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Writing an article on wikipedia - The Hive- The Atlantic

Finding 3 Students were not interested in participating in surveys, once class had concluded.

I was indeed not infrequently called to justify decisions I made, but not constantly and nearly always respectfully and helpfully.

You can upload fair use images directly to Wikinews.

What particular skills or attributes did the activities with Wikipedia develop? Writing teachers understand that Wikipedia is a discourse community with established protocols, and help students to learn and practice those discourse rules before making contributions.

but no they have not so that is really good of Wikipedia to keep even something like Adolf Hitler really neutral if you know what I mean, which is great. gov pubmed 12345678 Put the PMID into some brackets ref pmid 12345678 ref Hit save and a full reference will appear!

Co-author Robert Cummings previously published a book-length study in 2006 on teaching writing with Wikipedia Cummings, 2009. As university students, the first year participants felt equipped to display their expository writing to a global audience as they were dealing with foundational concepts, information and so forth rather than presenting a persuasive argument.

If you submit a Wiki entry and it gets deleted and then you make edits to the same entry and continue to resubmit in an effort to get it published, you run the risk of being permanently banned and blacklisted from Wikipedia, Hartshorn said.

When Seigenthaler became aware of the error, he contacted Wikipedia. Snark can include sarcasm, irony, satire, absurdist commentary, subversive humour and witty asides.

Wiki is Hawaiian for quick, which Cunningham chose to indicate the ease with which a user could edit the pages. You can see what hours of the day and how long I m editing and whether I m getting into fights. The Cathedral Source Wikimedia Foundation Wales was looking for someone with good academic credentials to organize Nupedia, and Sanger fit the bill. Hire Professional Wiki Writers to Make Your Page- Get Your Wiki- Get Your Wiki Hire Professional Wiki Writers to Make Your Page Get Your Wiki We offer Wikipedia consulting on creating, editing, and updating your Wikipedia page. Last year, however, a study in the journal Nature compared Britannica and Wikipedia science articles and suggested that the former are usually only marginally more accurate than the latter. I like to read about naval histories and then all these types of boats, and the sails, and people. A senior student from the WRIT2002 told participants in her focus group that the Wikipedia activity actually put what you have learnt at university into practice in the real world. Then add the tag Original at the bottom of a page, and leave detailed notes about the original reporting on the discussion page.

5 30 168 112 10 Wikipedia is helping me achieve the student learning outcomes of this course. I found some mistakes No, that wasn t the correct score.

It is the place where all nominal information about objects of widely shared experience will be negotiated, stored, and renegotiated. Have you received notification that the article s you worked on in class in WRIT2002 in Semester 1, 2014 has have been modified or altered by another other Wikipedia editor s since?

Wikis and Wikipedia as a teaching tool Five years later, First Monday, volume 17, number 9, at, accessed 18 May 2017.

Wales was not alone and, two programmers at, saw it too.

Building partnerships with students over electronic networks and within communities of practice persisting beyond the university Engaging in innovative high-risk teaching practices for the benefit of students Redefining and recharging the purposes of writing within a new a global citizenry based on a common language, rather than a common nationality Broadening partnerships with our writing students to include a breadth of disciplines and a range of epistemologies to engage them in knowledge production on a global scale Redefining he roles of teachers and students as public intellectuals to share intellectual property and forge new Open Educational Practices, helping the academy to recognize its service roles in attending to public access to knowledge and research Recasting our students in team writing environments across electronic networks and a range of access to electronic tools. I m not particularly interested in mixed martial arts, but when I discovered that, I edited a whole lot of mixed martial arts.

The growing economy has started to boost earnings, and higher housing prices have done the same for net worth.

But, because they had identified themselves as colleagues, Wikipedia trolls opened up an investigation into meatpuppetry, meaning I solicited cronies to rally support to my camp. So copying portions of text from other sources into a Wikinews article is usually not acceptable, and in some cases, even rewriting the content of another source is not sufficient.

By Marshall Poe From Atlantic Unbound August 1, 2006 Marshall Poe on the marvels and pitfalls of Wikipedia, the encyclopedia in human history.

While you are busy citing independent sources to showcase your notability, make sure that your content is written like an encyclopedia entry that is, informative, unbiased, and educational.

There are also wikis that cover a specialist topic, including fan encyclopedias relating to works of fiction, Memory Alpha and Wookieepedia being prominent examples.

These are used by the to keep track of the content on the website.

We re exploring different to make it easy to request and provide help during the draft process, better support the publication of drafts as articles and moving them back to draft state if they need more work, and encourage collaboration between editors.

The pages are written and maintained by a force of 85,000 volunteers across the world, and hundreds of the most die-hard Wikipedians gathered in Washington DC this week for the annual Wikimania conference. A draft simply has Draft before the title of the page you re creating, like For most of Wikipedia s history, we encouraged editors to create new encyclopedia articles by publishing immediately. Or rather, the entry on me in the Internet behemoth that is was. Have you received notification that the article s you worked on in class in WRIT2002 in Semester 1, 2014 has have been modified or altered by another other Wikipedia editor s since? Students in both focus groups particularly liked writing in a way that whilst still formal, was inclusive and accessible to all audiences, with one student commenting, You re going to think who am I writing this for? The same first year student spoke of having remembered information on a topic simply because he researched and wrote about it on Wikipedia, It s funny. Wikipedia insists that editors who are paid to write pages this fact.

This is sockpuppetry and should be avoided at all costs. Unrestrained by convention and cloaked by anonymity, participants could behave very badly without fear of real consequences.

Once approval was granted, the purpose and rationale for using Wikipedia for classwork was discussed with students, who, upon enrolling in the course, had already been informed that they would be required to obtain a Wikipedia user ID, and to work on the Wikipedia platform in class. It remains unclear whether Barzani, son of the legendary founder of the Kurdish national movement, Mustafa Barzani, would reemerge as leader in a different guise, but clearly his announcement was not part of a well-laid plan.

On the one hand I want constructive criticism, on the other hand I m not interested in being insulted.

To ensure that anyone, anywhere can understand the report, include such background and context as is necessary. This shift from classroom to globe helps to fulfill the goal of students envisioning audiences beyond the teacher, and beyond the grade. How to help To see articles that could be written, but haven t yet been made, see our.

These guidelines apply primarily to pages in our main namespace, which contains articles on individual subjects written by our editors. At the end of January, Wikipedia had seventeen real articles entries with more than 200 characters. The core issue, still prevalent today, is the accusation that teaching with Wikipedia fundamentally alters the motivations for editing pages those who edited Wikipedia outside of the classroom context do so on the basis of their own interests, while students are compelled to edit in order to earn a grade for a course. We cannot and do not want to compete with Wikipedia we are attempting to create something that is different but hopefully complementary to the projects started by the Wikimedia Foundation. Open meant two things First, anyone, in principle, could contribute. Early efforts, starting in 2003, saw individual faculty introducing Wikipedia to students who most likely were unfamiliar with both wikis generally and Wikipedia specifically. Source Wikimedia Foundation Initially, the idea was to build a universal directory, like Yahoo s.

You sense that the stakes are high, and the circumstances exceptional, when the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency issues the kind of rebuke of a sitting president that John Brennan did on Friday, in an interview with The Atlantic.

Motivation Improving Wikipedia s coverage of the Israel Museum gives people the opportunity to speak about things that are not connected to the political differences here.

Am I the only person who fears this is a change for the worse? Across all of the surveys we administered, the following responses were the five highest when all questions were combined Highest combined response In response to the statement I believe that Wikipedia is a frequently accessed source of information, 54 percent of students strongly agreed. Recall that the Scottish Wikipedian Alai said that I had no notability and therefore couldn t really be considered encyclopedic. His entry point was typical for the nerdy set of his generation fantasy games. Another category includes articles which could be improved with more rationalist analysis and snarky humour, to improve their quality as RationalWiki articles., the Web ring, effectively creating an index of the laddie Web. More often, Athena and her friends spend time together on their phones, unchaperoned.

Wikimedia Movement Affiliates The Wikimedia projects have an international scope, and the Wikimedia movement has already made a significant impact throughout the world. The term for such poor comportment became one of the first bits of net jargon to enter common usage.

dissociation, Education and Information Technologies, volume 20, number 3, pp.

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