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Review of literature on employee motivation - Work Motivation and Employee Performance A Review of Vie Theory on JSTOR

It is indicative of the above discussion, most of the motivation dimensions viz.

1 Strongly agree 2 Agree 3 Uncertain 4 Disagree 5 Strongly disagree 25 Delegation of authority to encourage juniors is quite common in my organization. Giving a job security to an employee makes him more responsible toward job.

Full-text Article Jan 2016 International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets In SSA, the problem of poor remunerations of workers has been a lingering issue of concern in several work organisations, most especially in the private sector, where most employers derive pleasure in exploiting workers, taking the advantage of the high level of unemployment in the region.

However, if the results of their work don t contribute to the goals of the organization, then the 5 organization is not any better off than if the employees were sitting on their hands maybe worse off! Last important stage of employment is a late career stage, 55 years of age and above Sekhar et al. Based from these theoretical perspectives, it is clear that employees would have to receive something in return in order to encourage them to work productively towards transformation and enhancement.

Reactions to skill assessment The forgotten factor in explaining motivation to learn.

18 argue that as need satisfaction is an attitude, and that it isperfectly possible for a worker to be satisfied with his her need, but not be motivated the Reverse of which holds equally true. Australian Journal of Business and Management Research, 1 9, 113 123. In the early and middle stage of life, money is important to goal setting because offering such incentives bring person being more willing to expand effort to meet a given goal level than not offering the incentives. He suggests that, people tend to view their outcomes and inputs as aratio and then compare these ratios with others and turn to become motivated if this ratio is high. Motivation is very important for working independently along with for working together and successful group work.

Workplace behaviour is posited to be determined by persons current need 37 state in certain Universal need category. According to steers, mowday Shapiro Tension or drive To fulfill or need Fulfillment and Re-definition of needs Goal directed Behavior 2004,p382 the process generated during this period, makes this period referred to as the golden age of work motivation theories. Both employees and employers are interested in understanding motivation if employees know what strengthens and what weakens their motivation, they can often perform more effectively to find more satisfaction in their job. The key to helping to motivate your employees is to understand what motivates them. The longing for achievement is inherent in every man, but not all persons look to achievement as their motivation. Alternatively, extrinsic or hygiene factors refer to job security and payments.

Studying employee motivation which influence and determine human behavior in worth because ultimately all the aspects related to employee motivation ultimately leads to good industrial relationship enhances inter personal relation ultimately leads to increase productivity and growth of the organization.

Весь автопарк представлен современными машинами, которые перед выездом на каждый заказ проходят технической контроль. ABSTRACT This salary structure of the administrative personnel in some selected Federal, State andPrivate universities, southwest Nigeria with the aim of finding the average. The discrepancies in these research findings supports the idea that what motivates employees differs given the context in which the employee works.

to get these rewards various inputs needs to be employed by the employees to the job as time, experience, efforts, education and loyalty.

5 percent n 5 respondent with disagree,0 percent respondents with strongly disagree. The authors are of the view that ranking of needs highly essential along with interesting and challenging jobs, preferences and wants, the role of money in people s life etc. The incentives matrix The comparative effectiveness of rewards, liabilities, duties, and protections for reporting illegality. In this study and the two cited above, interesting work ranked as the most important motivational factor. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Skinner who propounded that any behavior that is rewarded tends to be repeated supported This view. Empirical studies on employee motivation using the original and Adapted Maslow s model If any person has to come up with the question that is there any need for employees motivation? Journal of Accounting and Organizational Change, 8 3, 386 402. 11 Table shows supervisor take interest in our problem, well being future Employee response Frequency Percentage Strongly agree 7 17. Socialization Some people consider socialization to be their main motivation for actions.

How does this content violate the Lulu Membership Agreement? But there s nothing that lifts the spirits like some friendly competition. Contrary to what Maslow s theory suggests, the range of motivational factors are mixed in this study. This is the problem which is faced by the many employees of that company.

and social processes of leadership as predictors of organizational outcomes. If an employee at the centers feels that there is a lack of appreciation for work done, as being too low relative to another employee, an inequity may exist and the employee will be dis-motivated.

88 1 Strongly agree 2 Agree 3 Uncertain 4 Disagree 5 Strongly disagree 27 My organization tries to make the job more challenging which prevents us from gel ting bored on the job. Johns and Loyd have felt that there is a need to explore internal and external factors which results in indifferent behavior. Development and Learning in Organizations, 27 2, 16 19.

7 Table shows working conditions are clean,pleasant safe of respondent. These used to motivate the employee to do better and achieve the organizational goals and objectives. Report Product Details ISBN 9781300605300 Copyright Copyright Standard Copyright License Published January 12, 2013 Language English File Format ePub File Size 9. To obtain the most from engaged workers, companies must position them to direct their extra efforts efficiency.

These previous studies have also been taken using different methods, from surveys, face-face interviews, but their outcomes have not differed significantly.

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