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Sample essays for ielts writing task - Sample IELTS Writing Questions for Task 2

And after enduring years of ups and downs he became one of the most famous and well-paid authors of the twentieth century. Warning about templates Templates can certainly be useful, as they can help us to quickly organise our ideas.

Example achievements of countries like Finland 4. It s about how you present your ideas and your answer. The teacher s summary is at the bottom of each essay. I find the thesis statement really different and a perfect example for the balanced approach, though i couldn t get the idea at first. The body Your IELTS writing should have not title and no heading.

The field of medicine has observed unbelievable improvements in those who have strong will power and belief that could even get rid of mortal deceases like cancer. Write about the following topic Some people say that is better than working for a company or institution. Besides, the universal phenomena like globalization and privatization push many endangered languages into extinct ones and consequently into oblivion.

, but using them too often makes your writing sound very basic. supports this objective Notice that this is all topic vocabulary, which contributes to the task response and lexical resource scores. By using the word only this claim is very vulnerable in that it can be defeated by providing just one example to the contrary. Email me to receive the update FREE of charge Other questions?

The advantages of learning foreign language should be explained to parents so that the latter can make an informed decisions on foreign language studies for their children. The more practice questions you answer, the faster you will become at generating ideas before you write. Thank you very much liz for your quick and in depth reply. Full Writing Task 1 Lessons Here are some lessons that I have used when teaching students about task 1. See this page and then review all tips on this page Hi, What is your opinion about my answer? All the best Liz Also, some educators said that when the question is to what extent do you agree or disagree?

In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Censoring the contents on TV is like pushing the world back into stone- age.

It s always good to give examples in your body paragraphs, even if you re not asked to do it. Furthermore, the costumes and accessories that one wears decide one s personality so that the fashion and the cloth that one prefers are directly indicative of one s true identity. Still some people feel that it disrupts the development of a nation whereas others think that it is very constructive for a nation. People s opinions differ as to whether or not school children should be given homework.

Your recently viewed items and featured After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Is it necessary to give solution in agree disagree essay? Admittedly, it has affected these practices in several ways that I find negative. 100 questions are organised under common topics which frequently come in writing task 2. This question was seen recently in Sydney These days many people prefer to rent rather than buy their own house. In the end, your score will depend on the quality of language that you use to express ideas, not simply to organise them. However, such changes always act positively despite some drawbacks. So, I think it is positive for individuals and negative for society.

In spite of the above arguments, I support the view that 9. Click on a section in the table of contents to skip directly to that topic, or continue reading below to start learning all about IELTS Writing Task 2. As society develops it is increasingly seen as an uncivilized activity and cruel to the helpless animals that are killed.

In my opinion and through my reading of this issue i strongly disagree and i want change this idea.

Main Reason 1 I believe parents are fully responsible for solving this problem. If this is indeed happening, then it is unlikely that members of the public will feel safer.

Topic sentence for second main paragraph However, I believe that governments should do more than simply introduce a recycling law. Even so, company salaries follow a standard and there are caps as to what a worker can earn. In order to do this, you must first identify the question type, then identify the keywords in the question and finally identify the instructions words in order to find out what the examiner wants you to do with the question.

This guide will show you how to write a clear essay every time. So, the air transits might look as uncontrollable a mess as road traffic. Local communities should do more to try and involve local people in local activities in order to promote the future of community life.

What should you do if you get two different charts or graphs? We show you what data to choose and how to describe it. Do we have to touch both agree and disagree point?

for academic module Thanks Hassan No, definitely not.

Netto for Camford Academy, Statue, Trivandrum Sport paves a platform which closely knits every fragmented society into a single entity. With the dawn of new era, mobile phones have a great extent on people irrespective of their ages. Click the Table of Contents to see what s inside 19 USD!

As history and tradition are too big to be confined to clothes, it seems to be belittling attributing it only to clothes.

In conclusion, homework certainly has its drawbacks, but I believe that the benefits outweigh them in the long term. This is nowhere more evident than in underdeveloped and developing countries where people are lax in abiding by rules and regulations. In the conclusion, I believe that government should make an effort to provide its citizens with the basic need of homes and shelter for a positive social and economical impact. All the best Liz Hi Harry, I have had many IELTS teachers asking such questions to me in the past. For example, the Louvre museum in Paris elevates the beauty and the fame of the city. Or in easy way, could I put unvalid data on the essay? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. Although advertising is an economic necessity, its influence should be recognised and kept under control. Liz Hi Liz, I was wondering what your opinion is about extreme claims.

It is possible for people who live in these new high rise buildings never to see each other, still less get to know each other well enough to form a bond.

Ostensibly, what makes a man s life get going is how he spends his time. Prime members enjoy FREE Two-Day Shipping and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Ostensibly, fashion and clothing industry brings about far-flung effects in one s life. This essay aims to elaborate various sights towards this argument and demonstrate a clear position. Thanks I am currently on holiday and hope to be back in April. Do you think this is closer to a Band 5, a Band 6 or a Band 7?

Believe me, I was frustrated, nervous for myself and all I wanted was to leave the test room. However, in my opinion, spending on the space exploration has to be continued with more efforts given its influence on industries such as computer, agriculture, space tourism etc. 4 Castleglen Park, Dundrum, County Down, BT33 0WL United Kingdom. Hi Liz, I am assuming the reason you use past perfect tense throughout the whole essay is because the topic is in past perfect tense.

Resultantly, increasing number of jobs are being done at home.

So, common sense will prevail if such scenes are monitored and censored. The strategies and course material is very helpful and The question below comes from the official IELTS website The question says So, the question has 2 clear parts A problem too many cars on the road and the number is growing and A possible solution alternative forms of transport and international laws to control car ownership So, your essay should Introduce the topic Discuss the problem Discuss the proposed solutions Reach a personal conclusion saying to what extent you agree or disagree The image below shows one candidate s answer.

Templates and linking are not the secret to a high score in the writing test. As this is a period of storm and stress, tackling such problems turns out to be a cumbersome task which demands enormous efforts. While they may not as physically competitive, their acquired wisdom goes a long way towards solving problems or managing situations that would rattle younger people. Get an automatic email delivery in two minutes Did you know I have ebooks for both modules of IELTS Writing?

Each essay comes in two different versions to show you that there is always another way to write an IELTS essay. For instance, my 4 year old cousin denies to go to school as he is more interested in playing games in his mom s mobile phone. comics books radio television film theatre extracted from Cambridge IELTS 4, test 1 Does it mean I have to choose three of the above mentioned and compare its advantages?

I took the PTE Academic exam and with the help of the lovely team of E2Language I got 73.

Let me cite an example In order to germinate plants small insects, honeybees and the like act as an agent for pollination.

This has actually made me understand the approach more clearly.

Complex sentences include subordinating conjunctions, which introduce a variety of dependent clauses in English.

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