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4, 16 of 46 the respondents were neutral representing 17. The basic existence of computer and information technology in financial institution has improved dramatically. 6, 2 of the respondents have only MBA MSC representing 2. 9 determines the following facts 59 59 out of 100 respondents accepted that they rely on formal credit sources and 41 41 remaining respondents accepted that they rely on informal credit sources. Non-fund based lending In this type of facility, the Bank makes no funds outlay.

Respondent X and Y concludes that there are a lot of reasons behind the reliance of consumers on credit but mainly they all are attracted toward credit because banks and NBFI are providing flexible financing options and they are also providing schemes like zero interest on loan to the consumers and various other schemes which comes from time to time.

RBI acts as Government banker, agent, adviser and also act s as banker s bank. These factors all clubbed together makes the bank to decide on the amount of loan to be sanctioned to the borrower. Under these conditions, traditional management approaches that focus on financial figures and on centralized, analytical planning methods are considered to be insufficient for effectively steering the organization in dynamic environment. I have been carrying out my research proposal for MBA. GOOD IDEA D Access hundreds of thousands of answers with a free trial.

Consumers are attracted by the fancy advertising and promotions done by financial institutions. Your research topic really depends on what area of banking and finance you are studying or interested in. The questionnaires were served to both bank officials and customers of the bank. Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent Valid STRONGLY AGREE 36 38. These changes and developments in the banking industry have impact on service quality, future of the banking activities, and consequently its continually competitive ability in the world markets since going along with technology is one of the most important factors of economic organizations success in general and banks in particular Nyangosi, 2009.

The use of information technology by banks has brought about profitability to the bank. In other words, X is the cause variable while Y is the effect variable.

1999, Content characteristic of formal information technology strategy as implementation predictors in Norwegian organisations Scandinavian journal of information systems Vol. Validity can also be checked by verifying one s findings by other people. Where as in Singapore it was 176 percent of household wealth, 75 percent in Malaysia and 39 percent in Thailand. Access may be difficult or costly if data is vital. 4 The impact of information technology on commercial banks performance has been broadly discussed in the previous chapters.

99 CSR of Banking Industry Finance Dissertation Topics Corporate Social Responsibility has become an integral part of corporate management strategy for banking industry participants in recent times.

5 Data Collection Instruments Data was collected using different instruments. Hence, information technology device has helped bank staffs effectively on the performance of their duties. It focuses on the statistical instruments used, since variables are involved in this research work, the data collected will be converted into normal or ordinal figures by the application of predetermined weighting on them.

9, 12 of the respondents were neutral representing 12. 5 RESEARCH HYPOTHESIS In other to carry out this research the following hypotheses have been postulated. 6, and 2 of the respondents disagree representing 2. But its greatest impact won t be felt until the PC s inside and outside a company are intimately This means that for every 100 change in the performance of bank staffs, information technology is responsible for 38. It also has the benefits of Telephone Banking and ATMs.

Further, Alexander 2004 has analyzed corporate governance and banking regulation in UK and USA.

The coefficient table above shows the simple model that expresses the extent to which information technology has helped bank staffs effectively in the performance of their duties. Therefore by moving from a paper-based exchange of business document to one that is electronic, businesses enjoy major benefits such as reduced cost, increased processing speed, reduced errors and improved relationships with business partners. Since the introduction of information technology by banks in Nigeria, banks have reduced their banking cost and they have become more profitable.

This is one reason why informal financial institutions are regarded as being more trustworthy than formal banking systems and NGO-driven systems, says Janviere Ntamazeze, who has studied two kinds of informal financial systems in her PhD thesis ROSCAs and ASCRAs. 7, 4 of the respondents were neutral representing 4.

From the result obtained from findings, analysis and discussions made it can be concluded that cultural trend of people s life is characterized by savings and social status. Researcher also relied on Internet sources, online journal articles. 2005 Financial Market Scams in India with historical evidence and the role of corporate governance, online Accessed on 18 June 2007.

com industries doc content bin bae sep 2005. 1995, Information technology in a de- regulated environment, keynote address, INFO TECH 95, international conference on information technology management, Lagos, Nov 16-17.

Business organizations, especially the banking industry of the 21st century operates in a complex and competitive environment characterized by these changing conditions and highly unpredictable economic climate. au SpecialProj ASAA 2006 T has helped bank staffs to work better in a team than before the introduction of I. Since the year 2001, the service sector got expanded and became the largest contributor to GDP, accounting for an average of 42. Advancements in information technology IT have enabled companies to use computers to carry out activities that were previously performed manually. 4 Using Anova Hypothesis Two H0 Information technology devices do not help bank staffs effectively in the performance of their duties.

3, it can be deduced that out of the 94 respondents, 68 were between 21-30 years representing 72. The feature of reform was gradualism because it enhanced micro stability and the same time encouraged micro economic linkages.

A researcher must know two important things before the selection of research thesis topic.

In 1990, the IMA warned that accountants in banks who stay on the traditional accounting turf risk being overtaken by computer experts Seigel and Sorensen, 1999. In order to make his observation solid Schor 1998 presents example of Americans, where he shows his concerns regarding consumerism.

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