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government reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Should owners be legally accountable for clearing snow from sidewalks on their property? this is a great site it really gave me some good persuasive writing topics. Should Schools Offer Cash Bonuses for Good Test Scores? Restatement of Thesis Fairly this step requires you to rephrase your main argument in an assertive and confident manner. Or maybe you want to take it a step further and argue that biilingual is socially and cognitively BENEFICIAL, so your framework would be The social and cognitive benefits of bilingualism and are many and include BENEFIT 1, BENEFIT 2, and BENEFIT 3. Be sure to explain how the argument depends on these assumptions and what the implications are for the argument if the assumptions prove unwarranted. Would Shakespeare s plays be more interesting if shortened? This trend is also evident in reduced sales of sulia, a food that few of the most healthy citizens regularly eat. Constructing an argument Once you have finished, puzzle over which topic to choose you need to move forward and construct an argument for your argumentative essay. It qualifies as a research paper type of assignment on our order placement list. Write a response in which you discuss what questions would need to be answered in order to decide whether the recommendation is likely to have the predicted result. Why Did a Cheerios Ad Attract So Many Angry Comments Online? Some recommend that to obtain accurate information on Tertian child-rearing practices, future research on the subject should be conducted via the method. During this period, most of the complaints received from viewers were concerned with our station s coverage of weather and local news. But do choose a topic which genuinely has conflict.

Write a response in which you discuss what specific evidence is needed to evaluate the argument and explain how the evidence would weaken or strengthen the argument. Be sure to explain how the answers to these questions would help to evaluate the The Evil Plan of Claudius and Laertes Compare and contrast the characters of Claudius and Laertes. Literature Does Shakespeare romanticize youth suicide in the tragic play Romeo and Juliet? Why do children prefer television to playing out?

During the third week, the volunteers slept longer and more soundly than in the previous two weeks. Write a response in which you examine the stated and or unstated assumptions of the argument. Do You Spend Too Much Time Preparing for Standardized Tests? In your opinion, should television news devote more time and coverage to international news and global issues?

Write a response in which you examine the stated and or unstated assumptions of the argument.

To reverse a decline in listener numbers, our owners have decided that WWAC must change from its current rock-music format. If we start a Shakespeare in the Park program, we can predict that our profits will increase, too. Is it ethical for journalists to express their opinions about news instead of just presenting it without bias? Media Reality television makes people stupid and should be regulated. I was clueless and was browsing for answers but none of them made sense except for this.

Can mental health clinics be attached to American high schools? 8 Are traditional and alternative medicines reliable?

Sample Argumentative Essay Topics On Health and fitness should healthcare be considered a right?

Instead, as shown by this year s unusually low expenditures on products and services, the recent decline in the economy is most likely the cause, and fitness levels will improve when the economy does.

Can heterosexual men and women truly be with no hopes or expectations of anything more? You can also restate the ideas that you have discussed in the body paragraphs so as to make your point valid. Although actual readings of water usage before and after the adjustment are not yet available, the change will obviously result in a considerable savings for Sunnyside Corporation, since the corporation must pay for water each month. Do patients have a right to die via suicide? Sexual immorality in our society is a result of the influence of foreign films. Be sure to explain how the answers to these questions would help to evaluate the However, the director of the alumnae association opposes the plan. Should Children Be Allowed to Wear Whatever They Want?

Should the alcohol drinking age be increased or decreased? Should charter schools replace the public school system that we know now? Because of these trends, we can safely predict that this region will experience an increased demand for heating oil during the next five years. If you are a freelance writers, editor, proofreader or researcher- feel free to get in touch with us via email. What side do you think religion should take on the issue of animal cruelty or animal testing? She points to a recent survey of readers of general interest magazines that indicates greater reader interest in economic issues than in political ones. Address the faculty at your college Should college classes that are taken by large numbers of students have a standardized curriculum with the same books, tests, and assignments? Ketchup Ketchup makes all food taste better including pizza.

Rules in families vary on a case-by-case basis, contrary to laws that govern a state or nation. Here, we tell you more about writing argumentative essays, and lists a few topics as well.

Should music with curse words be allowed at school dances?

Use specific reasons and examples to support your position. Google Google autocomplete function is offensive. Should teachers have to take a yearly test to keep their jobs? What sort of student would do especially well at your college?

Employees who use the Internet from their workstations need to be identified and punished if we are to reduce the number of work hours spent on personal or recreational activities, such as shopping or playing games.

The only clear explanation for this is that the new factories are staffed with out-of-town workers rather than Dillton residents. Should sexual education be taught in public schools?

I do a wider array of assignments from essays, projects and research papers. Hamlet as national hero Does he deserve such final pave in his death? How can science that teaches evolution and religion that teaches creationism co-exist in public educational institutions? Groveton s honor code replaced an old-fashioned system in which teachers closely monitored students. Since then, the Seaside Vista Tourism Board has reported a 20 increase in visitors. Laid-off employees have benefited greatly from Delany s services last year those who used Delany found jobs much more quickly than did those who did not.

19 The greatest hoax in history was the NASA moon landing.

Just like the essay writing process itself, the subject should be specific, precise, and detailed, too.

You ll find yourself lost without being able to create an argument and develop it properly.

download your paper Any Topic, Any Time Argumentative topics can be some of the essay assignments on the planet. In addition, local businesses that used to advertise during our late-night news program have canceled their advertising contracts with us. I wanted to thank you for your intelligence on how to write an argumentative paper. A bicycle lane would encourage them to use bicycles to commute, and so would reduce rush-hour traffic rather than fostering an increase.

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What Topics Not to Pick Steer clear of overused topics like abortion, gun control, and the death penalty. I hope that you were able to come up with some good points. A prince of a Prince Is Fortinbras a valuable character in his own right? Write a response in which you discuss what questions would need to be addressed in order to decide whether the conclusion and the argument on which it is based are reasonable. Nuclear Proliferation Will Development of Nuclear Weapons Fuel a Third World War? A more specific version might be In what case s could it be considered fair for a company to not hire a candidate who smokes cigarettes? Until then, you might want to look at my High School Topics, which have many ideas which are good for your age too.

And assuming you find a topic you love, and which causes division within people and which is genuinely controversial, you may still not have found that the ideal topic.

The region s cities differ, however, in the budgetary priority they give to public education.

Although just three years ago a state traffic survey showed that the typical driving commuter took 20 minutes to get to work, the commute now takes closer to 40 minutes, according to the survey just completed. Furthermore, many servers have reported that a number of customers who ask for butter do not complain when they are given margarine instead. In 50 years, there will be no more use for paper books. Should parents be able to choose the genetics of their children?

How important is it for schools to work to keep high school students in school? Video games are a better form of entertainment than television. Do You Think Life Exists or Has Ever Existed Somewhere Besides Earth? Clearly, restricting water flow throughout all the twenty floors of Sunnyside Towers will increase our profits further. Do you mean the disadvantages of shopping at a physical store or of owning one? Cats are better pets to own than dogs Should teachers use computer games to help with teaching in schools? During a subsequent test of UltraClean at our hospital in Workby, that hospital reported significantly fewer cases of patient infection than did any of the other hospitals in our group. Music education should be placed back into schools.

29 Are the law enforcers justified to sacrifice a hostage for the sake of the others? They illustrate how your assertion is better simpler or more explanatory than others, including improved i.

Although many foods are naturally rich in salicylates, companies also add salicylates to foods as preservatives.

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