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Research paper sources example - Cite Your Sources- Legal Research Law- Research Guides at Modesto Junior College Library

Source Example Magazine and journal volume and issue number formatting 12 4 12 is the volume number in italics and 4 is the issue number. Ex According to Wallace add a line break here, and then indent the entire quote. Make sure you copy exactly, not how you ll write it in the paper. The revised paragraph below makes everything clear. More info has more information about citing multiple authors, undated sources, etc.

From the Mayfield Handbook of Technical and Scientific Writing MIT only. Citing an Author or Authors A Work by Two Authors Name both authors in the signal phrase or in the parentheses each time you cite the work. Ask where to find references the week before the paper is due. Contains a section on what qualifies as common knowledge. Robbins, personal communication, January 4, 2001. Referencing your sources means systematically showing what information or ideas you are quoting or paraphrasing from another author s work, and where they come from.

H2778 2007 Description Handbook for writing college papers and citing sources in APA, MLA, or Chicago style. Instead of asking, How do I cite a book or DVD or Web page? A summary is normally shorter than the original a distillation of the source s ideas. Or the secondary source might offer an analysis of the primary source that you want to refer the reader to. Overview- Citations- Academic Guides at Walden University search website Search Citations have the same three elements regardless of source author publication year, and page or paragraph number. World Wide Web sites To document a specific file, provide as much as possible of the following information Author s name Date of publication or last revision if known, in parentheses Title of document Title of complete work if relevant, in italics or underlined Online in square brackets Availability indicated by the word Available URL Retrieval Date indicated in square brackets at end of citation Patterson, O. Add oomph to your position by quoting someone who also backs it, with good reason. Note that facts are different from ideas facts may not need to be cited, whereas ideas must always be cited. The first letter of each major word in the title is capitalized.

If you don t find what you re looking for in the Research Paper Guide or on the site above, here s a Web site you may find very useful for your Assignment 4 report. Because of this fundamental change, the entries produced by the two approaches are different. Whatever reason you have for needing to summarize, the guidelines below will help you The summary must be significantly shorter than the source.

cities, add the standard postal abbreviations for state for example, Chatham, MA.

They are the electronic equivalent of course notes and textbooks. I have written tons of encyclopedia articles, and I strive to do the most accurate job possible, but I know the limitations of encyclopedias from all angles. ipl2 This resource allows you to search by subject.

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If you are studying something more recent, sometimes you can find video or audio interviews with major players in your topic. For more information about when you don t need to cite, see Ballenger, Bruce P. To receive information about future webinars, follow APA Style on or, or check for announcements from Psi Chi.

Use a reference page for reference to parenthetical citations. A bibliography is an alphabetized list of sources that have been used to compile data, typically in an article, essay, or research paper.

You can find specific information on a Web page by using the Edit menu of your browser Internet Explorer or Netscape. Plagiarism is generally grounds for failure of a course and can lead to dismissal from college. Citations reflect the careful and thorough work you have put into locating and exploring your sources. Tip When asking your librarian or teacher, just be sure to be tactful. My experience with my own course materials is that if you build it, they will come, because hard information is still sparse on the Internet. Leave margins of at least one-inch at the top, bottom, right, and left of every page. While direct quotations can be useful for illustrating a rhetorical choice of your author, in most other cases paraphrasing the material is more appropriate. The Structure, Format, Content, and Style of a Journal-Style Scientific Paper. In your Works Cited or References you only list items you have actually cited in your paper. Select from one of the other courses available Discover 44 more articles on this topic Don t miss these related articles 1 2 3 4 5 Save this course for later Don t have time for it all now? Some library databases, such as Academic Search Complete and PsycINFO, list a Digital Object Identifier DOI for individual articles.

This style sheet was produced with the aid of the Publication manual of the American Psychological Association 3rd ed. Ellipses can be used before, after, or in the center of a quote.

Sample citation Smith and Jones 118 Note Give the authors names in the order in which they appear on the title page notice that only the first author s name is inverted. but it has been argued that this was not the case Welch 1991 136. The page number of a newspaper article is preceded by p.

or Poets, according to Shelley, are the unacknowledged legislators of the world. But I m not suggesting you should quote the Wikipedia article. Although you may not be writing a meta-analysis article for publication, this is a good model of how to describe a search in your paper. Most of the sources you use in a research paper or thesis should be primary sources, not secondary sources.

A citation is part of the sentence in which the information appears, but a citation is not part of a quotation. As Wallace 1972 postulated in Individual and Group Behavior, a person who acts a certain way independently may act in an entirely different manner while the member of a group cited in Barkin, 1992, p. Referencing your sources means systematically showing what information or ideas you are quoting or paraphrasing from another author s work, and where they come from. Sometimes this will necessitate adding sentences or phrases to connect a paragraph or series of paragraphs back to the thesis sometimes a few connecting words like although, however, another example of this, or in spite of such findings will be sufficient.

A DOI is a unique identifying number for an article. You don t want to use questionable articles written by the girl who works at the pizza joint down the street or by your best friend s cousin s uncle who says he knows a lot about whatever you re writing about.

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