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Advantages of case study methods - The Strengths and Weaknesses of Case Studies UniversalClass

Based on our review, we suggest that a better understanding by researchers holding different philosophical persuasions of the arguments that justify each particular use of the case study as a research method would allow a better, reflexive dialogue among researchers and benefit management research as a whole.

To explore a phenomenon and to expand on qualitative findings. John Owen 1994, for example, demonstrates the advantages of process tracing in analysing whether the causal factors underpinning democratic peace theory are as liberalism suggests not epiphenomenal, but variously normative, institutional, or some given combination of the two or other unexplained mechanism inherent to liberal states. Within secondary education, OR is included in the syllabus of Mathematics AS and A Level in England, but is not included in the specification for Scottish Higher Mathematics Scottish Qualifications Authority SQA, Scottish Qualifications Authority.

When applying this particular research procedure it is extremely important for the researcher s to consider the well fair of the individual being studied and therefore case studies are regulated by ethical guidelines. As I wrapped up my time at business school, I considered how the once foreign case method influenced my experience.

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Just like any research method, the case study has advantages and disadvantages for the PhD researcher. Final dissertation projects, particularly those involving external organisations, are also a good source of case studies.

This could include making complex data sets, particularly useful for case studies in OR, publicly available. The publication of the first edition in English of Yin s 1984 book, followed by successive editions and its translation into Portuguese Yin, 2001 had a visible impact on this expansion. It occurs when somebody an academic or a practitioner attempts to apply the case study findings to a new situation. Resource issues and peer pressure were found to influence safe practice.

In the legal field, for example, the study of a single-case, in countries that adopt the common law legal system, is a good example of generalizing from a specific case.

Journal of the Operational Research Society, 51, 1378 1385. Internet, library, laboratory results and contacting experts in industry.

To be able to gain knowledge of brain functions the damage between people have to be exact to ensure you are testing the right thing, this can generally only be done through case studies. The two main modes of assessment are formative assessment for the purpose of improving learning and student performance and summative evaluation of student performance against a set of predetermined standards.

Developing New Research Case studies are one of the best ways to stimulate new research.

He asks Can we speak of a unified science, or should inquiry and social-science inquiry be viewed as two basically different activities?

When this happens the researcher loses their perspective as an outsider.

This is also true of Money s interpretation of the case study Diamond, 1997 when he ignored evidence that went against his theory. Resource issues and peer pressure were found to influence safe practice.

Each group is assigned a different component for which they have to specify joining processes. However, this argument against case study research misses the point of doing this type of research. 100 365 currency day Cancel before endTrialDate. 4 Windsurfing masts Length 3 weeks Introductory lecture and presentation session Level 2nd year Sports and Materials Science course Aim To demonstrate the application of theo- retical concepts in an item of sporting equipment and to encourage students to carry out independent research and study on the topic Key skills Group work, presentation skills, independent research Assessment Group Report and presentation and peer assessment This case study requires students to work together in groups of 5-6 to investigate materials selection and construction for windsurfing masts. This is, as Eckstein noted, that it is economical for all resources money, manpower, time, effort especially important, of course, if studies are inherently costly, as they are if units are complex collective individuals 1975 149-150, emphasis added.

As part of the survey, individuals were asked if they were willing to be contacted to discuss the research in more depth. A concern about case study researchand in particular case evaluationis what Guba and Lincoln 1981 refer to as unusual problems of ethics.

In modern scientific thought Popper, 1959, the researcher takes the role of the disinterested observer he she has no vested interest in whether the research turns out one way or the other Guba Lincoln, 1994.

Data collection In-depth interviews were conducted with asthma researchers from the UK and US.

Understanding change in medical practice The role of shared meaning in preventive treatment.

They are also asked to discuss production methods for the mast based on a chosen construction material.

Seeking potential, alternative explanations, and being explicit about how and conclusions were reached, help readers to judge the of the case study report. How is it that one case can reliably offer anything beyond the particular? I don t like working as part of a team because there are always lazy people who don t do any work and if you don t want that to affect your own mark you end up doing everything.

Case study sites may also be pre-selected for the researcher, with decisions being influenced by key stakeholders. Internal validity is a concern only in causal explanatory cases. Kennedy also points out that, while many researchers are not accustomed to the idea of leaving generalization to the reader of the case study, this is common practice, particularly in the legal and clinical fields. Reflections on the use of case studies in the accounting, management and organizational disciplines.

Objective To understand and compare the process of workforce change in respiratory services and the impact on patient experience specifically in relation to the role of general practitioners with special interests in a theoretically selected sample of Primary Care Organisations PCOs, in order to derive models of good practice in planning and the implementation of a broad range of workforce issues.

Nobody denies that case studies are useful for the acquisition of knowledge. When examining student use of resources, we found that many of the research-based case studies led students to derive all their information from the Internet.

This paper is structured around the following main questions What is a case study?

Disadvantages The data collected can be very subjective. To challenge traditional theories Science isn t perfect there was a time when scientists believed that the world was flat and that the sun revolved around it. J, Harper R, Koontz A, Kumra S, Matthew-Maich N, et al. This prominent stakeholder had already selected the NHS sites through a competitive bidding process to be early adopters of the electronic health record systems and had negotiated contracts that detailed the deployment timelines. Working a minimum wage job gave her no chances for advancement or improvement whatsoever. In two studies, local cases were selected Barone, Fourie Theron, because the researcher was familiar with and had access to the case.

The paper contributes a research design that extends SME studies so as to embrace contemporary by offering a reflexive case-study method for the improvement of research practice. Interviews and discussion Tutorials and staff student liaison committees offer a good opportunity to discuss the learning experience with students. Advantages Many PhD students who are not confident about their research and or data analytical abilities will choose a case study method for their dissertation believing that they can sidestep some of the rigor and complication of other empirical research designs.

It is also very difficult to draw a definite cause effect from case studies.

Although case studies have various advantages, in that they present data of real-life situations and they provide better understandings into the detailed behaviours of the topics of interest. The distinctive academic rhythm made the learning more meaningful Each class session requires preparation in the form of reading the case and considering the questions that it poses. Talking with others about stigmatized health conditions Implications for managing symptoms.

Many studies also require the authors to immerse themselves in the case.

Students are given a case pack including a brief, contextual information, and data at the start of the module, after which they are given lectures on consulting and its practice. 4-th edition, 2009 For the whole summary and donate a very small contribution for the summary, go to For the whole summary, for free click on Yin distinguishes the following activities when doing a case study research 1. Group working may also not be suited to all students.

Example A Case Studies in Examinations at Lancaster University Management School Provided by Professor Graham Rand In this example, a significant part of the assessment takes the form of an examination.

Research typically aims to produce explicit, articulated, formal knowledge.

Promoting research integrity in a global environment.

It takes a long period of time to develop a case study, and develop a detailed analysis.

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