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Phd thesis computer sciences - Bristol University Department of Computer Science

Collins Graduation date August 2004 Thesis title Advisor Charles Stewart Employment after graduation GE Global Research Center Student Matthew C.

Thesis form which states that the thesis is ready for defense.

UBC Computer Science Theses UBC Electronic Theses Electronic theses and dissertations EDTs from 2008 on can be found in.

2001 Generating Adaptive Hypertext Borges Ferreira Gomes, V. The proposal must be presented and approved at least six 6 months before the dissertation is completed.

1998 Belief Rationality and Inference Lewis Kelham, E.

Students are also required to complete the following graded coursework.

Select a Subdiscipline within the field of Computer Science IT Our Portals 62419 Masters 4117 PhD s 5410 Courses 86911 Bachelors 10666 Courses 3538 Scholarships 178859 Student Experiences 3642 Courses Why do we ask this? The committee members should be Rochester faculty members holding the rank of at least assistant professor, and three should be from the Department of Computer Science. All PhD students are required to complete 1 credit hour of Introduction to Faculty Research a CPSC 9500 offered in your first semester, 3 credit hours of Research Experience typically in your second semester as CPSC 8880 or CPSC 9500 credits, at least 6 additional credit hours of PhD seminar courses CPSC 9500, and 18 credit hours of doctoral research CPSC 9910. Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol. 2011 Biometric Vocal Tract Modelling An Artificial Speaker to Investigate the Energetics of Speech Production Huang, F.

At least one of the four selected core courses must be from the Formal Thinking course group, which consists of 8280, 8380, 8390, 8400 and 8730.

students that decide to work with a faculty member based at Cornell Tech typically move to New York City after a year in Ithaca. Students will be required to give a presentation to the panel. 1998 An Investigation Of The Relationship In Computer Graphics Maier, V. The student is expected to answer satisfactorily any questions raised on the subject matter pertaining to her his research thesis and related subjects.

1998 Physically Based Modelling Of Human Limbs Cooper, M.

Copyright 2017 Clemson University School of Computing 100 McAdams Hall, Clemson, S.

Acceleration You may choose to attempt the third-year process in your second year. The PhD QE will be offered twice a year, at the end of each semester for CS candidates. 1990 Designing A Parallel Graph Reduction Machine With Dynamic Granularity Control Ramirez Idarraga, J.

1998 A novel approach to high quality voice using echo cancellation and silence detection Esposito, U. 1998 A Computational Model of the Perceptual Organisation of Polyphonic Music Gonidis, F.

Student Eunyoung Seegyoung Seol Graduation date August 2005 Thesis title FMDB flexible distributed mesh database for parallel automated adaptive analysis Advisor Mark Shephard Employment after graduation Student Garrett R.

This beautiful area provides many opportunities for recreational activities such as sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, kayaking, scuba diving, both downhill and cross-country skiing, ice skating, rock climbing, hiking, camping, caving, and wine-tasting. Krishnamoorthy Employment after graduation IBM Student William Maniatty Graduation date December 1998 Thesis title Advisor Boleslaw Szymanski Employment after graduation University at Albany Student Wesley Kaplow Graduation date December 1998 Thesis title Advisor Boleslaw Szymanski Employment after graduation Lucent Student Yaowadee Temtanapat Graduation date December 1998 Thesis title Access control in a distributed database system with local site autonomy Advisor David Spooner Employment after graduation King Mongkut s Institute of Technology Student Kishore Bubna Graduation date August 1998 Thesis title Advisor Charles V.

2010 DynamiTE A 21st Century framework for concurrent component- based design Hung, K. A research paper in which a significant component of the writing was done by the candidate must be included.

The QE paper will be assigned according to one of the following six research clusters for evaluation 1. Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol.

2006 Empirical Software Engineering Developing Behaviour and Preferences Kempton, T. 2005 Techniques for the Synthesis of Visual Speech Eggink, J. To ensure complete openness the Computer Science Program has adopted public requirements that indicate once a thesis has been approved one copy must be made available for public perusal, preferably on-line. Needham 1988-10-01 1992-08-01 1992-10-01 John Michael Levine A flexible bidirectional dialogue system Dr S.

Questions may address any aspect of the proposal, including the actual research, the larger problem, your familiarity with previous work, and your expected attack on specific sub-problems. After the presentation, a 10-minute Q A session will be available for the public. Dissertation Advisory Committee Your preliminary advisory committee members will usually become your dissertation advisory committee. На сайте факультета доступны материалы дня открытых дверей Ежегодная Международная школа лидера СОЦИОЛОГ ждет новых участников. are responsive, creative, and well-versed in the computer sciences field, and will help you achieve success with your thesis.

Needham 1994-10-01 2000-05-01 2000-10-24 Giampaola Bella The inductive verification of cryptographic protocols 1996-10-01 2000-04-07 2000-07-18 Kan Zhang On Secure Information Flow in Computer Systems Prof. 2008 Learning to Adapt in Dialogue Systems Data-driven Models for Personality Recognition and Generation Makin, S. 1990 Design Of A Natural Language Interface Using User Models To Drive The Performance Of The System Richmond, P. 2005 Evolutionary Search for Test Data in the Presence of State Behaviour Meredith, M. Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol. Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol.

2003 A method for generating test cases from UML for use with programming Salahuddin, Sarah 2009 Analysing the Impact of Change on Finite State Machine Test Sets Salas Zuniga, M. Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol. students that decide to work with a faculty member based at Cornell Tech typically move to New York City after a year in Ithaca. 1998 Formal Computational Models Of Biological Systems Benharrats, L.

The research program to be followed must be clearly defined, and a clear indication given as to where the research will be conducted.

Clocksin 1997-04-01 2000-01-06 2000-10-24 Oi Yee Olivia Kwong Word sense selection in texts an integrated model Prof. Typically, a student s advisor, co-advisor, or one other CS member and the outside member are designated reviewers.

Students are also required to complete the following graded coursework. The Graduate Student Services and Progress office will send a Final Oral Examination Report Doctoral Degree form to the chair of the Final Examination Committee, please note that this will not be a student s advisor. Hand 2006-10-01 2010-05-11 2010-10-12, Unspecified quantification 2006-10-01 2010-04-27 2010-10-12, Daniel Greenfield Rentian locality in chip 2006-04-17 2010-04-16 2010-07-01 Grammatical error prediction 2006-10-01 2010-04-01 2010-07-01, Active attacks on secure hardware 2003-10-01 2010-03-19 2010-07-01, Mohan Ganesalingam The Language of Mathematics 2007-10-01 2010-02-26 2010-07-01 Thomas Cashman subdivision surfaces 2006-10-01 2010-01-22 2010-03-02 Richard Van der Wath Computational modelling of hematopoietic stem cell division and regulation dynamics 2005-10-01 2010-01-01 2010-03-02 Daniel O Keeffe Distributed complex event detection for pervasive computing 2003-10-01 2009-12-18 2010-03-02 Pradipta Biswas Inclusive user modelling 2006-10-01 2009-12-16 2010-03-02 learning for biomedical information extraction 2006-10-01 2009-12-10 2010-04-20 Chung Kil Hur Categorical equational systems algebraic models and equational reasoning 2004-10-01 2009-11-12 2010-03-02 Sriram Srinivasan Kilim A server framework with lightweight actors, isolation types and Zero-copy messaging 2005-10-01 2009-11-11 2010-01-19 John Billings Specifying and compiling Internet routing protocols 2005-10-01 2009-10-16 2010-01-19 Yan Wu Propagation modelling for wireless sensor networks deployed to perform civil infrastructure monitoring 2006-10-01 2009-10-05 2010-01-19 Wei Li Toward online behavioural traffic classification 2007-10-01 2009-10-02 2009-12-01 Controlling the dissemination and disclosure of healthcare events 2005-10-01 2009-09-30 2009-12-01 Olexiy Gotsman Logics and analyses for concurrent programs 2005-10-01 2009-09-30 2009-10-06 Anthony Hylick Managing energy consumption of hard disk drives by optimizing system interaction 2005-10-01 2009-08-30 2010-04-20 Behzad Bastani Open evolvable systems design by modeling 2003-10-01 2009-08-28 2009-12-01 Matthew Lakin An executable meta-language for inductive definitions with binders 2005-10-01 2009-08-14 2009-12-01 Saar Drimer Security for volatile FPGAs 2005-10-01 2009-08-14 2009-10-06 Cecily Morrison investigating technology usage in co-present group interaction 2006-10-01 2009-08-13 2009-12-01 Aaron Coble Anonymity, information and proof 2005-10-01 2009-08-05 2009-12-01, Julian Smith Towards robust inexact geometric computation 2003-10-01 2009-07-31 2009-12-01, Ranald Clouston Equational logic for names and binders 2005-10-01 2009-06-18 2009-12-01 Daniel Bernhardt Emotion inference from human body motion 2005-10-01 2009-06-17 2009-10-06 Alexander Gurney Construction and verification of routing algebras 2005-10-01 2009-04-30 2009-12-01 Rok Strnisa Formalising, improving, and reusing the Java module system 2005-10-01 2009-04-16 2009-10-06 Min Lin Channel modelling for wireless sensor networks 2004-10-01 2009-04-14 2009-10-06 William Carson Performance modelling and design of coded modulation 2005-10-01 2009-04-09 2009-05-26 Grzegorz Milos Efficient and effective sharing of memory in virtual machine monitors Dr S.

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