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For permission to use where not already granted under a licence please go to. ENGESTR M, Yrjo MIETTINEN, Reijo PUNAM KI, Raija-Leena Eds. This is less work than it might read now because many assignments are based on discussions and work that we will do in class already and refer to your own ongoing research project.

Third, case studies can illustrate certain topics within an evaluation, again in a descriptive mode Fourth, the case study strategy may be used to enlighten those situations in which the intervention being evaluated has no clear single set of outcomes.

Theory development Having a research question or questions theory development is an essential part of the design phase. The Troubled Crusade american education, 1945-1980. Received October 05, 2016 Accepted December 08, 2016 Lesley Bartlett is a Professor in Educational Policy Studies and a faculty affiliate in Anthropology. Complete Journals that are no longer published or that have been combined with another title. Instead of this a priori bounding of the case, the CCS approach features an iterative and contingent tracing of relevant factors, actors, and features see Bartlett Vavrus 2016. 6 The moving wall represents the time period between the last issue available in JSTOR and the most recently published issue of a journal.

Course research using the case method to build and teach management theory.

If the phenomenon you are interested in studying is not intrinsically bounded, it is not a case. Comparison is a powerful conceptual mechanism, fixing attention upon the few attributes being compared and obscuring other knowledge about the case 1994, p.

Comparative Case Studies Methodological Briefs- Impact Evaluation No.

Thus, the comparison inherent to our notion of comparative case studies insists on an emergent design, one hallmark of qualitative research. Modernity at Large cultural dimensions of globalization. Overall the results suggest that in the comparative study of complex political systems, case study research is, ceteris paribus, on par with large-N research with respect to Furthermore, while they do possess clear limitations, any research method involves necessary trade-offs the inherent weaknesses of any one method, however, can potentially be offset by situating them within a broader, pluralistic mixed-method research strategy. Specifically, I present the challenges I faced working in different contexts, with different resources and in different temporal windows and the subsequent processes of adaptation of the research design. It is important to note, however, that whereas Gerring refers to a single unit of analysis it may be that attention also necessarily be given to particular sub-units.

will be online Voluntary causation and causal inference Machamer, Peter, Lindley Darden, and Carl F. Of the comparative study of three case study with the human.

The question of researcher subjectivity is a valid one, and it may be intended only as a methodological critique of what are obviously less formalised and methods Verschuren, 2003.

s Program working out Durkheim s aphorism.

Similarly if the case is about the local services and a specific geographic area, you need to decide which services to cover. 2008, The Oxford Handbook of Political Methodology, OUP. A few cases 2 or 3 would be literal replications, whereas a few other cases 4 to 6 might be design to pursue two different patterns of theoretical replications.

Another feature of the CCS approach is that it aims to understand and incorporate, at least partially, the perspectives of social actors in the study.

Mahoney and Goertz 2006, A Tale of Two Cultures Contrasting quantitative and qualitative research, Political Analysis 14 227-249.

For example, it is mentioned that although the case study at hand was based in the natural sciences, the same approach to teaching research skills could easily translate into other disciplines.

King, Keohane and Verba 1994, Designing Social Inquiry, pp. Our processual approach to comparison considers strings of relevant events and actors it eschews staid notions of culture or context to consider those processes across space and time and it constantly compares what is happening in one locale with what has happened in other places and historical moments. Developed in response to the inadequacy of traditional case study approaches, comparative case studies are highly effective because of their ability to synthesize information across time and space.

By extension, it can therefore be incorporated by a range of contemporary mainstream IR theories.

The following other ECPR Methods School courses could be useful in combination with this one in a training track. 1999, The Power of Human Rights, Cambridge University Press.

Crisp-set QCA uses only binary variates for its truth table. Items added to your shelf can be removed after 14 days. 2008, The Oxford Handbook of Political Methodology, OUP. The evaluators use of this option assisted in providing at the program level as well as to each specific program site. Neste sentido, um caso cr tico tem import ncia estrat gica com rela o ao problema, permitindo a generaliza o, ou em compara o propiciando falsifica o ao mostrar que as afirmativas gerais s o inv lidas para este caso e, para casos similares.

Case-Selection Techniques in Case Study Research A Menu of Qualitative and Quantitative Options. Unexcused missed classes count with 0 points for participation on that specific day. Overlooked has been the possibility that case studies can offer important evidence to complement experiments. This hypothesis testing allows the theory to be confirmed or rejected, and it also permits further specification of the theory to define the phenomena more precisely or specify the circumstances under which correlations hold. Each interview and each day s observations produce ideas tested against relevant data.

Ethnography in of the world system The emergence of multi-sited ethnography. case studies, you may better attend one of the many ECPR courses covering these philosophies of science. This publication is from a journal that may support self archiving. The written exam is similar to the take-home exercise, but because the former takes place at the end of the course, students are expected to apply and thus mastery of all the issues discussed during the entire course. This would require an impossible large number of cases too large to allow any statistical consideration of the relevant variables. The course will help students to evaluate the methodological merits of those political science publications that use a smaller N comparative approach or a within-case approach and to design their own comparative case study research strategy.

Nition of case study research used in this course comprises both comparative and single case studies and it can be situated at the cross-case and at the within-case level. 1999, The Power of Human Rights, Cambridge University Press. This conflation of place and phenomenon relies on a misguided sense of holism.

With our more understanding in mind, we should be aware that some studies may be more pre-structured than others the degree of flexibility will depend on the study s aims, the researcher s motivations, skills, and interests, and the available time and resources, among other things. 1984 The Postmodern Condition A Report on Knowledge.

Best, Alice Add new comment and comment as member or simply fill out the fields below. 2014, Methodological Practices in Social Movement Research, Oxford University Press, various chapters.

Finally, day 10 covers the generalization of causal inferences. Another feature of the CCS approach is that it aims to understand and incorporate, at least partially, the perspectives of social actors in the study. They start out with ideas, orienting perspectives, or even specific hypotheses, but once they begin, they investigate new leads apply useful theoretical ideas to the sometimes unexpected evidence they gather and, in other ways, conduct a systematic and rigorous scientific investigation.

Teaching in Tension International pedagogies, national policies, and teachers practices in Tanzania. The comparative case study heuristic draws upon a radical rethinking of context, a concept that is much-cited and yet ill-defined in case study research. Limitations of Traditional Approaches First, Yin, Stake, and Merriam conflate phenonemon and context, creating difficulties for understanding the case.

Resources in each case study dissertation submitted in seiner dissertation prospectus is achieved as required to structural milieu requirements a casual comparative case. While some teams or organisations provide a receptive context for innovation, others resist, having limited interest or abilities to implement new ideas. Absorbed Journals that are combined with another title. Similarly if the case is about the local services and a specific geographic area, you need to decide which services to cover.

This chapter illustrates case study methodology with a specific example drawn from the author s current research on Internet governance.

Rethinking Case Study Research A Comparative Approach- Lesley Bartlett, Frances Vavrus- Google Books books.

taking into account new developments in the field, specific participant demands, group size etc. The paper finds that linguistic, cultural, professional and philosophical differences between the countries challenged initial researcher assumptions that comparability between the case study regions would be maintained through the application of accepted methodologies and an insider status.

Bryman 2007, Barriers to Integrating Quantitative and Qualitative Research, Journal of Mixed Methods Research 1 1 8-22.

Instead, and properly used, atypical or extreme cases often reveal more information because they activate more actors and more basic mechanisms in the situation studied Flyvbjerg, 2006. Collier, David and James Mahoney 1996 Insights and Pitfalls Selection Bias in Qualitative Research. First, the research goal of a case study can be the development of new hypotheses, the test of hypotheses, and the modification of existing hypotheses in order to solve a puzzle.

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