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Thesis on financial institutions - I need some help with research topics on banking and finance.Ineed as many topics as possible eNotes

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New services are difficult to evaluate where quality of dominates Patricio, 2003. 2005, Harnessing information technology for 21st century library education in Nigeria.

Finally, it comes out that both the views are opposite to each other and public writing in India produces the image of urban middle class as beneficiary of economic reform. These conclusion will be derived from the questionnaires and most likely to provide answers to questions posed by this research.

Culture cannot be separated from an individual neither culture can be separated from historical events situations.

2003 New directions in Indian financial sector policy, online Accessed on 12 Jul 2007. He opined that online banking services 11 should be made available to customers at any time so as to bring a customer closer and familiar with banking services.

ICT revolution both in terms of innovation rate, speedy operation, and cost per unit portraying reduction in average total and marginal costs has made a good number of banks embrace the use of ICT infrastructure in their operations Akinuli, 1999. The AICPA created the top 10 technologies process and the Information Technology member section in the late 1980s and early 1990s. To determine the preference of upper and middle class consumers regarding taking loan from banks and non-banking financial institutions. In the banking sector, financial institutions use computers in their day to day operations in order to provide quality of service to their customers via the use of modern day technology. 25 Information systems also need to be adapting to the specific decisions being considered. I always remember your courageous words telling me that No matter the length of the night, the day will still break. Should the borrower company fail to repay on time, the lending bank can have full recourse to the sponsors promoters of the company.

Some people buy food from small shops where as some buys from expensive supermarket. 36 Indian consumers are changing their habits at a fast rate and they are borrowing money to buy the product they wanted. Even with the intervention of information technology on banking services in Nigeria, the customer service of the bank haven t been found to be as effective without visiting the bank physically.

64 Bank customers have been delayed in the bank, because of computer break down or as a result of slow internet during banking operations, therefore most customers of the bank has been delayed once at the bank See Table 4. Lack of education In underdeveloped countries, some investors of SMEs have average basic education and access to it. Communication with interviewees and questionnaire respondents was done on time in order to facilitate meetings. There is no use to survey the entire population and results can be obtained quickly.

It highlights introduction, aims, objectives and finally structure of the dissertation.

2001 Political Economy of India s Fiscal and Financial Reform, online Accessed on 1 July 2007.

And the data represented using various forms of presentations and includes tables, graphs, pie charts. Consumers are so much excited about the products facilities that they cannot stop themselves to buy all these products. Item Type Thesis Undergraduate Creators Wilkes, Andrew Student s Degree Program s B. Therefore, students must be careful while submitting the final topic.

Yes No In recent time, your household borrowing has Increased Decreased Remained constant You trust rely on credit because of Your interest in credit products Availability of zero interest rate loans Flexible financing options Do you face the problem of heavily owing money?

Values are basically feeling of a person having plus and minus side. 307 A product can also express the value of consumer.

This will help to clarify and broaden our sense of direction in this research work. Information technology has also helped to reduce the rate of fraud in the banking system. The chapter four of this study entails the data analysis of the data collated through primary sources only during the field work. Such new practices have led to the development of a truly global, seamless and Internet enabled 24-hour business of banking.

3, 24 of the respondents were neutral representing 25. I have been carrying out my research proposal for MBA. 2 DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS OF BANK OFFICIALS AND CUSTOMERS USING MEAN AND STANDARD DEVIATION Descriptive Statistics N Minimum Maximum Mean Std. Online Banking is a synonym to internet banking but predominantly used to reference banking automation as against manual operations. 1995, Don t Let Technology Pass You By, American Bankers Association Banking Journal,Box 986, Omaha, NE, p.

Discussion of available literature related to the topic is done. Teletex and View Data Teletext and view data are new information systems utilizing the domestic television receiver for display purposes. 2000, Electronic payment systems and Tele banking Services in Nigeria.

7 Organization of the study The study was organized into five chapters. 3, 12 were between the ages of 31-40 years representing 12.

India faced this problem because it was heavily dependent on the public sector and strategy and both of them were not able to deliver the growth in competitive environment.

8, 9 Deshpande 2005 states that in India the social status always had a strong component. This was a good result as a result of follow up and the questionnaires were as a result of the negligence of bank staffs and customers to fill their received questionnaire. 1-2 As lower middle class is concerned the view of world experience of low middle class at one instance they dislike globalization liberalization and at other instance they want India to move forward and compete in a globalized world. A researcher must know two important things before the selection of research thesis topic. With the increasing disposable income, over consumption and lack of respect for environment has affected the society.

Commercial bank is the cause, while impact of information technology is the effect of in this research. To a degree borrower rely on bank credit and bank lending is bounded by monetary policy and few limitation might affect the economy with the help of a bank credit channel.

In the last decade, the force of information technology IT has transformed the business environment. NBFI provides flexibility, requires less documentation, and only few formalities. 5, and 18 of the respondents disagree representing 19. Due to the continuous flow of considerable amount of empirical studies which investigate the contingency factors and accounting and or IS and indicates the importance and vitality of this theory, this study is theoretically and empirically constituted upon contingency theory which has long been applied in both accounting and information system disciplines.

In rural areas most of the times it is difficult for the banks to determine whether to issue loans or not because earning of rural borrowers is dependent on agriculture other dependent activities where as in case of urban area borrowers, it is basically dependent on income of salaried people or businessman. This ushered in distributed data processing, office information systems OIS, and personal computers PCs.

Whereas open ended questions does not impose any restrictions but it is hard to aggregate the final outcome. 1, and 4 of the respondent disagree representing 4. evaluation of the workling capital management on the profitability of manufacturing firms As it appears to me, the most important task before you is to select a topic, although you mention that you need as many topics as possible. Where as in case of formal credit source there are proper guidelines, terms and regulations, work according to law. 8 Loan from Banks and NBFI Factor Response Response in percentage Banks 53 53 Non-banking financial institutions 47 47 Table 4. 3 Financial reforms were introduced in 1991 because India faced the crisis of balance of payment in 1991 so several reforms were introduced to come out of the crisis. Since the introduction of information technology by banks in Nigeria, banks have reduced their banking cost and they have become more profitable. First there is the area of Micro-finance and one of the areas ripe for research in society today.

Chapter 1 Introduction This chapter introduces the research topic.

1999, Content characteristic of formal information technology strategy as implementation predictors in Norwegian organisations Scandinavian journal of information systems Vol. Banking on Ethics An Insight into ethics and the banking profession. Guaranty Trust Bank undertook its second share offering in 2004 and successfully raised over N11 billion from Nigerian Investors to expand its operations and favorably compete with other global financial institutions. 2003, Trends in professional banking practical in Nigerian banks Journal of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria.

Recommended Other Useful Stuff Connect With Us 2017 eNotes. Computer Security has to do with the protection of information from theft, competing or preservation from availability. So in order to obtain this entire information researcher was partially dependent on his brother in India to send the articles from his University s Library. Igwe, 2005, noted that the advent of the electronic mail and personal computers on every desk, the internet and its application to banking have produced amazing results. 1 Questionnaire The purpose of questionnaire method is to find the variable range of possible answers, where every question or part of that question represents a variable.

In other to present the data analyze the data collated through questionnaires all questions in the questionnaire were analyzed including the ones with close relationship with the research questions, objectives as well as hypothesis, through the Software Package for Social Science SPSS after which the results were interpreted.

Online Banking is a synonym to internet banking but predominantly used to reference banking automation as against manual operations. 4 Sources of Data This study was principally guided by two major sources of data 3. Falling interest rates, increasing loan duration and reduced monthly installments are making all these things possible for consumers. All these responses are totally based on the culture of consumer. Is there any real efficiency in the emerging markets? 7ACTUAL FIELD WORK The questionnaires were administered by the researcher in person. 8, and 6 of the respondents disagree representing 6. Information Technology is the study or the use in electronic processes for gathering and strong information and making it available using computers. Personal Computer Banking PC allows the bank s customers to access information. The researcher must know the sources of data collection and the type of statistical technique used in the analysis.

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