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Objective Denplan wanted to increase brand awareness among dentists working in the UK, so they targeted on-line users of the through standard banner ads.

com Elevating the customer experience by rethinking floral gifting Building the Nii Brand Inspiring an audience to Own the Day Redefining the New Era Brand Sports culture goes mainstream UX Digital innovation Improving the healthcare experience Foot Locker Branding Exploring a visual language for Nike basketball AMEX Open App Empowering SMB s to do more business Branding a community An identity for San Diego s emerging district Back to Campus Bringing the REI brand to a millennial audience Partners since 2011 Helping Ubisoft with branding initiatives A design partnership Helping History Channel improve engagement Branding District Circle An identity for a culture of innovation Windows Phone 8 by HTC Building the global retail program Holiday Campaign Helping REI Give the Gift of the Outdoors An agency partnership Bringing various game titles to consumers We collaborate with ambitious brands and people we d love to build something great together. The number of views and social media mentions were important measures of the campaign s success, but the most significant measure for Old Spice and W K, alike, was earned media because the Old Spice Guy was already widely liked and talked about. Interesting examples, but the thing you haven t included is the cost. ZipZipPlay ZipZapPlay is a gaming start-up company.

RBS ran a four-week Facebook ad campaign targeting users based on age, gender, location and keywords. It also targeted 18- to 28-year-olds in the countries.

It wanted a good sized amount of people to interact with by providing content and updates about the film.

The challenge In addition to their short- and medium-term rentals, Airbnb needed to promote a new program of monthly sublets that meets the demand of customers seeking longer-term housing solutions. Describe any future plans to build on the success of the campaign. The campaign celebrated 95 years of flying Australians home by following Qantas flight routes around the country on an unforgettable nine-day journey, holding Instameets along the way and capturing what FeelsLikeHome to Australians.

Smartphone triggers- QR and beacons in China In my introduction, I downplayed the impact of beacons, NFC and QR codes on OOH advertising.

Facebook fans could click on the advent calendar in order to when prizes. RIC is ranked as one of the most efficient mid-sized airports in the country and we knew its website should follow suit.

Our creative strategy was to optimize the airport s official website, adding functionality for special parking promotions pages. The biggest thing we learned overall was the importance of keeping your creative ideas simple That s been pretty much the key to all of our great campaigns.

Results Over 820,000 New Zealanders were reached by the ads.

The company used Facebook as a way to help them decided which features to include in their new iPhone app. Results The Facebook page reached 1 million fans No one country comprises more than 20 of the fan population During the campaign the event reached 70 of its ticket sales target After search engines, Facebook was the number 1 platform to drive people to the Rugby World Cup website The Facebook Ads were seen over 397 million times throughout the 15 separate campaigns run by the event 75.

Office supply chain OfficeMax also sells digital cameras and other products popular as holiday gifts but its customers didn t think of it as a destination. Fox had to be able to appeal to the older audiences who saw the original movie and the younger audience members who wanted to see the modern version. We updated the program s logo to be more contemporary and refreshed related collateral accordingly., Ferguson offers products and services for contractors, designers and retail consumers. Increasing competition led this global company to refresh its brand identity and reinforce the value of its popular Vonage World international calling service. Keshet used Poll Ads and Marketplace Ads to drive people to the MasterChef Facebook page.

Scaling Flex Frames with DoubleClick With, the team found an efficient way to expand their Flex Frames offering. All Nippon Airways No link Facebook occasionally features this case study in the US Facebook ad dashboard used a creative grouping of keywords to target advertising to users specifically interested in traveling and Japanese culture and developed ad creative that resonated with their audience. Describe how the creative treatment delivered the key messages to the audience. Case studies can be immersive experiences that detail threats, struggles, conquests, and characters. An early and key decision was to turn this perceived weakness into a strength. 8 million impressions and 22k Photoshop downloads of the game. Our goal is to inspire people to create better businesses through social media. You built a tribe of followers and then you used it to engage with content and interaction. Results The Facebook page went from 67 fans to 1,871 fans Grew their Facebook fan base by over 2,500 in one month 61. This list will definitely help many see how they are also faring themselves using this social platform. James Moorhead Brand Manager Old Spice A key lesson from the digital work the agency had already done for Old Spice was the importance of tapping into existing behaviours online rather than trying to create new ones. 04 09 2017 Cheapflights launched an image-based search function, Drag, Drop and Go for people wanting to find flights for worldwide events. to complete a 20 minute survey about life on campus. The House put out Reach Block ads featuring top performer appearances and offering free tickets. by tracking large samples of people, analysing millions of points of geo-satellite data, as well as conducting eye-tracking studies. Smartphone triggers- QR and beacons in China In my introduction, I downplayed the impact of beacons, NFC and QR codes on OOH advertising. Above The Influence PSA The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy created Above The Influence in order to give teens with credible information about substance abuse. Successful Email Acquisition Efforts Allowed For Further Targeting On Facebook Instagram.

05 10 2017 To celebrate All Hallows Eve, Adobe hosted a little murder mystery challenge for Photoshop users on its Photoshop Facebook page.

6Nike Running Netherland Nike wanted to re-position its Running category in the Netherlands and show running in a new light. Key to this was never how high the creative bar needs to be to persuade consumers to engage in a low-interest product category. Even though BP ran the same QR code on six competitor journals, over half of their traffic came from the Nature cover tip-on.

It created three branches to handle this project, Marketing, E-commerce, and Customer Care. Mazda Motors UK Mazda UK began their presence on Facebook with a check-in deal that allowed consumers to take 20 off a Mazda MX-5 Miyako when they checked into a dealership on Facebook.

The ads targeted both men and women who would be interested in banking and geographical locations where Pringle would be visiting.

The following case study from Kellogg provides a paramount example of how a systematic framework for the creation and delivery of digital advertising, aligned with the right measurement approach, can drive both greater efficiency and effectiveness for brand advertisers. For instance, if you publish a local parenting magazine, explain that the products and services that appear in the publication appeal to parents of newborns, toddlers and grade school children. Its Web site, the Yellow Pages, and direct mail initiatives continued to bring in some new customers. There s no need for an ad to run for two weeks- it can be designed to run for an afternoon. I am overwhelmed with the results from our recent alert campaign We are exceptionally satisfied with the level of service we ve received from Nature Research Karen Michailo, Director of Marketing, Expression Analysis Objective Ajinomoto promotes human health and improved nutrition by increasing the palatability of affordable and sustainable food resources.

Jam3 Jam3 is a digital production studio that partners with both agencies and brands. Scotiabank ran Premium Like Ads to bring users to the page and Event Ads to draw audiences to the Valerie Pringle roundtable discussions. It is a bit like someone else driving off in your favourite sports car, without even asking let alone buying it first! Manchester United Manchester United is an English Premier League soccer club. You want to rally your sales force around it, and at the same time excite the retailers who ll carry it.

Testicular cancer is the number 1 cancer in young men. 11 10 2017 Vodafone worked with Bing to help the telecoms brand drive innovation, improve their search strategy and increase customer acquisition. The Facebook page offered fans the chain to win competitions and sweepstakes and create a virtual shirt featuring their name. Squishable Squishable is a company that sells unique stuffed animals for children and adults such as the narwhal, platypus, and panda. The office wanted to drive Facebook connections and enhance their social media marketing. You ll be the first to get the scoop on our latest services, promotions and industry news.

Results The U audience reached 34 of all New Zealanders The TVNZ U Facebook Page went from 1,000 fans to 15,000 fans during the campaign.

Nizharadze wanted to increase her Facebook page fans and video views.

They targeted people with healthy living keywords in their interests or likes and women aged 18 and older.

As a Hong Kong specific airline, they targeted by ad types by gender, country, and age. RED launched a Facebook campaign to spread awareness to and induce engagement in users and businesses on Facebook.

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