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Essay on smoking banned in public places - Argumentative Writings And Competition Essays- Smoking Should Be Banned In Enclosed Public Areas- Wattpad

One principle reason is that, mobile phones can be intrusive. You should be able to complete the topic within 20 minutes.

Voices for and against this position must be clearly presented.

Cigarette smoking is known to kill about half of the smokers, reducing their life spans by about 14 years on the average and killing 6 million people worldwide every year. Vocabulary dazzling improvements, sophisticated industry, supporting that plea, sophisticated illuminating campaigns, ability for assimilation these are all examples of using vocabulary

This damages their health against their will and could cause them lung cancer.

You can t only write why mobile phones are useful explain why they should not be banned in each body paragraph.

If you take a look at some of my model essays, you will see words repeated and the use of referencing. Some countries allow smokers and nonsmokers to mix without any problem, regardless of whether one is smoking in congested areas or not.

Smokers in India start at a later age than those in Europe or America and smoke less, but in India smoking kills not only from disease like cancer and lung diseases but also from tuberculosis and heart attacks. While I hope that this essay was written in Hindi at the University of Mumbai and that what we see is a botched Google translation I somehow doubt that this is the case. I ve never smoked in my life, and I got brochitis as a small child from second-hand smoking. He may justify his smoking habit saying, It calms me, it helps me work, think and forget the worries.

The right of business owners to allow smoking in their own establishments is a common one. Everyone knows that second-hand smoke is just as, if not more, dangerous than directly inhaling the smoke. It s all about the mind control your mind and you control your life don t let your life control you. You know, oral sex is illegal in some places, but I don t think it stops anyone. They shouldn t be allowed to smoke in crowded areas, we both agreed that smoking is harmful.

The majority of smokers live below the poverty line so they obviously do not need the added expense of buying cigarettes, which are not cheap by any means Demographics of tobacco use. com A service of Insight Innovations LLC, Phoenix, AZ Services of Althoug some people believe that using mobile phones is not allowed in public places.

They even added that women are more susceptible to the commonest form of lung cancer, adeno Carcinoma. For example, if cell phones were not banned in libraries, readers attention would be surely distracted and consequently their ability for assimilation would be limited.

For example, in the library, if we do not find the book which we long to read, we can easily surf internet through mobile and read that. We discourage people from jumping off buildings and from shooting themselves, yet we allow them to slowly kill themselves. At present, it would be labelled as mechanical and this means each linking word is used like a machine without flexibility. I m still not clear on your opinion because you write very clearly that callers must not use their phones to disturb others but then you write I do not believe they should not answer all calls which means the opposite. Imagine sitting in a restuarant unable to enjoy the meal because of the smoke from neighbor s table.

Simply let us know how many pages are needed to be changed and we will deliver it to you on or before the date specified.

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Lack of confidence on someone s character can have a link to start smoking.

Also, it will encourage smokers to quit, and aid them on the difficult journey to be freed from the bounds of addiction.


According to the Center for Disease Control CDC, secondhand smoke contains at least 250 chemicals known to be toxic, including more than 50 that can cause cancer CDC, 2009. If students are forced off campus when they want to smoke, this will lead them to negotiate traffic on foot or by car. a I imagine the 53,800 people you state who die of second-hand smoke each year are not dying from the highly diluted smoke they occasionaly inhale from outdoors smoking. A Silk Cut Ultra argument dressed up as a Capston Full Strength measure. Or inhaled a cloud of smoke as a group of smokers passed, causing you to cough and choke? Despite having special places for smokers in some public places, the smoke cannot be divided by a four feet tall divider or a couple of feet in between smokers and non-smokers in a forty by forty square feet room with a ten feet high ceiling.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge. Keeping all the consequences of smoking in mind, the Government s policy to ban smoking in public places is justifiable.

The federal government mandates that every pack of cigarettes carry a warning on it that smoking can lead to health problems including death. Besides that, smoking can reduced athletic performance. Many restaurant and bar owners think that banning smoking in bars and restaurants will decrease business, but a counter argument to this is that only twenty percent of the city s population are smokers and when the smoking ban is in place that other eighty percent will go out to bars and restaurants and that will dramatically increase business. If smoking is not allowed in public areas it discourages non-smokers from starting to smoke at all. David Smoking has been a global issue nowadays. So, when smoking is so injurious to health, why do people make it a habit? You would just take away the rights of smokers people just like you, only with different habits because they like to smoke? Now a days eerywhere doing awarneas programs about that. here my essay it is true that mobiles cell phones should be prohibited in general places such a libraries and shop and on public transport.

7 36 votes or to post comments Extensive reading listening- reading listening can help essay writing Intensive IELTS reading listening from Cambridge Sentence Nowadays, smoking becomes more common in not only developed countries, but also in developing countries. Introduction Cigarette, a long cylindrical roll of tobacco has been smoked by men for centuries.

A person who wants to smoke can do so by keeping himself in isolation.

But if you just cannot quit try switching over to electronic cigs with the water vapor. Even the statutory warning on the cigarette packets does not stop them.

The diseases that are suffered by the first smoker will also be suffered by the passive smoker. Furthermore, smoking will no longer be an issue when it comes to the influence of peers because nobody is allowed to smoke in public, so peers cannot pressure a person to start smoking.

To summarize, although cell phone, a device, is more informative and entertaining, it creates a negative impression. However, banning smoking in public places will give some justice to the non-smokers.

Noise is highly intrusive and is often a nuisance to most people.

It s like taking a dagger with their own hands and piercing it straight to their own hearts. 2 pages Good Essays- Why Smoking Should be Banned in Public Places.

Fortunately, I was able to receive a call straight away and take timely measures. Using as for a linking device is not for examples.

One s personal enjoyment should not be at the expense of others health. There may also be a sudden realization of the dangers of smoking. With the national health plan going into effect, there is certain to be more and more finger pointing and regulation.

For example, in the library, if we do not find the book which we long to read, we can easily surf internet through mobile and read that. To sum up, with the above mentioned functions, I believe that people should have the right to be free in using their phones in public places.

tags Banning Smoking, Health, Secondhand Smoke 13 Works Cited 1920 words 5. Smokers and non smokers meet at many places like offices. Smoking is called the brown plague and not only does it harm the smoker, but also the environment and the people around us. For years people have been smoking in public thinking it s my body, I can do whatever I want to it, but now that it has been proven that smoking not only harms the smoker, but also those around him or her, they should not be allowed to smoke around other people in public.

Furthermore, mobile phones can also be used as a navigation device to help drivers to navigate the roadways.

Speak Your Mind Name Email Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email. In regards to buses, cars, trucks and the sort, what has a better purpose? As we know, smoking also act as the pivotal cause of chronic bronchitis. Smoking Kills-hy Developing countries are now smoking as much as developed countries. This is how your essay is graded There are 4 components Task Response, Coherence and Cohesion, Lexical Resource, Grammatical Range and Accuracy.

The passive smokers too develops CANCER of various types including that of lungs, mouth, throat, and other parts in the body.

And by using this special areas for smokers, everyone would be happy and the restaurants would make profit. You know, oral sex is illegal in some places, but I don t think it stops anyone. there should be a ban on smoking anywhere that others could be affected by it.

one in ten quit smoking since ban Secondhand Smoke 2009. In conclusion, with the diverse functions of cell phones, its power to save time and lives and to provide entertainment for its users, I do not think it should be prohibited.

Also, it will encourage smokers to quit, and aid them on the difficult journey to be freed from the bounds of addiction. In case no one noticed, lung cancer is one of the most prevalent causes of death in the world and while it can be caused by a number of different factors, it is mostly the effect of cigarette smoking that lines the lungs with tar and nicotine.

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