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You can also take a short phrase from the text which you think particularly relates to what you have to say, and place it before your main title, with a colon to connect them.

You should have your before you start writing your introduction.

Writing a Developed and Detailed Introduction You know your introduction needs a clear thesis statement.

Many would suggest it departs from the logical organization of the rest of the essay, and some teachers may consider it unrelated and take points away.

For example, if you are writing about dogs, you may begin by speaking about friends, dogs being an example of a very good friend. Alex Steel, Issues with the Use of the Theft Offence to Protect Intangible Property 2008 30 575 This article clearly sets out in its abstract that it seeks to question whether the crime of theft should apply to intangible property. In fleshing out your introduction, you will want to avoid some common pitfalls Don t provide dictionary definitions, especially of words your audience already knows.

He captured the attention of his audience and led them to the idea of dating in the age of social media by introducing the modern ability to instantly post information online.

Start off with a mini thesis which states what the body paragraph is talking about.

For example Because of its humiliating and demoralizing effect on African American slaves, black face was used less as a comedy routine and more as a way of enforcing racial segregation and Science is beginning to seriously question whether a comet, not an asteroid, was responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs are both thesis statements.

The Sun, July 2008 Present your thesis as a recent discovery or revelation.

Fundamental to representative democracy is that its citizens are able to participate directly in the process of selecting who will govern them by voting in elections.

Sentence 2 notes that the genre has changed but some remain, and Sentence 3 lists some of these Do not worry as these skills are possible to learn.

A final note In constructing an introduction, make sure the introduction clearly reflects the goal or purpose of the assignment and that the thesis presents not only the topic to be discussed but also states a clear position about that topic that you will support and develop throughout the paper.

You can follow a basic pattern recipe for writing introduction paragraphs to help you get started. This can be as easy as outlining the major points that your essay will make on the way to the conclusion. Often, the thesis sentence states a claim that consists of two or more related points.

Provide relevant background, but don t begin your true argument. Post navigation 27 thoughts on How to Write a Good Hook for Your Essay This article has helped me a lot understanding how to write an attractive HOOK! Have you been assigned to write a persuasive essay and don t know where to begin? The second sentence then gives the writers opinion and tells us that in the essay the writer will be arguing the reasons why it is cruel. Now this question makes me think and acts as a perfect segue way for a paper that we know will involve the dangers of posting embarrassing pictures online. I had no time to second-guess myself with a terrifying man leaning over my shoulder yelling You can break six minutes! Dialogue Introduction Like the action introduction, the dialogue introduction brings the reader directly into the action, only this time in the form of dialogue.

What is How do you begin to write an introduction paragraph?

Whether it is to protect their owner against some sort of threat or to help a blind person walk across the street, dogs are the most reliable companion a person could have.

I ve finally figured out the difference between neat people and sloppy people. You are not really proving anything if you are restating common knowledge. For example, if you are writing about dogs, you may begin by speaking about friends, dogs being an example of a very good friend. Personal Essay Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back changed my life, but, like all pivot points in a child s life, I was too young to realize it at the time.

Immediately, I realized that I must dedicate my life to understanding the causes of the universe s beauty. Generally, one starts an essay with an interesting quote, fact, or story to make the reader want to continue reading. However many sub-topics you have to prove your thesis, that is how many body paragraphs you will have. Use your personal observations, experience, and knowledge to support your essay. The fact that one in every five teenagers between the ages of thirteen and fifteen smokes calls into question the efficacy of laws prohibiting advertising cigarettes to children The reader is given an interesting statistic to chew on the fact that so many children smoke while you set up your paper. Once you have completed the Skills Check we provide you with a personal learning plan targeted to your personal study needs and goals. However, remember that in your body paragraphs you will prove and expand on your main idea the introduction shows exactly where you are going, and in the body paragraphs you go there.

For instance, you can place the strongest argument last move in chronological order move from causes to effects alternate if you are writing about more than one thing, move back and forth between them chunk if you are writing about more than one thing, write all about one then all about the other.

5 A Conclusion Your conclusion should restate your thesis and briefly mention the examples you wrote about in your essay and how they supported your thesis. The following are just a few Provide historical background, Outline the present situation, Define terms, State the parameters of the essay, Discuss assumptions, Present a problem. Telegrams of poured in from around the world reporters and well-wishers crowded the halls.

Add to this an awareness of whether the question is asking you to give your own opinion in isolation, or whether it requires you to assess the previous and current thinking on a subject this is more common, and follow this with a conclusion which summarises your own thoughts. Instead, you might try one of the following techniques Offer a surprising statistic that conveys something about the problem to be addressed in the paper.

He shares that Americans use twice as much energy as we did 20 years ago, and more than the rest of the world s nations combined.

Most of the time, your point should be supported by some form of evidence from your reading, or by an example drawn from the subject area.

Example 4 Question Unemployment has become an increasing problem in the recent past. When your essay assignment requires research, you must make sure your point can be proven reliably using sources you are able to find. Updated February 2016 You have to make choices even when there is nothing to choose from.

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