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Write a cv - Purdue OWL Writing the Curriculum Vitae

Include a few skills and achievements relevant to the role and use them to highlight your experience in the field. These could include communication skills computer skills team working problem solving or even speaking a foreign language.

FREE CV PDF CHEAT SHEET Get our handy CV cheat sheet. Most CVs include your personal information, your education and your work experience, your interests and achievements, your skills, and references.

One found that the following aspects were most looked for From the brilliant by Eric Hilden 45 Previous related work experience 35 Qualifications skills 25 Easy to read 16 14 Spelling grammar 9 Education these were not just graduate recruiters or this score would be much higher! Hit the job websites and run a search for the main type of job you are interested in.

If you are invited to an interview, you can also read and to give yourself the competitive edge.

The best possible email address is respectable email client dot-com, e. It s even better if you re aware of who has struggled to find a position, and who was accepted for one right away.

At best it can appear as if you don t have an eye for detail, a requirement for most roles you can think of. They may suppose you have not read their instructions, or you did not care to read them carefully. Just keep the detail light and focus on highlighting your value throughout the rest of your CV. Well, now that we ve gone over all that What About Formatting?

It s a case of taking all your skills and experience and tailoring them to the job you re applying for.

If relevant, professional experience can explain any gap fills in your academic work and demonstrate the diversity in your capabilities. Inquire to see if the institution does have a preference and use it.

Try to get some advice from someone in the sector if you don t already work there. Here are a couple of example CV profiles to give you an idea of how they should look and read. If English is not your first language, ask a native speaker of English to read your CV and check it for errors. Personal stuff Don t include your marital status, religious preference, or Social Security number if you re applying for a job in America.

Good font choices include Times New Roman, Arial or Garamond and size 11 or 12 lettering is ideal.

If you are asked to provide references, include two from past employers.

If you are applying to a research-based university, it is your research and publications. Employers won t reject you because you re unemployed, it s how you market yourself that counts.

By making the top part of your CV extremely relevant to them. Emphasise your actions and achievements Use simple language avoid jargon and acronyms which may not be understood Ensure you include dates and locations town city for education and work if there are time gaps explain them in your cover letter Write in the past tense if it is something you have completed rather than something current Use common fonts and black text on a white background to make it easy to read Check your spelling, grammar and punctuation- any mistakes will put your CV into the rejection pile. Employment give your job title and employer name focus on actions results rather than a list of duties.

By leaving this box ticked, you consent to receive career related emails from. Your CV is a list of all jobs you ve had as an adult that are even loosely related to your career, but should not include your job as cashier at McDonald s.

Kent students can view this These pages are copyright of the University of Kent Careers and Employability Service. Then read it from left to right and right to left.

There are a few minor errors here, but they all add up. A subheading for certification or license status may be included at the end of this section.

References- You don t need to provide the names of references at this stage.

A CV is a thorough and comprehensive document, detailing not only your education and work history, but also your achievements, awards, any honors you ve been conferred and any and all of your publications. Content-wise, this means don t list the same entry multiple times under separate headings. You may have been advised to chop out hobbies or early jobs on the CV, both of which might have merit. But this is OK you just have to be a bit more creative often you will find that you have a lot of transferable skills that you can draw from your experiences in and outside of work such as education projects, freelance work, volunteering etc. What to include when you write your CV Think about the layout of your CV- It needs to be clear and structured. Work Experience Feb 2014 Aug 2016 Market Researcher, Johnson Marketing, Dublin This role involved helping clients make effective decisions about their products by researching and analysing customer opinion data. Instead, provide real-life examples that demonstrate all of these skills.

If you do decide to include a brief bio, make sure it s well written and original.

Social-media URLs that are not related to the targeted position Links to your opinionated blogs, Pinterest page, or Instagram account have no business taking up prime CV real estate. Always ensure that you tailor this to the job role that you re applying for.

Think of a statement or profile section at the beginning of your CV as your shop front to tempt a recruiter in further.

With this CV type, you can show employers your transferable skills. By using incomplete sentences here, you cut out unnecessary words and allow your reader to see quickly what you have been doing.

And remember as well to always be honest in your CV. Only your current job should be written in the present tense, Gelbard says. Technically, a resume is generally a shorter account of professional and educational history whereas a CV is longer than a resume and more in depth, covering professional awards and recognitions.

For example, it s more effective to state that you led your team to finish a research study in record time and under budget, than to blandly state your confidence in something as intangible as your leadership qualities.

Career Summary The career summary is not a statement of your ambitions or objectives.

This is sometimes called a functional CV and is a good choice if you wish to cover some gaps in your employment history.

MS Word documents can contain, so a few employers may not open these. 61 Median earned income 62,000 What they do Write technical materials, such as equipment manuals, appendices, or operating and maintenance instructions.

Avoid abbreviating words that you might abbreviate when texting or e-mailing a friend, such as pls or thx or b4.

You may title this section Education, Educational Background, Academic History, Academic Background, etc. Work experience- List your experience in reverse chronological order, making sure that anything you mention is relevant to the job you re applying for.

Including references References should be from someone who has employed you in the past and can vouch for your skills and experience. CV writing tips Keep it real and keep it succinct.

Two pages of A4 is enough with a mini profile included in the first half page Include key information- personal details, including name, address, phone number, email address and any professional social media presence should be clear. While it s true that you don t tailor your CV content to the individual jobs you re applying to in quite the same way you tailor your resume, you do make sure that the CV you are creating is right for the area of work you are doing overall and there are lots of different types of CVs, just as there are lots of different areas of work. If you fall into one of these brackets then it s likely that your most recent paid role will not be entirely relevant to the firms you are applying for.

With this CV type, you can show employers your transferable skills.

Be sure your sins or exaggerations will find you out As a very junior trainee in her first graduate job, Liz was astonished to pick up her telephone one day and find the company CEO on the other end of the line.

A classic cover letter should contain 3-4 paragraphs. Yes, but it should tie into your work ethic or character if it doesn t have to do with the job you are applying for.

In any case, you will want to be sure that the information that will be most helpful in determining your qualifications for the job for which you are employing comes before information that will be less helpful.

Prioritise the by ensuring that the most relevant information for your target employers is at the top of each role in great detail.

If you mention attention to detail as a skill, make sure your spelling and grammar is perfect! The most common mistakes made via email include Accidentally clicking send before the email is ready Embarrassing spelling and grammar mistakes Accidentally sending a kiss at the end of a message Copying a client into an internal email about them Forwarding an inappropriate email trail Forgetting an attachment and Forgetting to blind copy BCC on an email see the example above! It s a very in-depth guide and will take some time to read in full, so you may want to bookmark this page in your browser and to give yourself a head start. They help us to know a little bit about you and how you use our website, which improves the browsing experience and marketing- both for you and for others.

, and some fonts, such as Verdana, were designed with screen readability in mind.

Therefore, it is most often found in short-form European CVs that share some with resumes.

Increasingly, applicants are asked to send a digital copy of a CV.

Ask someone with a good grasp of grammar and spelling to check your CV.

Thanks much It is extremely great knowledge delivered and I WISH all UGANDANS should read this and apply as a fresh graduate I found it so excited.

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