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Argumentative essays on animal testing - Animal Testing- Argumentative Research Paper Topics- EssayEmpire

UK Parliament In addition, animals are also used in cosmetic testing, toxicology tests, defense research and Improving understanding about Animal Research Animal Testing Posted on by Comments Off on Essay on Animal Testing?, MatTek s TM, produce and test vaccines using human tissues, and perform pregnancy tests using blood samples instead of killing rabbits. The harm that is committed against animals should not be minimized because they are not considered to be human.

Conclusion Scientific findings have established beyond doubt the evidence of animal sentience, the ability for animals to suffer.

Because of animal testing we are where we are in medicine today. Despite the benefits of animal testing, some of the animal welfare organizations concerns need to be addressed with adequate regulations being enacted to ensure that animals are treated humanely.

This means reducing pain and suffering as much as possible. It is obvious why people would be against animal testing in the past, but now technology and new laws have brought us into a new era in which animal testing can be much more humane when it is used. In the article Animal Intelligence written by Marcia Clemmitt states that Australian scientists reported one of the most remarkable feats of animal intelligence to date Clemmitt 2. This area, one of the most secure on the campus, has a separate dock and security cameras at every turn. com contains interesting essays on the best and popular writing topics.

A 2009 survey by researchers at Newcastle University found that mice and rats who underwent painful, invasive procedures, such as skull surgeries, burn experiments, and spinal surgeries, were provided with pain relief only about 20 percent of the time. In the medical field, the use of animals is considered as a necessity. The animals suffer everyday with no protection from cruelty.

Human Skin Grown in Lab can Replace Animal Testing- BBC News. tags Animal Testing 4 Works Cited 1383 words 4 pages Powerful Essays- Hundreds of animals are dying everyday, and it can be avoided.

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I needed urgent help with picking a good essay topic and found a great list here. Research tests conducted on living animals have been practiced since 500 BC. In respect to his capacity, many animals are no different than humans.

All drugs that have been pulled off the market because they caused severe illness or death in human patients were previously tested on other animals. 2 million students every month Accelerate your learning by 29 Unlimited access from just 6.

Because of medicine we have found cures for various diseases, and now can extend our lives for years.

Testing human food additives on other mammals, for example, is often pointless. Learn about us Follow us Explore further Explore free resources you can use for your own research, learning, and writing. By keeping records, information about animals used in testing and research can be gathered. A diagram of this process can be found in Appendix D.

In 2012, a 24-year-old performance artist, Jaqueline Traide, was pulled on a leash into the window of Lush s Regent Street shop window.

According to my aunt Blanca, who is a mother of a child who was diagnosed with severe epilepsy says, We should be thankful and supportive of animal testing Perez. 88 of stillbirths are due to drugs posed to be safe in animal testing 1. As noted on the USDA s Web site USDA 2009, the regulations methodically list subparts for licensing, registration, research facilities, attending veterinarians and adequate veterinary care, stolen animals, records, compliance with standards and holding periods, and other topics such as confiscation and destruction of animals and access to and inspection of records and property.

If we didn t use animals, we d have to test new drugs on people. Conclusion In vitro studies with human cells and serum have permitted scientists to identify the AIDS virus and determine its effect, whereas, on the other side, the usage of thousands of animals for AIDS research have led to few useful results. They believe it s acceptable to harm animals because they are weaker, because they look different, and because their pain is less important than human pain. The AWA is enforced through a federal agency with the usual enforcement powers of investigation, searches, and fines or penalties.

This is a large exemption representing powerful industrial agricultural interests. Since we receive hundreds of emails every day, we will need at least 3-4 business days to get back to you. The resources provides an introduction to five animal topics including costs and benefits and ethics, as well as a list of books and internet resources for more information. from inside laboratories shows that many animals cower in fear every time someone walks by their cage.

In the United States, scientists perform experiments on more than twenty million animals each year.

Is there another way or other ways to achieve the same- or better- advancements?

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Finally, give some idea of the scale of testing that happens in industrialised countries this is a suitably shocking statistic that will make people stop and think. Chemicals that are being tested are added to the dish.

However, the return on that investment has been dismal. Because animals as distant from humans as mice and rats share many and similarities with humans, animal can be tremendously helpful for furthering medical science.

These exemptions are controversial among animal rights activists because they consider the exemptions as contrary to the intent of the act.

In conclusion, it is clear from the discussion that animal testing is beneficial in the field of biomedical research, as it has enabled scientists to test products before bringing humans into the picture. Since most animals do not have the capabilities of humans and also do not seem to possess full autonomy animals do not rationally choose to pursue specific life goals, they are not included in the moral community. One law known as Kanjorski s Law states that any substance that is tested on an animal that can harm a fetal embryo in development, can call the validity of the tests into question. Therefore, animals lives should be respected because they have an inherent right to be treated with dignity. Imagine stuffing eight human beings into a regular sized bedroom.

Research and Testing of Animals to Achieve Public Health Victories IV.

The majority of laboratory animals are purpose bred. United States laws are requiring that the alternatives are meticulously considered before using animals for any testing.

Even if the rabbit lives through the experiment, there still going to kill him to see what happened to his organs.

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