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Philosophy essay existence of god - The Existence of God Problems of Philosophy Series John Hick, Paul Edwards 9780020854500 Books

If the puzzles associated with the traditional conception of God cannot somehow be removed, the traditional view will clash with the Compatibility Principle, whose main point is to rule out inconsistent beliefs. As Harris puts it, religion is the denial at once full of hope and full of fear of the vastitude of human ignorance.

Faith that blindly follows is not a biblical concept, in fact God is not rightly glorified if the reason for Christian faith is we followed in spite of some glaring evidence to the contrary. Thus, by definition, if God exists as an idea in the mind but does not necessarily exist in reality, then we can imagine something that is greater than God. More recently, the philosopher Richard Swinburne looked at the issue more inductively, writing, There is quite a chance that if there is a God he will make something of the finitude and complexity of a universe.

If so, the fine-tuning argument does not get started. Consider some examples for Buddhists there is no creator God, whereas Muslims affirm that the universe was created by the one true God, Allah for Advaita Vedanta Hindus, the concept of Ultimate Reality is pantheistic monism in which only Brahman exists, whereas Christians affirm theistic dualism in which God exists as distinct from human beings and the other created entities for Muslims and Christians, salvation is the ultimate goal whereby human beings are united with God forever in the afterlife, while the Buddhists ultimate goal is nirvana an extinguishing of the individual self and complete extinction of all suffering. We can prove certain negative existential claims merely by reflecting on the content of the concept. The general point here, then, is this Anselm s argument works, if at all, only for concepts that are entirely defined in terms of properties that admit of some sort of intrinsic maximum.

What do the predominant religious and nonreligious thinkers past and present have to say about the nature of God. This is contrary to the evidentialist approach in which it is irrational to believe a claim without evidence.

Such a person might well be construed as more truly a believer than a person who smugly assents to religious doctrines but is unwilling to act on them. This criticism is aimed not merely at Kant, but at other practical moral arguments. 4 Something had to have designed the Universe The Design Argument, or teleological argument, suggests we live in a Universe that surely had to be designed. This isn t really an argument for God s existence rather it s the claim that you can know God exists wholly apart from arguments, by personally experiencing him. with Christianity for two centuries, especially in England and France. Another important objection offered by Immanuel Kant was that existence is not a real predicate. Currently it is just an idea with no supporting evidence.

We know causality is true because we bring it to all our experience, rather than our experience bringing it to us., 1920, The Moral Argument for Personal Immortality, in King s College Lectures on Immortality, London University of London Press.

He is merely the instrumental means for meting out the justice requisite for this woman s previous moral failings. Both Dawkins and Hitchens suggest that Kant uncovered Anselm s mistake and Kant certainly had an influential objection. Peter Byrne argues that each of the different major religious traditions reflects some aspect of the transcendent. If God created shapes, God created the and types of shapes too. According to Locke, the existence of God is an instance of demonstrable knowledge in any reasoning being. Why would God remain hidden and elusive, especially when individuals would benefit from being aware of God? Descartes reply to this objection is that only some of our ideas correspond to true and immutable natures, other ideas depict fictitious or invented natures which are put together by the intellect. Why something rather than nothing, that is the question?

The provide complete explanations for apparent design. The Bible said that there is people who saw the God, so there is some evidence that appear here, Jesus also said in the Bible You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart, I will be found by you. Oppy and Graham, 1996 revised in 2011 Different philosophers argued that the existence of God in not necessary because there is no proof that if something is predictive or superlative it also exists. People experience a sense of morality that leads them to hold strongly that certain things are right or wrong for all people in all cultures.

Now, adventitious ideas could have been created by Descartes himself.

We then get to the problem of evil which appears to make hash out of the hypothesis that there is an omnipotent and benevolent god.

The argument in this difficult passage can accurately be summarized in standard form It is a conceptual truth or, so to speak, true by definition that God is a being than which none greater can be imagined that is, the greatest possible being that can be imagined. On the Infinite, in Philosophy of Mathematics, ed. It can also mean one s intention or motivation for a given action, or what happens to an individual. Certain evils that occur, such as the suffering of others, cause us to be compassionate, courageous, etc. This allows Adams to claim that God s commands make actions obligatory or forbidden, while denying that the commands are arbitrary. If there is to be an ultimate, or complete, explanation, it will have to ground in some way the most fundamental, contingent facts of the universe in a necessary being, something which has the reason for its existence within its own nature.

Rationality and Science Can Science Explain Everything? The actual argument is as follow 1 If God exists only in understanding, then we can think of a being greater than God.

Morality is grounded in pure practical reason, and the moral agent must act on the basis of maxims that can be rationally endorsed as universal principles.

The arguments attempt to prove God s existence from the meaning of the word God. As a Pagan, I have to admit that there are quite a few scholars in the field of Divinity, including the editor of this book, John Hick. About the Author Alex Byrne teaches philosophy at MIT. Religion is the single most dangerous thing that humanity has ever dreamt up, It teaches us to blindly follow those in power without question, and to trust them in all aspects of life. He believed that God is that than which nothing greater can be conceived if one understand this, then God exists in his mind but it is greater to exist in reality as well as in the mind than to exist only in the min. 2 million students every month Accelerate your learning by 29 Unlimited access from just 6. Now consider necessary existence Descartes needs a point that mirrors that about times, namely if it is possible that a necessary being exists then it must actually exist.

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