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Service quality and customer satisfaction literature review - An Empirical Study of Direct Relationship of Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Bank Image on Customer Loyalty in Malaysian Commercial Banking Industry

in Velmurugan Gopalasamy Department of Technology Management, VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India Corresponding Author Rajagopal Subashini Department of Technology Management VIT University, Vellore Tamil Nadu, India Tel 919894449500 Email rsubashini vit. However, customer satisfaction definition implies the feeling or attitude towards a particular good or service after delivery, while service quality is simply the customers overall impression of the relative inferiority superiority of the organisation and its services Bitner and Hubbert, 1994, p.

Overall, the majority of guests said that it was important that they feel that they are well-served so that the money spent was worth it. A Review of literature suggests that the problematic issue lies in our understanding of the relationship between satisfaction results and service quality perception Taylor and Baker, 1994. On the other hand, it has been relatively easy for the public sector banks to recapitalize, given the increases in Non Performing Assets NP As, as their gover ownership structure has reduced the conflicts of interest that private banks would face. Satisfaction is the assessment of the experience of interacting with a service provider up to the present time, and is used by customers to predict future experience 9. 2007 Relationship Quality as a Predictor of B2B Customer Loyalty.

The strength of loyalty at this phase is weightless because it is just a mere performance. European Journal of Business and Management 7 1-14.

The interaction between customer and employees is the crucial moment in the recognition process. Some features of this site may not work without it. 1998 A Dynamic Model of Duration of the Customer s Relationship with a Continuous Service Pro- vider The Role of Satisfaction. Purpose of the study This study had five specific objectives firstly, to examine the relationship between tangible and customer satisfaction. Customers of retail banking sector in Vietnam are satisfied with reliability dimensions, followed by empathy, tangible, assurance and

Empathy and tangible dimensions demonstrates the highest positive correlation and least positive correlation respectively towards customer satisfaction. Originality value This paper presents key results on service quality and customers satisfaction research by looking at the niche segment which was not previously studied from the Malaysian perspective. 1992, Measuring service quality a reexamination and extension, Journal of Marketing, Vol. Reference 11 has defined satisfaction as a positive, affective state as a result of the evaluation of all parts of a party s working relationship with another. It is still true in banks that improving service quality brings the benefits of increased customer satisfaction and trust. Eds, Handbook of Interview Research, Sage, Thousand Oaks, CA, pp. International Journal of Business and Economics Research 4 30-35. On average, hotel operators have a return business ratio of about 45 per cent.

Some researchers state that a positive relationship exists between loyalty of customers and performance of companies.

Based on the Hotel Star Rating Web site developed by the, the researchers identified 31 5-Star luxury hotels. Brenda, who travels only for pleasure and does not like to feel crowded, said, The space allowed to the entire hotel has to make me think this is abundant., The collective impact of service workers and servicescape on the corporate image formation, International Journal of Hospitality Management, 25 2, pp.

They suggest that organizations should focus on service quality as an input to customer satisfaction for long-term benefits and business success.

Service Quality Service is not the same as goods or products. Action loyalty phase depicts the motivated intention that progress from the previous phases of loyalty transforming into willingness to take action 73. 1 988 propo sed that the inst ance s of satis factio n over a time p eriod lead to a perce ption o f g eneral ser vice qua lity. With the agreement of each interviewee, the researcher audio taped the complete interview, which was transcribed for analysis. Service revisited a critical review of service quality. Reference 56 in their study on customers in Bangladesh have found that customer satisfaction is significantly and positively related to customer. Findings Table 2 shows that the overall respondent characters were males 100, aged between 26 and 30 years old 41. Our employees should not wait until the customer asks for a need. The measurement of the same is an important factor in banking sector. GM 2 said that people also respond to what they hear and what they smell, saying we call it the pampering of people. Answers to research questions Based on the findings, it is possible to answer the specific research questions and sub-questions of this study.

The banking sector play s a signi ficant rol e in the e conomic de velopment of the country. The customers of the bank dissatisfied with regard to upgrading physical facilities and personal attention. However, the customer satisfactions vary according to the nature of service. 1985, A conceptual model of service quality and its implications for future research, The Journal of Marketing, Vol. Customers perceive that luxury hotels provide superior value compared to standard hotels in the areas of reputation and quality. Moreover, this study was based on self-reported data, taking only the perspectives of soldiers.

Service quality is very important to customer satisfaction and trust. However the level of customer satisfaction in private banks is more than government banks. Service literature identifies a number of factors that reflects image in the customer s mind. L eht ine n U and Lehtin en J R 198 2, Ser vice Qua l ity A St udy o f Quali ty Dimensions, Working Paper, Service Management Institute, Helsinki.

satisfaction positively affects customer loyalty 11. Customer satisfaction is broadly accepted as the key factor having influencing the formation of customers future purchase intension Taylor and Baker, 1994.

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