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Case study for advertising - Native ads New York Times case study- DoubleClick

Flex Frames are an advertising model where the ads seamlessly integrate with a reader s experience of content. org wanted to drive relevant traffic to theirwebsite and ideally have users sign up for their email list.

Disclosure Where possible, Social Fresh adds affiliate codes when discussing social media products and services. com Introducing the future of eyesight correction VainGloryGame.

The case study is an in-depth look at the design and technology of the project, but it does this through visuals and interactive elements. 4 million fans 41 elected officials declared November 27, 2010 Small Business Saturday The event received about 3,000 mentions in the press 10.

It created three branches to handle this project, Marketing, E-commerce, and Customer Care. 14 July, 2016 Six case studies that show how digital out-of-home advertising is changing Out of home OOH advertising is changing as more and more digital inventory is unveiled. com Bringing storytelling and personality to eCommerce Beatsbydre.

Objective BP was looking to recruit top talent in geology, geophysics, and engineering. Krispy Kreme launch new American Classics range in limited edition Bluetooth jukebox Krispy Kreme have created a retro jukebox complete with Bluetooth speaker to launch the doughnut brand s new range, American Classics.

Prior to the start of this campaign, Nature Research delivered customized market research to help CST establish brand benchmarks such as awareness, usage, and purchase intent. It appears that it is only available in the USA at this stage based upon this recent article on Twitter Thanks for the nice, clear article on ways to use twitter ads. You can include all the elements of an intriguing story while also alluring your prospects with visuals, videos, and interactive graphics. What s more, the animation was picked up by the Associated Press and played on massive displays in New York Times Square and the Las Vegas strip. Results More than 10,000 people connected to the Gonuts for Donuts Facebook Page within a few months, a 750 increase The company successfully opened 7 new stores Certain campaigns received up to 0.

ASB ran an ad campaign to launch its Virtual Branch, an application users could download from their Facebook page and chat with ASB Banking Specialists about their accounts. As a B B in the highly competitive historic Pittsburgh area, the Morning Glory Inn needed a way to attract more recreational and business travelers. EASTPAK then went further and targeted friends of people who had clicked through on the ads.

The Strategy The idea was simple the Old Spice Guy would personally respond to fans messages and comments posted across a variety of social media, including Facebook and Twitter, through a series of video messages accessed via YouTube. Check out how brands are getting with their campaigns during! The animation is visually stunning- the scientific content and download numbers speak for themselves. The company wanted to better customer relations by speaking with customers one-on-one. The user-tracking feature was incorporated to figure out which targeted demographic had the best retention, engagement, and monetization results. QR codes particularly have been around for a while and are, often to follow a WeChat account. While others are still hashing out whether their CEO should be Twittering, blogging, or Plurking, Zappos Tony Hsieh has been using Twitter for over a year. They targeted ads to fans and friends of fans to push this campaign, a contest to win a trip around the world. O2 went to Facebook to bring more awareness to the campaign and also to drive people to the O2 Facebook Page to create a discussion.

Kia Motors America Kia Motors produced the Kia Soul in 2009 with the target consumer being Generation Y.

com Bringing storytelling and personality to eCommerce Beatsbydre. A wildly popularly web-based viral marketing campaign helped OfficeMax distinguish itself and encourage shoppers. 04 08 2016 Iceland made smart use of Facebook ads to reposition the UK frozen food retailer in a cost effective way. This case study looks at how the travel site got a 95 clickthrough rate to the site with a quirky interactive banner search campaign 08 08 2017 A campaign that helped the land bank calculate the carbon footprint of every credit-card purchase took one of the top digital prizes as the Cannes Lions Festival 2017. Menu Getting on TV Planning and Buying TV TV on a budget Useful resources How to use TV Spots Sponsorship and content VOD Research Thinkbox research BARB data Nickable Charts Case studies Case studies An ever-expanding library of inspiring case studies. PepsiCo wanted to create a large branding event, get its advertisements closer to its consumers, create an engaging atmosphere, and drive audiences to its Cricket World Cup app. The entire team was blown away with it as no one had ever seen anything like it and we weren t sure how it could be pulled off.

Auto insurance provider Amazon Advertising Platform campaign outperforms client benchmarks by 3x with 5. Now, with Facebook lead gen, we re cutting out a step and our cost-per-lead has gone way down.

2 million impressions The campaign received nearly 6,500 clicks Almost 200 users completed the survey while almost 350 started the survey 631 unique comments about the app features, naming, and other ideas were posted 73. EASTPAK then went further and targeted friends of people who had clicked through on the ads.

The company placed out Facebook ads targeting keywords on potential consumers Facebook pages keywords in their profiles like photography, scrapbooking, married, and women. One of the largest ophthalmology practices in the state asked us to create a robust media plan that would drive eye care consumers to its 10 central Virginia locations. i was frustrated and hopeless, i contacted Doctors and they all promised to help me but their effort was helpless. For me twitter is all about increasing followers, and following specific people who falls within my business line. It includes legendary items such as the Big Mac, fries and the Cheeseburger, all of which have become part of popular culture. ZipZipPlay ZipZapPlay is a gaming start-up company. June 21, 2017 Register to enable downloads, activate My Thinkbox and get our newsletters Tick this box if you d rather NOT receive comms from us.

The brand promoted its page and its event through Facebook Reach Block Premium Ads targeting Malaysian males above the legal drinking age. Consumer Packaged Goods This chocolatier was looking to generate awareness and installs of it s mobile application for a special seasonal promotion. Explain the Problem and Objectives Specify the problem or challenge your customer brought to you, such as needing to reach a sales goal or finding new customers in a certain segment of the market.

was about to launch the new M M S Pretzels, they decided to create a high demand for the candy before it ever hit the shelves. WHAT WE ACHIEVED Holiday 2015 results achieved and surpassed expectations across both platforms. It took out Poll Ads, Video Ads, and Reach Blocks to take people to the Why Do website and the O2 Facebook Page. And while it could rely on the brand names of its clients, it shows its agency s expertise by publishing wireframes, workflows, and charts created during the initial planning phase and visuals of the final creative or product.

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