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Best facebook case studies - 5 outstanding Facebook marketing case studies- Our Social Times- Social Media for Business

TE Connectivity also sponsored Andretti Racing for NASCAR s Indy 500 and the Formula E race, and expanded its reach by including engineers and journalists on the Andretti Racing team, opening the doorway to conversation about TE Connectivity and the role it can place in the automotive and industrial industries.

It then towed the truck to a Ryder facility, where it was lovingly restored by a team of Ryder technicians. People get distracted via phones, TV, jobs, reviews, searching for coupons. Test your audiences and creatives against each other Ask family and friends for help! That s too little, but you can easily open it up again, by adding a few more locations.

With the walkers wearing bright orange shirts, and the dogs in orange handkerchiefs, they were a hard group to miss in person or in the video.

So how do you bump up those Facebook likes, comments, and shares without losing hours in your day? SEO and Facebook Ads In this post, I will try to show you how I target a niche via SEO and via Facebook ads.

This was simply a one-time case study to prove it was possible to make money with Facebook and Teespring. In this free guide, learn how to transform your social media marketing efforts from a routine to a critical component in achieving your business goals. Fisher Tank This company produces giant, steel-welded tanks. Set a country, or even specific states and cities, as well as the right age and gender categories.

Executive sponsorship Support the integration throughout your organization.

Valentine s Day Case Study How I turned 55 into 124 to Validate a Marketing Point This case study was a test for me to validate a point before getting involved in an e-commerce niche.

Results In four days, the Ace Hardware Facebook Page went from 20,000 fans to almost 50,000 fans The ad campaign generated about 50,000 clicks to the Facebook page The number of fan postings on the Facebook page grew by 900 5.

They will be more inclined to engage with your Facebook Ads if it s not asking for their credit card but rather giving some value without any cost to them. The ads will mostly be the same, so there s not even a ton of work involved. Second, they wisely chose to promote the contest on their fan page not only before the contest, but after it had ended as well.

We ll start with a quick overview of three most important SaaS Facebook marketing best practices.

AT T AY T is a large communications service provider to businesses and individuals. The above brands all aim to create excitement by having people behind the brand who are passionate and committed to creating the kind of experiences that fans are looking for. These boosted posts have worked very well for our clients in the past.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner Through a potentially inexpensive and definitely easy-to-craft contest campaign, you can get better engagement more email contacts increased fans and followers production of user-generated content enhanced word-of-mouth exposure And that s the paradoxical beauty of Facebook contests Regardless of which fan s win s you always do. He could knock out 2-3 designs in that time so it was minimal investment. All of the materials we post on our blog or send out are meant as educational and informational material that we do not guarantee the success of, if being implemented. 3 Facebook Ads Case Studies for Improving Conversion Rate Inc.

Hi Sebastien You can ask and thank Mohammed in our Facebook group or message him Thanks Excellent information.

I had to go with right column because the news feed ads were like 6 dollars a pop or something. This is the level where you actually design your ads and decide elements like copy, images and CTA buttons.

Retargeting Case Study 7 Chubbies AdRoll I m a huge fan of Chubbies, even though I ve never owned a pair of their famous shorts. Facebook s ads can deliver major website traffic, leads, and sales both to B2C and B2B brands. The site enables cross promotion for partners who Results Their Facebook CPC ads drove 3x more traf? For those of you new to, essentially it allows you to design t-shirts for free that you can then promote and sell. A new B2B financial industry business discovered their offering wasn t needed or wanted by the target audience. You ve addressed the important points straight forward and explain how to get most of facebook fan pages? Take mattress retailer Casper, for instance, which uses sponsored ads to drive traffic to its mattress product page.

After all, it makes sense that people want to test your product before they make a large monetary commitment. The Starbucks Facebook fan page is a great example of how a company can still engage fans without the use of flashy apps, and instead simply focusing on quality content.

To help you get a better understanding of B2B Facebook ads and see whether it s a good fit for your company, we put together this guide.

p p I ve found that mobile is a lot better for me than desktop ads. I just LOVE that we actually have a chance to succeed with even a small ad budget.- 3 years ago I did try to see if the slogan was taken and don t think it was. May be bz your t-shirt was a targeted typo one who born on that year. Although, he provided a lot of insight from his million dollar spending on Facebook Ads, here are some of the key takeaways and lessons learned. Up-to-date and relevant training from our passionate researchers, analysts, consultants and practitioners. We ll keep this one simple, with just an encouraging CTA in a simple design. a Roee is an SEO, social and conversion expert with a strong marketing portfolio behind him. And after spending 8240 on the ads on these groups, he was able to get 3496 in Sales from 1800 in ad spend from group 1 1546 in Sales from 895 in ad spend from group 2 9039 in Sales from 5153 in ad spend from group 3 Although all of the ads returned an ROI of 2 1, the 3rd group clearly outperformed the others. merinna- 3 years ago Hello I just started tee spring a couple days ago and I just wanted to know what way is the best, fastest, and most successful way to promote?

Results The campaign went global with countries like Canada, USA, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and Bahrain The page gained 6 fans every minute during the first days of the World Cup More than 900,000 people had clicked to go to the page by the campaign s completion 21. We needed to educate on an entire category while elevating the brand as the leader of that category, said a CSX spokesperson. Sounds like a good almost too good deal to me ConvertKit s offering a free webinar Notice how ConvertKit s using the power of numbers to get people s attention. It got worse when Google forced everyone to use misspellings, plurals and close variants essentially bastardizing their keyword targeting. I set the sales target to 30 I set my price per tee at 19. She has a custom well designed website I will clone it for you guys soon and she has had the business of the baby clothing for a quite of time now. So you gotta stick with it and just test little variations to make sure performance won t drop off a cliff. Celebrity endorsement Using somebody recognizable like former model and Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi catches people s attention and entices them to participate.

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