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Pros and cons about homework - Tricks For Creating A Paper On Pros And Cons Of Homework

For high school students, the positive line continues to climb until between 90 minutes and 2.

It drains pupils free time for playing, sports and hobbies.

Current Classroom Teacher Former Instructional Coach In West Texas Teacher Middle School Reading this gave me the answer I needed!

I am an advanced student and I am placed in higher classes due to grades I get. asks reporter Alfie Kohn, an education expert and researcher. Olive 08 May 2017 9 54 18am Homework is good because it will help you to learn the skills you need Rose 01 May 2017 7 03 25am I think that students need to read every day to a parent and write out 10 to 20 spell words everyday.

Students shouldn t be given homework about stuff they already know, but on stuff they are struggling with. He fully endorses the PTA s 10-minute per year homework An elementary school day might start at 9 00am and end at 3 20pm. John Buell, coauthor of The End of Homework How Homework Disrupts Families, Overburdens Children, and Limits Learning, conducted interviews with high school drop-outs in Maine. There are many reasons why a student may prefer to devote their time to other obligations, including the need to work a second or even third job, the fact that they need to care for their children, the fact that they have taken on the role of caregiver for an elderly individual, or any number of other reasons. Moreover, they will be motivated to use their gadgets and computers for studying and research instead of spending hours playing video games, checking their Facebook accounts and watching television on end.

Some studies have reflected a negative attitude, among students who get more homework. The youngsters need time for relaxation, playing games, and refreshment. Under guidelines laid down by the previous government, secondary schools were encouraged to set as much as two-and-a-half hours a night for children aged 14 to 16. Homework instills initiative in students It provides a constructive way to practice and study In many students, homework acts as a device for memorization It provides a communication link between students, teachers, and parents Homework often provides preparation for newly learned skills Homework teaches time management skills Homework teaches planning skills Cons Homework carries plenty of disadvantages as well. Though I commented about it, the homework Economics gives was not included in the list mainly on the grounds that it is only used for one class, to my knowledge, regardless of major, and that it is not essential to earning all of the points available for that class. Despite what most people say, I actually like Lon-Capa.

Some teachers are ruining students career by giving them difficult one. kelsie 07 Nov 2012 1 08 23pm I agree primary school s should not have homework. and how wonderful would it be for kids to apply new vocab in their day to day living for retention.

By submitting this form I ask to receive email, texts and calls about degree programs on behalf of Concordia and agree automated technology may be used to dial the number s I provided. The pros and cons of homework are admittedly all over the map. Often these are after-school club workers or teacher s aides.

These include Some clubs are only open during term-time, which means that you will have go find childcare on your own during half-term breaks, Easter holidays, summer holidays etc.

They also tend to have received higher education, so they are better able to assist the student and correct their work than parents of lower economic or educational levels. Lillian 11 Nov 2012 11 54 38am Homework is aNOOOOOOOO! Researchers in the United States, meanwhile, where a similar debate ensues about homework, have found that parental involvement was, in the main, beneficial for students. There s less opportunity for the kind of learning that doesn t involve traditional skills. Less Time To Socialize If you have a pile of to complete, how can you find the time to socialize with others?

Often students simply plagiarize their assignments from others or from the Internet and therefore the learning objectives of homework are not fulfilled.

We get not that many homework that what we are get for one week did I get for one day.

Anything that causes the mind to work is a good thing. Once again, not all students respond in the same way, so consider these things carefully as they are presented in a general sense. You have to find the middle from homework and hobbies so that you can be balanced. It reveals how nicely you understand this subject.

Kohn insists that data don t show that homework is responsible for higher achievement, concluding that the negative aspects of homework, such as frustration, family conflict, time lost for other activities and maybe a loss of children s interest in learning, are all valid reasons to be critical about whether the institution of homework should be abandoned altogether. Even if it does not aid the student in learning the class work though if done right it should, it is a wonderful way to teach time management, and study skills.

Pro Learning to work independently Another reason why professors might push homework as a necessary part of a student s curriculum is the fact that it supports the student s ability to work independently.

Though effective for some, this type of instruction has forced students to be merely receptors of information, rather than participants in their own learning processes through active learning. She said staff had already had some interesting discussions about how they could develop notions of enjoyment of learning among pupils. They can achieve adequate grades without doing it, so they choose not to do it. Alessia 27 Feb 2015 6 13 14pm I think we should have homework, but not too much homework because of we have to much, it will be too stressful. This approach works reasonably well for a majority of pupils, but a significant minority fall through the cracks, partly because the deadline for completion is just too long, she said. If they can t learn everything they need to know while in school, perhaps the amount of time wasted in the classroom needs to be considered. The Journal of Educational Research, 96 6, 323-338.

In Pope and Galloway s research, only 20 percent to 30 percent of students said they felt their homework was useful or meaningful. VICKI ATSALAS I also know that in the beginning a lot of my students don t agree with that but with the skills that they develop even they can see the benefits.

A review of academic research into homework, carried out by the National Foundation for Educational Research in 2001, found there was a relatively modest impact on older pupils. The value of homework has been debated for quite some time.

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