query?

Get, keep and grow more customers with Kissmetrics. 1 share cost you 5 euro and you get the produced cd, with your name in the liner notes and 40 of the benefits. In the act of joining, every last one of these people has identified themselves as the target audience. Learn how we helped a small E-commerce company transition from a successful Kickstarter to driving direct sales on their website.

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Tim leads all technology development and operations in the role of VP of Engineering. Tim was one of the first developers on board at Vignette and was employee 15 at what came to be one of the most successful IPOs in the Austin high-tech industry. Additionally, they received a 162 increase in overall conversions, with 199 leads in the three months prior to launch and 522 leads post launch. The team I work with at Big Leap is incredibly responsive to our organization s needs. He 1 kept his profile up-to-date, 2 joined 50 LinkedIn Groups, 3 scoured Group Digests, 4 engaged in discussions, 5 connected, 6 moved the conversation offline, mostly through Skype and 7 re-evaluated his groups and contacts, regularly. Following on from a few short slides, you could also put together a more detailed presentation of the case study and upload it to SlideShare. A website makeover project with Ravish Designs boosted sales by 30, improving customer satisfaction in the process. Do share your favourite campaigns in the comments below. It s so difficult to stand out when doing a case study, they all seem to blend together so when researching for something unique to for our client, this post was very timely. Copyright Authors who publish in any IBIMA Publishing open access journal retain the copyright of their work under a Creative Commons Attribution 3. to find out how you can enjoy breakthrough results.

However, it was risky, and the client criticized her for not sharing a warning before coming to a difficult point. With this success, Coca Cola has pushed it out to nearly 60 markets since their 2011 launch and have continued to add additional tactics.

Tap into local networks HubSpot s events have relied to some degree on the support of local partners to drum up interest.

Axe Facebook Marketing Case Study Read Case Study 15.

All of these online music marketing case studies have a common theme of musicians connecting with fans.

Oh, and if you found this helpful, please share this article! Find out how we launched a well designed website and improved her online presence See how we increased social revenue, Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Google conversion rate, email contacts FREE Consultation or Analysis.

In no particular order here is the list of few brands whose case studies have been described in their blogs website nominated for award written by blogger analyzed by social media enthusiast. Because we are able to gradually increase the ROI, the hospital continued with our PPC management. Campaign Before partnering with Consultwebs in 2007, Salvi, Schostok Pritchard P.

IPL multiplied with the power of social media with spectators worldwide- YouTube case study Read Case Study 29 Maggi Noodles India Social Media Marketing Efforts com 2011 07 30. The back to back witty ads built buzz for the campaign on social networks.

And Lorene is right, by releasing more and more deluxe packages we re moving that product, the music, further and further down the value chain. In just over a month, we were able to double the number of users coming to their website and with a slight increase in the number of pages this traffic looked at each session, we were successful in doubling their pageviews. A great way to get more people to read your content is by giving people the option to share.

With MMC being based in the UK, this makes our business communication extremely efficient when targeting this tough market. Overview The truth is, agencies can help you get a return on your marketing budget at a fraction of the cost you d have to spend to assemble an in-house team. From the customer s perspective, laser hair removal is a sensitive topic, which means that they don t want too many others to know that they re looking for such services. or take a look at the other Guides and Templates in this Toolkit Trusted by marketers all over the world Since 2009 our toolkits have helped thousands of marketers in over 100 countries to hit- and exceed- their targets.

To reach their objectives, we deployed a strong marketing mix of weekly blogs, co-created influencer content, SEO, organic social, paid social and AdWords.

Here are a few options Lifetime value this is the average dollar amount you earn per customer Lifetime value x conversion rate this number tells you how much each potential visit is worth Average sale this is the average purchase through your site PPC costs this number represents how much you d pay to use ads to achieve the same social media actions that shows the ROI of a variety of different channels Source One way to measure the ROI of your organic social media follower count, likes, etc. This now famous software start-up exploded onto the scene in 2006.

Geography It s also important to understand where your readers are located.

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A software solution for enterprise information management, created a personalized new customer onboarding site offering a variety of assets white papers, checklists, product pages, ebooks, case studies and content to welcome new clients and provide upsell, cross-sell opportunities. Example Articles with more than two authors Fox, MS. This client in the solar power market is selling solar power products and installation services. Looking at year over year data, the new responsive website saw a 264 increase with form submissions improving from an average of 28 per month before launch to an average of 103 per month post launch.

marketers use, 12 different marketing tactics on average, with case studies being the fifth most popular after social media content, enewsletters, blogs, and website articles.

With clients in the fuel industries, waste water, pulp paper and other industrial and municipal areas, projects tend to be big multi-million dollar and take a long time to sell 12 months and longer.

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