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Peer reviewed articles - Why use peer-reviewed articles? Library DIY

Les crivains africains s expriment en fran ais pour atteindre des lecteurs nationaux et les ex-colonis s d Afrique et d ailleurs, comme les nationaux des pays colonisateurs ou simplement francophones.

The also uses the ISI database of citations, and allows you both to compare citations of articles and click hyperlinked citing articles, or even find similar articles based on citation patterns.

For more information Formula ISI s IF is calculated by dividing the number of current year citations by the total number of articles published in the two previous years.

The peer-review process is done by esteemed reviewers with an in-depth knowledge of the specialized discipline and purpose of the process. Our peer-review policies are highly appreciated, accepted and adaptable to the criteria that have been prescribed by the international agencies such as NIH, PubMed etc. If there is no link to the electronic version of the article, you should search for the journal that the article was published in. Levandowski, Emily Jackson, Daniel Murokora Global Health Action, 2013 Otsea, Karen, Janie Benson, Tibebu Alemayehu, Erin Pearson, Joan Healy International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics, 2011 Palermo, Tia M.

In 2016, we surpassed our goal of 50,000 full-text downloads by over 20,000! Peer-Reviewed Articles Supporting Intelligent Design Center for Science and Culture Peer-Reviewed Articles Supporting Intelligent Design Peer-Reviewed Articles Supporting Intelligent Design Intelligent Design A scientific theory that holds that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause rather than undirected process such as natural selection.

Here is an example from Academic Search Premier showing how they list publication details for their journals Publication Details For Journal of Philosophy of Education Title Journal of Philosophy of Education ISSN 0309-8249 Publisher Information Blackwell Publishing Limited 9600 Garsington Road Oxford OX4 2DQ United Kingdom Bibliographic Records 03 01 1998 to present Full Text Full text delay due to publisher restrictions embargo Publication Type Academic Journal Subjects Education Philosophy Description Peer reviewed coverage of the ethical, political, aesthetic, and dimensions of educational theory.

A major resource for North American research in the field of education and topics from the United States Department of Education.

, Kathryn L Andersen, Traci L Baird, Bela Ganatra, Sangeeta Batra, Janardan Warvadekar BMC Health Services Research, 2014 Banerjee, Sushanta K. Paula Gerber, Cai Wilkinson, Anthony J Langlois and Baden Offord 2016 22 1 Australian Journal of Human Rights 27. Peer Reviewed Journals List Open Access OMICS Journals List Make the best use of Researched information from 700 peer reviewed, operated by 50,000 Editorial Board Members and esteemed reviewers and 1000 in Technology and Fields. Tip For best results, include double quotes around the title of the article ex. Call us 617 552-4472 Call a Reference Librarian during regular reference service hours. These include biologist Ralph Seelke at the University of Wisconsin Superior, Wolf-Ekkehard L nnig who recently retired from the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research in Germany, and Lehigh University biochemist Michael Behe. On evaluating sources Increasingly, academic publications are available on the open web as well as in Library databases and of course in print. Also, certain fields and journal types will necessarily have smaller IF s, simply because those fields are either narrow or don t cite as heavily.

A journal s Impact Factor IF a measure of how frequently articles in a journal are cited by other writers is often used to judge the quality of a journal.

So far all the papers withdrawn by BioMed Central have had authors based in China, often at leading institutions such as China Medical University, but BioMed Central s says the problem is an international one reflecting the pressure researchers are under to publish quickly.

For other databases, you need to look up the title of the journal in. Meyer, Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, Vol. There are generally four methods for doing this Limiting a database search to peer-reviewed journals only.

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Academic and Peer-Reviewed Sources MacOdrum Library You are here Academic and Peer-Reviewed Sources From your research assignment Students must use a minimum of 5 FIVE academic peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, and books in addition to any required course readings that you may want to use. Peer-reviewed journals are usually proud to announce that they are peer-reviewed. Some databases allow you to limit searches for articles to peer reviewed journals only.

Enables Journal editors to select the most important research findings for publication in their journals, based upon the subject, independent reviews of an expert group. For a complete list of all indexed journals and other content available through WorldCat, please visit the.

Knowing whether you have a magazine or a journal will help you decide if your article is popular or peer-reviewed. Peer-reviewed articles 2013- 2014 Centre for Studies on Human Stress CSHS Follow us on NEW Autumn 2016 How to Hunt a Mammoth without Getting Trampled 2013 2014 2014 Marchand, A. Safari In the toolbar, select View Zoom Zoom In, Reset or Zoom Out.

It should be noted that the peer reviewing tradition is a debated issue in the academic world with some controversy over the validity of this practice. Use RACER, our free interlibrary loan system to request a document from another library across Canada just. When he started the list in 2011, it only had 18 publishers. Krish 1-702-714-7001 Extn 9040 Clinical Biochemistry Journals Datta A 1-702-714-7001 Extn 9037 Business Management Journals Ronald 1-702-714-7001 Extn 9042 Chemical Engineering Chemistry Journals Gabriel Shaw 1-702-714-7001 Extn 9040 Earth Environmental Sciences Katie Wilson 1-702-714-7001 Extn 9042 Engineering Journals James Franklin 1-702-714-7001 Extn 9042 General Science Health care Journals Andrea Jason 1-702-714-7001 Extn 9043 Genetics Molecular Biology Journals Anna Melissa 1-702-714-7001 Extn 9006 Immunology Microbiology Journals David Gorantl 1-702-714-7001 Extn 9014 Informatics Journals Stephanie Skinner 1-702-714-7001 Extn 9039 Materials Science Journals Rachle Green 1-702-714-7001 Extn 9039 Mathematics Physics Journals Jim Willison 1-702-714-7001 Extn 9042 Medical Journals Nimmi Anna 1-702-714-7001 Extn 9038 Neuroscience Psychology Journals Nathan T 1-702-714-7001 Extn 9041 Pharmaceutical Sciences Journals John Behannon 1-702-714-7001 Extn 9007 Social Political Science Journals Steve Harry 1-702-714-7001 Extn 9042 Content of this site is vailable under Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved. Using WorldCat to search for articles In addition to books and media, you can also use WorldCat to search for articles from a wide range of sources. Peer-reviewed journals Library University of Waterloo THIS SITE About the Library Back Our people Back Our mission Back Work for the Library Back Information for Peer-reviewed or refereed, academic or scholarly refers to the policy of having experts in the field examine a submitted article before accepting it for publication.

This collection provides full-text coverage of many core titles indexed in Sociological Abstracts and Social Services Abstracts.

The purpose of the review process is to ensure the publication of high quality research articles. Peer-reviewed also called refereed or scholarly articles are written by researchers, doctors or scientists and then carefully vetted by other experts in the same field.

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