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Examples of case study research questions - Can anyone provide some good examples of describing the Unit

Case study research is consistently described as a versatile form of qualitative inquiry most suitable for a comprehensive, holistic, and in-depth investigation of a complex issue phenomena, event, situation, organization, program individual or group in context, where the boundary between the context and issue is unclear and contains many variables CRESWELL, 2014 FLYVBJERG, 2011 MERRIAM, 2009 SIMONS, 2009 STAKE, 2006 YIN, 2014. Each of these questions should be addressed in no more than a few paragraphs., Mixing methods qualitative and quantitative research pp. This hierarchical view, however, may be questioned. The University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago Can anyone provide some good examples of describing the Unit of Analysis in case studies? Richard s research interests include translating evidence into practice, program and product evaluation, surveillance and using mixed methods research for solving real world problems. audits and analysis of routinely collected healthcare data and more commonly qualitative techniques e.

Students quiz scores and video views will be trackable in your Teacher tab. This means that the of the respective research subject as well as subjects closely related are required to be taken into account and integrated into the analysis.

He presented a structured process for undertaking case study research where formal propositions or theories guide the research process and are tested as part of the outcome, highlighting his realist approach to qualitative case study research. Other common cases include individuals, organisations, processes, programs, neighborhoods, institutions, and even events.

An initial coding frame can help capture these issues and can be applied systematically to the whole dataset with the aid of a qualitative data analysis software package. They may also allow you to make comparisons over time, as some datasets are products of longitudinal studies. delimit questions asked and, by implication, questions not asked see, for example, Case Study. Critical incident case studies must describe the method by which you identified the event and explain the process by which you determined the validity of this case to inform broader perspectives about the research problem or to reveal new findings.

The process to get seatbelts required in all cars started with a case study!

This broad question is already giving some focus to the study and is clearly relevant to the field of social welfare.

The paper concludes with key pointers to aid those designing and appraising proposals for conducting case study research, and a checklist to help readers assess the quality of case study reports.

Descriptive case studies aim to analyze the sequence of interpersonal events after a certain amount of time has passed. In fact, case studies seem to be the preferred strategy when how or why questions are being posed, when the investigator has little control over events, and when the focus is on a contemporary phenomenon within some real-life context YIN, 1981, p.

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They offer the potential for exploration of a rich nexus of social and cultural issues that deeply affect these participants. 54 This rule-based approach of qualitative content analysis is supposed to guarantee that the whole empirical basis is systematically dealt with and that the analysis is reproducible to a certain extent GL SER LAUDEL, 1999, pp. It is a logical proof that allows the researcher to draw inferences concerning causal relations among the variables under investigation Nachmias Nachmias, 1992 Another way of thinking about a research design is a blueprint for your research dealing with at least four problems What questions to study What data are relevant What data to collect How to analyse the results Components of research design For case studies five components of a research design are especially important 1.

Administrative Science Quarterly, 24 December, 602-611. Providing an answer to a case study question involves much more than simply recounting the issues and problems set forth, it includes identifying the most important issues, employing sound and logical analysis, developing an action plan for addressing the problem s and making An introduction to qualitative research, Thousand Oaks, CA Sage. If you wish to clarify the concept for your students, you might prefer to help them feel what a unit of analysis is, rather than give them a rhetorical explanation. to explore why one programme is more effective than another. Case study What strategies are being used by small businesses that have effective and viable workplace wellness programs? Randomised controlled trials in primary care scope and application.

This is one of the reasons in-person interviews are preferable over phone interviews, or Internet or mail surveys.

Thus, the material is reduced and a new basis of information separate from the original text comes into existence ibid. Handbook of Critical Information Systems Research, Theory and Application.

Por otro lado, se hace una valoraci n de las ventajas y desventajas de cada uno de estos m todos para su utilizaci n en el an lisis de informaci n.

Can I combine qualitative and quantitative methods?

1989 Building Theory from Case Study Research, in Academy of Management Review, 14 4 532 550.

Change and progress have stemmed from parallel influences from historical approaches to research and individual researcher s preferences, perspectives on, and of case study research. Positivist, single case study research in information systems A critical analysis. Focused This type of interview is used when the subject is interviewed for a short period of time, and answers a set of questions.

An overarching question for many qualitative studies will point toward one or more of the theoretical constructs that frame the study.

Recognizing respondents ways of being and knowing Lessons un learned in researching Asian immigrant and Asian American teachers. Earn College Credit I aced the CLEP exam and earned 3 college credits!, 67 also cautioned that starting with questions that are too focused can lead to tunnel vision and can inhibit a researcher s understanding and analysis. Sampling a deviant or atypical case may however prove even more informative, potentially enabling the researcher to identify causal processes, generate hypotheses and develop theory.

London Sage, especially the chapter on Designing Case Studies. Or he can drive his fire engine along a dirt road which is 8 miles at 12 miles per hour.

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