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Thesis on marketing strategy - A study on the marketing strategies of Apple Inc Dissertation

In order to do this, Nokia needs something outstanding based on enhanced hardware and software. This 15 method seeks to alternate the existing methods so that the institution gains from these marketing precepts optimally.

it ignores the basic concept of objectivity as postulated by scientific principles.

Table 4 Brand Consciousness Figure 11 Brand Consciousness Figure 10, shows that majority 68 of the respondents happen to be brand conscious, who consider branding an important factor whereas, minority 16 were found to be not brand conscious. The implementation of these components of IMC, as earlier mentioned, must tally with the market structure of the products of the company. in this research, it has since been established that more women were interviewed more than their male counterparts Table 3 Gender of the respondent Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent Valid Male 42 42. to raise efficiency of their product research while still improving the technology. Research studies are not hard wired to limit their philosophical foundations to singular dispositions.

What marketing strategy should Afjuz adopt to improve its performance on the British market? Eye catching retail stores with high tech products and providing experiences of Apple s software. The greatest opportunity, however, is to reduce cost and time, i. Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, Daytona 500, Daytona Beach, Florida 1154 Words 7 Pages development of their marketing strategies with regards to the deterioration of some other existing firms. To answer all these questions, this marketing assignment will discuss the problematic situation faced by.

the respondents who were interviewed, the staff members in this case, were meant to indicate the exact strategy that Santander has adopted over time.

Market orientation defines a company s posture towards generating an understanding of the company s customers and meeting their needs.

Marketing Online-How Do Consumers Respond To Internet Marketing Schemes A Case Study. 66 Location of test statistics Rejection region Therefore, Reject, Accept as there is sufficient evidence to indicate that there is a significant increase in the number of respondents who prefer branded products to regular products. Customer feedback may also be captured in the form of unsolicited or solicited testimonials or praise. Try to distribute questionnaires equally among both men n women. One of the senatorial candidates who use this tactic is Senator Alan Peter Cayetano. The iOS-based Apps and their corresponding ecosystem surround directly overlay on top of iTunes and the iPod media player. It will help you to set precise and clear research objectives and questions.

Therefore, the high price charged for its products also portrays the high quality of its products, for which customers are willing to pay for. A marketing link strategy is therefore a marketing plan designed to achieve marketing objectives.

In addition, the IMC strategies are the definitive factors that determine the level of customer satisfaction.

And I think regardless of who is in what job those values are so embedded in this company that Apple will do extremely well.

0 All the staff members subjected to an interview was part of the marketing revolution done by Santander. 6 Organization of Study Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Literature Review Chapter 3 Methodology Chapter 4 Research findings, data presentation and data analysis Chapter 5 Conclusion and A study on marketing strategy of Apple December 2012 4 CHAPTER 2 Literature Review 2. The questionnaire developed will be administered to the identified sample population developed earlier. 4 Place Villing and Company 2011 states, Place is related to the distribution, location and methods of getting the product to the customers.

From traditional marketing methods to the current digital era, the shifts in IMC reflect the growth of the technological aspect of marketing. In order to do this, Nokia needs something outstanding based on enhanced hardware and software.

The focus of this segment exclusively deals with the processed data through the SPSS statistical package used in the analysis process.

It is to be promoted that it is actually in the benefit of the people themselves that they choose Etihad airways for travelling. Santander s marketing dominion in the UK has considerably gained value, according to analysis the aggressive product marketing has been listed as one of the most successful agents of this increased market share. The sample population and the data received from the field will be treated with utmost care to eliminate any assumption that may interfere with the validity of the research process. 0 From the results, majority of those who were interviewed admitted that the company, Santander, often evaluates their marketing strategies with a view of adjusting them to any changes.

All the respondents interviewed the staff of Santander bank to be specific assert that these strategies are more than five years older. Incidentally, 3 of the respondents interviewed disagreed with the sentiments that the marketing strategy adopted by the institution is capable of finding a faster resolution of issues that may emanate between the bank and the clients. It helps in identifying the internal and external areas that needs improvement and internal and external areas that can be proved successful. Positioning is one of the simplest and one of the most useful tools for marketers.

3 of the staff members who were interviewed asserted that the principles of marketing that have been adopted by the institution is biased towards the principles of marketing mix strategy. What were the mistakes Afjuz made in its former approach to marketing? When thinking about Apple, which of the following do you mainly associate Apple with?

Promise or pay operates with that support and recognition will automatically come to a good cause. To find out about the benefits of branding for the company and to find out how branding helps to gain a competitive edge by themselves and how it increases customer loyalty and increases brand awareness.

Nevertheless, the whole research process will be based on the positivism approach as indicated by the qualitative aspect of the same 3. Of course, several institutions have adopted strategies to get a fair share of their market of the emerging block of the young. Table 12 factor of Apple s products from competitors Frequency Percentage Smartphone 23 30 PC Laptop 25 10 Music 15 16 Other 5 4 All of the above 15 40 Total Responses 50 Frequency Percentage Brand name 19 38 Design Style 24 48 Features 21 42 Technology 22 44 Price 11 22 Quality 19 38 Innovations 15 30 Total responses 50 A study on marketing strategy of Apple December 2012 31 Figure 19 factor of Apple s products from competitors Figure 18, shows the results of factors that make Apple unique from competitor brands, it was noticed that majority of the respondents answered Design Style 48, Technology 44, Features 42 as being the top factors along with other factors like Brand name and Quality 38, Innovations 30 and Price 22.

Onion model of research Brief evaluation of the onion methodology com journal 2014 04 The onion research model stratifies the research process into several layers.

At the same time, there is a large and growing amount of money going into Ethiopia from the United States in the form of Title II food aid, as well as aid from the World Food Programme, which necessitates an assessment of the effectiveness of this aid. Apart from recommending an implementation process for the marketing strategy, this paper is going to propose an evaluation method to be used after the marketing strategy has been put in order to see whether the strategy resulted in the desired and expected results of the organization or not.

What makes iphone unique is that it allows customization to be done suiting the individual needs accordingly, making it relevant to its target market. This is exactly the main fabrics of this research study. Calubayan March 6, 2013 Statement of the Problem The researcher attempts to answer the following questions in this research study What companies.

However, for Apple this has been one of the most brilliant moves they made.

Marketing, to some may seem like an unusual topic to write a dissertation on because it is a complicated topic that can be covered from a variety of angles. Essentially, the work is quite significant in exploring growth of businesses through an integrated marketing approach.

meanwhile, 2 of the total respondents interviewed disagreed with that assertion even as 5 strongly disagreed with the same. A study on marketing strategy of Apple December 2012 39 CHAPTER 5 Conclusion and 5. Interpretivism relies heavily on the subjective interpretation of issues. It was an affirmation of exactly what role time has in the inception of these marketing strategies. The collaboration with consumers is crucial to Nokia as their products are highly

As this world is becoming into a global village, more and more people are shifting between countries for various reasons. Apple has adopted a hybrid distribution channel involving an online store, physical outlets and the retail points of the exclusive mobile service provider and its online store. Principles of Marketing, 2nd Edition, Europe Prentice Hall. Your marketing strategy affects the way you run your entire business, so it should be planned and developed in consultation with your team. To find out about the benefits of branding for the company and to find out how branding helps to gain a competitive edge by themselves and how it increases customer loyalty and increases brand awareness.

Most of them were brand conscious who perceived that branded products are better than regular products, as they offer better quality products.

Frequency Percentage Brand name 22 44 Price 19 38 Appearance 13 26 Quality 43 86 Other 4 8 Total Responses 50 A study on marketing strategy of Apple December 2012 37 4. The company is also establishing a very strong marketing presence relative to the rival Google in the advertising market, via its business Apps and iAd network. This is 34 meant to enhance validity and instil the element of reliability in the process.

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