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Example of a case study in sociology - Writing a Case Study- Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper- Research Guides at University of Southern California

Checklists for improving rigour in qualitative research a case of the tail wagging the dog? Interaction between participants and the researcher is required to generate data, which is an indication of the researcher s level of connection to and being immersed in the field.

Evaluate legal and ethical principles and apply them to

Many case studies done by sociologists of emotions deal with other persons emotional experiences Hochschild 1983 Katz 1988. Highlight any findings that were unexpected or especially profound.

I would do the same if people were already helping her, if they wanted my assistance., using smaller units than the causal relationship. Here are a few pointers on how to do a case study The first step is to clearly read and scrutinize the case. For example, Walo, Bull, and Breen conducted a case study to identify and evaluate the direct and indirect economic benefits and costs of a local sports event in the City of Lismore, New South Wales, Australia.

are also useful in the early stages of research when the goal is to explore ideas, test and perfect measurement instruments, and to prepare for a larger study. In seeking understanding and meaning, the researcher is positioned with participants as a partner in the discovery and generation of knowledge, where both direct and categorical or thematic grouping of findings are used. An empirical study could involve close analysis of statistics or some form of qualitative research. We draw in particular on four of our own recently published examples of case studies see Tables and and those of others to illustrate our discussion London, Pinter Web Resources Identifying a research topic A template for structured observation A site devoted to survey design A chapter on structured interviewing A chapter on qualitative interviewing An introduction to ethnographic research Materials for focus group interviews Footnote 1. For example, John van Maanen 1988 divides ethnographic writing into several types of tales involving different orientations to the persons described, readers, and authorship.

You have to examine how the models are also archetypes that spur the others and not just as parts of others.

concern for taking account of their own and others experiences is extended in another trend in sociological case-studies research. Case study research can be used to study a range of topics and purposes SIMONS, 2009 STAKE, 2006 STEWART, 2014 however, the essential requisite for employing case study stems from one s motivation to illuminate understanding of complex phenomena MERRIAM, 2009 STAKE, 2006 YIN, 2014.

questionnaires are good for collecting data on relatively simple topics, and for gaining a general overview of an issue.

Be sure to cite any prior studies that helped you determine that the case you chose was appropriate for investigating the research problem. Provide some background on the and cite relevant references. Equally significant are recent case studies of communities of young people, particularly of communities organized around shared interests in popular culture.

Maynard 1990 Standardized Testing as an Interactional Phenomenon.

Research design is vital to conducting a good piece of work.

Edit your Custom Course directly from your dashboard. Then, give it a second read and correct small grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. 3 By empirical evidence, we mean data on social phenomena, derived from scientific observation or experiment. JONES Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.

Some theory application papers require that you choose your own case an empirical phenomenon, trend, situation, etc. Factors of Single-Parent Families The effect on children In single-parent families, children tend to experience short-and long-term economic and psychological disadvantages, higher absentee rates at school, lower levels of education, and higher dropout rates with boys more negatively affected than girls Demo Acock, 2011. Other responses included damage to customer client relations and presumably also damage to the company s reputation and possible loss of business, decreasing productivity and rising accident levels. Hughes may be applied to develop sociological theory. Want to try our powerful Qualitative Data Analysis Software? He has helpfully characterised three main types of case study intrinsic, instrumental and collective. A related change in this area is some sociologists interest in using performance art to represent their research data.

This mixed use of terminology is confusing given the definitional separations between methodology and methods and the varied application of case study in research endeavors. As soon as a child is born he or she begins to form their identity and so their role in society. However,if there were other people that were there and could be more of a help to them then I might feel less obligated for a variety of reasons. What kind of data do you need to answer your question test your hypothesis?

Level 6 students at Sheffield Hallam University It will involve primary data, secondary data, quantitative and qualitative research methods, lit reviews, theory and policy studies and an exploration of alternatives.

Again, consider time and feasibility of the exercise. Smith s analysis might also be seen as an example of the general analytic strategy, which Michael Burawoy 1998 calls the extended case method. Another focus in this literature is on the distinctive life experiences of members of gay and lesbian communities.

The moderator tries to provide a relatively free rein to the discussion. Similar to YIN 2014 and MERRIAM 2009, a case or cases are selected for what they can reveal about topic of interest and depend on the aim and conditions of the study. Case study research is crucial to the case study writing. Many students find choosing their own case rather challenging. This issue can be practically resolved by using case study to initiate research prior to a larger and perhaps more quantitative study, or as a tool to provide illustrations in support of quantitative data.

However, the date of retrieval is often important.

There are some advantages of doing secondary analysis, particularly if you are doing a quantitative study.

At the start of your research you need to set down clearly Your research focus and research question.

Another focus in this literature is on the distinctive life experiences of members of gay and lesbian communities. They are the emergence of radical case studies, a focus on reality construction, and concern for the politics and poetics of writing case studies. How to Apply Theory to Empirical Phenomena Theory application assignments generally require you to look at empirical phenomena through the lens of theory.

This case study is based on the identification of 50 children who were displaced during Argentina s Dirty War of the 1970s, subjected to DNA and protein analysis, and subsequently reunited with their biological families. These often concern the bases of human behavior for example, people are inherently aggressive or inherently kind, people act out of self-interest or based upon values, etc. Statistics are updated weekly using participating publisher data sourced exclusively from Crossref.

Canadian Journal for New Scholars in Education, 1 1, 1-13. Problems to Avoid One of the goals of a case study is to lay a foundation for understanding broader trends and issues applied to similar circumstances.

In-depth analysis of a case can be based on the hypothesis that the case study will reveal trends or issues that have not been exposed in prior research or will reveal new and important implications for practice. Case study research has grown in sophistication and is viewed as a valid form of inquiry to explore a broad scope of complex issues, particularly when human behavior and social interactions are central to understanding topics of interest ANTHONY JACK, 2009 FLYVBJERG, 2011 GEORGE BENNETT, 2005 LUCK, JACKSON USHER, 2006 MERRIAM, 2009 STAKE, 2006 YIN, 2014. These are only few of the questions I asked myself as I tried looking from the outside in. Another piece of advice that I have for you is that you briefly summarize the broader topic beforehand, but don t refer back to the summary during your actual case study. Contact Helena Harrison Nursing, Midwifery Nutrition College of Healthcare Sciences Division of Tropical Health and Medicine James Cook University Angus Smith Drive, Douglas, QLD, Australia 4811 E-mail Melanie Birks, PhD is professor and Head of Nursing, Midwifery and Nutrition at James Cook University, Australia. Nothing seems to have changed, nothing seems to be changing and perhaps nothing will change in the NHS doctors response to clinical governance. They are the emergence of radical case studies, a focus on reality construction, and concern for the politics and poetics of writing case studies.

Intrinsic case study involves exploration of one particular case for its own sake, where there is no expectation that results have implications for other case studies. The lecturer s recommended approach Questions starting point Evaluation Theories Concepts Claims Evidence evidence studies research texts quotes TrackBack URL for this entry com services trackback Listed below are links to weblogs that reference You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the for this post.

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