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Example of an extended essay - The Extended Essay

An important thing to keep in mind that 4,000 words is the maximum word count. Criterion I This criterion is the easiest to do and the easiest to mess up. You should definitely check the EE grading criteria to make sure you have done everything required and not missed anything out. Every high school and college student will be conversant with writing basic essays. Even the most experienced essay writers, who are well in command of structure and effective essay technique, can be uncertain and confused when asked to write an extended essay. at CIS RE Research Question and Title of Extended Essay Please note the statement below from the EE curriculum manager regarding the need to have both a title and a RQ for all subjects.

Examples which are too broad The effects of e-waste Social media and business Better examples An evaluation of the e-waste policies of small businesses in El Salvador The effectiveness of social media for customer relations in the hotel industry in El Salvador Notice how the better examples all refer to a specific stakeholder or small group of stakeholders rather than people, businesses, or other broad group. Student sample extended essays, corresponding marks and comments from senior examiners are available for the following Diploma Programme disciplines. Andrew s College Independent thinking and working skills Learn research skills Introduction to academic work analysis and argument Develop critical thinking skills Develop essay writing skills Learn to handle a major assignment Work on an area you might study at university Learn to work with a Supervisor at university you will work with a Tutor of the Student The Library, St.

A hypothesis or statement of intent is not acceptable.

If they have a lot of suggestions for improvement, ask if they will read one more draft before the final draft. Some IB high schools require your IB Extended Essay advisor to sign an Agreement Form. Andrew s College Criterion A Focus Method Criterion B Knowledge Understanding Criterion C Critical Thinking Criterion D Presentation Criterion E Engagement Topic RQ Methodology Context Subject Specific terminology concepts Research Analysis Discussion and Evaluation Structure Layout Process Research Focus Marks Marks Marks Marks Marks 6 6 12!

it takes to brew a cup of tea Chemistry Does the time using a specific commercial brand of tea leaves significantly alter the amount of caffeine that is dissolved in the drink? If there are over 1,000 books articles documentaries out there on the exact topic, it may be too broad.-Alexa A Thank you so much for We followed it exactly as you laid out in our TOK presentation and our teacher gave us 9 10! Well, I suggest you do some more research into this topic first. Chemistry English I also used comparison in my EE, comparing Harold Pinter s Party Time to John Osborne s Look Back in Anger in order to show a transition in British Theatre.

Be analytical and define why your topic is important. Essay writers are also usually expected to present deeper analysis and research in an extended essay, so choose a topic that allows in-depth exploration and related sub-topics.

What must be made clear is that the translations are those of the student these are her I m planning on summarizing the results and using the summarized responses to support my points. Can you find any research with specific examples e.

Also, if you become a VIP you become one by helping others on IBS out or by subscribing, then you can get access to sample EE s from any subject. Dover Campus Extended Essays 2006- You can browse the list of Extended Essays at the Dover campus that received an A or a B grade via the library catalog. IB Environmental systems amp society ESS Lab Report IA Extended Essay EE Help Tutor Sample Example Online 2 years ago Sample Extended Essay Questions 1.

Shelley carefully constructs a physical description of the monster with Exploration of the motivations for revenge in Othello, Hamlet and Frankenstein which exhibits Iago s mental torment at Othello for failing to promote him, thus Iago feels that he has no choice but to make Othello suffer the full extent of his rage and pain as stated by B. Chemistry How does Iron sedimentation affect the water quality in West Africa? What methods are available to avoid choking in competitive sport? I did mine in English, and had what I thought was quite an average length introduction of about 476 words, but I ve seen English ones range from 300 to nearly 1000 words.

in my country attendance is a problem and it is also still done manually, i will study the effect of introducing RFID considering ethical and privacy concerns with price and cost fro providing technology, do i still need to change my topic?

Or do you enjoy English because you like to analyze texts? I have used to guide me for my last 2 IA s and when I was assigned my 3rd and final Econ IA, the first thing I did once I got my Econ article, was open this page.

You can t write about WWII because that would be a book worth of Tiew Just want to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for this website and all the effort you ve channelled into helping others with your knowledge and Thank you very much for your help in my IA.

Usually they are books and articles which interpret the events you are researching. One of these is to think of the extended essay as being made up of a number of shorter essays. For example, Question 14 asks, Are sources given for statistics?

I am hoping to write my EE using the following research question How has the rise of YouTube created a new medium for political campaigning, and what has been the effect of this new medium? Andrew s College May 2003 Report Many candidates tend to accept sources not least the internet ones.

I am doing it in economics, on price discrimination in medicine and how your level of insurance affects your treatment, like how often you have to see he doctor, what medicine you get e. Writing assistance- writing your academic papers. In this context, you should assume that your audience is the rest of the class.

The following are some advanced techniques that many International Baccalaureate IB extended essay supervisors might forget to share. Andrew s College Read purposefully- what answers do you want from your reading I m an IB student who has been lost until I found this website! Meeting with your advisor is not mandatory, however, it is a very good idea to do so. Psychology of Sport and Exercise What levels of psychological arousal are most effective for players in team sports? Topics with comparisons of 2-3 plays books diets etc. An investigation into whether there is a critical period for language acquisition The effect of music on the human brain To what extent do parents discipline style influence the temperament of the children? I m having a hard time thinking of a research question, so would something like To investigate how cloud computing can help businesses in establishing better customer relations. If you haven t got a supervisor, then you ll definitely need to see one, or if you have, then talk to your supervisor about your idea and see what he she thinks of it.

If after brainstorming, you pick a non-comparison based topic and you are still unsure if a topic is too broad or narrow, spend 30 minutes doing some basic research and see how much material is out there. Without using your research to speak for itself, identify all the different ideas you want to include, and the things you want to say. Conclusions What are the implications of your answer result? Or, to put it more simply, I like to do things the easy way. Eliminate everything irrelevant no matter how interesting or how hard you had to work to find it. Andrew s College Ask yourself what sort of information will I need to answer my RQ and is this information easily available in the library? Andrew s College In assessing Criterion K holistic judgment examiners will take into account any information given in the report about intellectual initiative, insight or persistence in the face of difficulties Check In Sessions You are encouraged to meet your supervisor in addition to the formal reflection sessions Check-Ins are occasional 10 minute sessions to discuss a deadline, a comment made by your Supervisor or access to resources They do not form part of the formal reflection process and do not need to be reported on the RPP form The Library, St. To what extent does violence in the televised media have the potential to increase the level of aggression within children? 2 Corrigan, Timothy A Short Guide to Writing About Film808. This is essential for Criterion A research question.

I am hoping to write my Extended Essay on either 1 The CCTVs in school and how they effect the behaviour of student, i will be touching on both the positive and negative aspects. For both of those questions I d ask how you are going to measure customer relations and therefore determine whether they have improved or not. Attend reflection sessions Plan how and where you will find information for your essay BIG HINT Go to the LIBRARY! You will hopefully start finding that they are backing up some of the points you know you want to include.

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